Trisha Yearwood, “Heaven, Heartache & The Power of Love”

Trisha Yearwood, “Heaven, Heartache & The Power of Love”

You know how I’m always saying that Carrie Underwood is the most gifted female vocalist in country music since Trisha Yearwood?

This is why I say “since Trisha Yearwood.” What a tour de force. Her bluesy, fiery vocal rips into this redemption lyric with such a relentless power it could bring an old-time tent revival to its knees. As is always the case with a Trisha record, the song is rock-solid and Garth Fundis’ production supports and enhances but never overwhelms. But it’s Trisha’s vocal wonders that elevates this from a good record to one for the ages.

Turn it up. Play it loud. Testify. Trisha Yearwood is back.

Grade: A

Listen: Heaven, Heartache & The Power of Love


  1. I agree Kevin, I have been waiting a long time for Trisha to relase something new! I like the song, but I think it may take a few more listens to sell me completly. I think I have huge expectations for Trisha and this song really didn’t meet them for me. Her vocals on the other hand totally did!

  2. hat’s the great thing about music – there’s always one waiting in the wings, although it may take a while for the one to materialize. When Trisha Yearwood emerged I regarded her as the best since Connie Smith

  3. I’m with Gaby on this one, it’s going to take a while for me to come around to this song. I thought it started out promising, but didn’t really do anything for me after that. Yearwood did the best with what she had though and I’m interested to see how her album turns out.

  4. i wanted to like this song, but i don’t really. i can’t wait to hear more from her though, and i hear there will be a song with keith urban on her album, whihc i am very excited about

  5. Truthfully I actually like the song. I’m not a huge Trisha fan and her last few songs disapointed me, but this one has actually pleased me a lot. It brings together the old and new sound of Trisha very well. I like it.

  6. I wanted to like this but I don’t so far. I love Trisha and look forward to hearing her other songs from the new album. This one sounds more like an attempt to get on radio to me.

  7. I think this song is pretty good. I prefer the Yearwood ballads but this is great. Kind of reminds me of Pistol though from Jasper County. Needless to say i cant wait for the album to come out. I adore Trisha yearwood

  8. I love it. She was long over due for a upbeat song. Cant wait for the album. She is the #1 country act as far as I am concerned!

  9. I love the song, and the video too. It’s so good to finally hear Trisha on an upbeat song, sure her ballads are amazing but I wanted so badly to hear a upbeat from her, and here it is.

  10. Initially, I did not like this song. Now, I love it. I’m not sure what changed. The album is awesome too, by the way. I’ve always been a huge fan. I’m not big on women country singers, but I’ve always counted Trisha among the few that I like, even love.

  11. I often feel that country radio has given Trisha the cold shoulder with her last four albums and her last several singles, going all the way back to 2000’s REAL LIVE WOMAN. And to a certain extent, they’re doing it again with both this single and the album it comes from. It may not be the absolute best thing she’s ever done in her career; but to hear it from country radio, you’d think all she was ever good for was either for marrying Garth Brooks or having done “She’s In Love With The Boy.”

    Trisha is an artist that deserves support, someone who is carrying on a song-finding tradition she learned from left-of-center favorites like Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris. She’s definitely doing it here.

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