Brad Paisley, “Letter to Me”

Putting aside the fact that Alanis Morissette did the same thing with a lot more flair nine years ago on “Unsent”, Brad Paisley’s put out one of the better singles of his career, a welcome reprieve from his recent attempts at humor. He’s able to speak as an adult to his seventeen year-old self with wisdom and intelligence, making this an intriguing, self-probing exploration.

How appropriate that in a letter to himself at a younger age where he reveals how much greatness he has ahead of him, Paisley proves his adult self is telling the truth about all of his personal strengths.

Grade: A-

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  1. Finally Brad Paisley gets the attention and respect he deserves from these singles reviews. Great song, great artist. Even after Brad was seen as the most deserving of the Male VOcalist award he was shunned on here as a truly talented artist by many. Its good to hear some positive reinforcement to what country music really is for once.

  2. Country Universe is just one guy – me. Even though the comments threads are getting longer, I can’t speak for the people who leave them, so I’ll just speak for me. I think he’s earned the Male Vocalist award due to his stats, but I still don’t like much of his music and I think the first two singles from “5th Gear” were terrible. He’ll get a good review if I like the song and a bad if I don’t. That’s the only attention and respect he deserves from Country Universe, since this site is my perspective on country music and I don’t need to adjust it to anybody else’s tastes or expectations.

  3. I do respect that, and a lot of your reviews are awsome. i personally also do my own review on a livejournal account. I personally think Brad’s first two songs were great and I know you have expressed how deserving you think he was of the award. On that matter I was rtefering to comments from others, not you. Brad is an extreamly telented artist and despite your taste in music, sepcifically his, you do give him credit where credit is due. I’m probably more lenient than you are in my outlooks on singles. As far as the Male Vocalist thing, I was speaking out againsty others who have shown support and then turn around and shun him for winning it. Thats where I was getting to. I do respect your views on the songs, I just often have different views. For example, your reviews of Rascal Flatts are often very wrong in my eyes and overexagerated, but thats your view. You and I both know that reviews com,e with the consequences of others disagreeing.

    Anyways I ment nothing toward you by the male vocalist comment, but towards others instead and I do strongly disagree with your reviews of Ticks and Onliune because I thought they were 4 or 5 star songs from a 5 star album.

  4. I am a huge Brad Paisley fan! I have all of his albums, but I am kind of shocked at the choice of songs off of 5th Gear that they have decided to release as singles. Don’t get me wrong I love all of his songs, but I think there are others on the CD that would do much better on radio besides Online and Letter to me.

  5. this song is so creative. brad just keeps coming out with new ideas. i love the perspective of this song, and it it really well written and his honesty shines through in the lyrics

  6. In response to n/a’s comment, brad actually did wright this song about his teenage years and about what he would tell himself now. Brad is a creative aritsit, but i think this one was less creating and more sincerity. This song sounds like he really didn’t have to do anything to wright it, it just flew onto paper. Thats what makes it so great.Most great songs shine with a sense of creativity when its seems like such a simple message to the singer and listener.

  7. Another well crafted song from the most creative force among the younger artists in music today. All of Brad’s albums contain several gems, along with a few (very few) mediocre efforts.

    The current album is filled with great songs – this isn’t quite as good a song as “Online” but this is a definite A

  8. <hOLA”!

    Me parece maravilloso que un chico a su corta edad, escriba canciones tan bonitas, pero mas bonito es su contenido, por que todas llevan mensaje–.. CONGRATULATIONS BRAT!!

  9. This song really hit home. A definite “A” grade.

    Of course, take that for what it’s worth from me. “Online” spoke to my teenage years almost completely; I was one of those not-quite-truthful “posers” trying to be “so much cooler online,” and I loved the song in retrospection.

  10. Not a fan of Brad’s. The only songs of his I like are his duets with Allison and Dolly. I don’t think he has that great of a voice. He is just boring to me. I think I’ve been a fan of Keith Urban’s so long and he is just full of energy and charisma that I just can’t get into somebody like Brad. I’m sure is he is real likable person though!

  11. Margie, i personally find it strange to like Keith and not Brad. They both show the same performance and guitar skills. i guess Keith’s music is a little energetic so i can see where you are coming from, but yeah I met Brad and he really is a great artist and all around person.

  12. I’m with Margie, as you can probably tell, for pretty much the same reason. I think Brad’s voice is meh. I absolutely love Keith Urban’s voice, and I like the way his records are produced more, and his material more. Pretty much everything, I guess. Just a matter of taste.

  13. Kevin……don’t you think though that Brad is being set up for walking away with Male Vocalist and EOTY, just like Keith in 2005? Well, that’s what I’m thinking anyway. This may not be Keith’s year, but I think it will happen again one day for him. If Keith doesn’t get EOTY, I would not care if Brad gets it instead of Kenny. A shake up is always good! I know KC has a heck of a lot of fans, and that’s great, but he’s stuff is getting too predictable and nothing new. JMO!

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