Carrie Speaks Out

Sorry for the delay in posts lately, but here’s something for you to read. Entertainment Weekly scored an in-depth interview with Carrie Underwood on the eve of her sophomore album release. Carnival Ride, according to EW, is a “country record through-and-through”, unlike her debut album which featured some pop-leaning songs.

Read the whole thing, but here’s the exchange that jumped out at me:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: At next month’s CMA Awards, you have three nominations, but not Entertainer of the Year, the biggest prize. In the last six years, no women have been nominated for that. Why do you think that is?
CARRIE UNDERWOOD: Um, I don’t know. And frankly, I get mad when I think about it. I feel like we have to work three times as hard as the guys just to be almost where they are. I don’t think it’s fair, and I don’t think it’s right, and I’m hoping I can do something about that.

I’ve heard people say it’s because that award is primarily about touring, and the guys are the ones who play the big arenas.
‘Cause they get the opportunity! People like Martina McBride, it’s not like they’re singing in front of 25 people — they’re singing in front of thousands and thousands of people every single night. Someone like that should be nominated.

Way to represent for the ladies! I think it’s pretty clear that Underwood has the best shot at getting some estrogen back in the Entertainer lineup, though don’t discount Reba if she tours to back up her breathtakingly successful duets project.

Earlier in the interview, she also talks about her refusal to remix songs for pop radio:

Is it true that your label asked you to record pop versions of some of the country tracks on Some Hearts, like ”Before He Cheats,” and you said no?
I didn’t have to put my foot down, thank goodness. I hate it when country artists do that. You’re listening to a song on one station and you turn it and you hear a different version? It’s like, ”All right, it’s not good enough for everybody this way, so let’s change it to make it good enough.”

Underwood is the first country artist to make the cover of Entertainment Weekly since Gretchen Wilson and Big & Rich shared the front in 2005. Only two other country acts – Dixie Chicks (2003) and Alan Jackson (2002) – have been on the cover of the influential entertainment magazine this century, putting Underwood in some elite company. Anyone think she might score a Rolling Stone cover to boot?


  1. Thanks for sharing…I’m on the road for work right now, but I can’t wait to get home and read it. Two great excerpts–I do think Carrie is the real deal and I hope she can avoid the sophomore slump and have a long term career. It seems like she’s doing it with the first single, but Gretchen Wilson had a hot first single on her second CD as well…

    And I love that she’s speaking up for the women and name dropped Martina…

  2. Kudos for her comments about remixes

    As for entertainer of the year nominations, I haven’t seen her stage show but friends who have seen her live show report that she still has a way to go before she could be considered a top flight ENTERTAINER.

  3. IMO……if any woman should have been nominated for EOTY it would be Martina! I agree Carrie needs to work on her stage presence. But I believe she will get there. I never understood Gretchen Wilson’s popularity. She was just something new for a second. Also, JMO, Gretchen does not have the class or talent that most of the women in country music has. Never liked her “hard ass” image.

  4. im glad that carrie let her thoughts be known about this subject. i have seen carrie live and can say for sure that an entertainer of the year nomination is in her FUTURE

    as for this year, im not exactly sure what the cma is trying to do, but women need to be more recognized. most of them have 10x the talent and 1/2 the recognition…its a little sad….(not saying that the men aren’t talented they just tend to get recognized for their accomplishments a little easier)

  5. Hmm…I think the article speaks to why I’m not crazy about Carrie. I don’t know anything about her, which is the way she likes it. Therefore she comes across as if she has no depth, and I think that translates into her songs for me. All I see is a pretty surface. She has a pretty surface. Her songs have a pretty surface. Talent, but no personality, grit, passion or depth. Hopefully that develops, because I do agree that women have a tougher time in this industry, and I love to see them shine.

  6. I read that whole interview yesterday. It really made me respect Carrie a lot more and though I have grown tired of hearing her radio singles, it reminds me what a good person she is and how humble and honest she is. I may not be totally crazy for her type of music, but I admit she’s very talented and has a great voice. From what I’ve heard of her new album, it sounds pretty good.

    Oh, yeah…Kevin, I put up a new song recommendation here: …. I think you might like it!

  7. Lynn, I must say that I disagree with you. The fact that you say you know nothing about her pretty much invalidates your statement. There are many musicians or celebrities that come across one way on the surface, but when you learn about them or hear their music, you feel differently about them (good or bad). If you had ever met Carrie in person, seen her in interviews, been to her concerts, or truly listened to the content of her albums rather than just her radio singles, maybe you’d have a different opinion about her. Your judgment now is based on how the media makes her look; I feel that all the press and publicity Carrie gets gives her a false image at times, which is a shame for such a lady.

    Personally, I see her as a heartfelt individual that is truly a genuine person, which may be hard to believe for someone that thinks she’s just another pretty face. My feelings toward her are based on the type person that she portrays when you meet her in person, see her in concert, listen to her in interviews, and the passion she puts into her singing and music. With Carnival Ride, Carrie was really able to show her personality, feelings, and her talent as a vocalist and a songwriter through the music and it really made me respect her more as a person. Maybe give her album a listen and perhaps learn more about Carrie for yourself rather than passing judgment on her based on the media.

  8. I don’t understand how she could even be considered for entertainer considering the only thing I’ve ever seen her do is stand in the same place and sing. Sure in songs like Before He Cheats she walks around but there is nothing that really screams Let Me Entertain You. She’s just a pretty face, with a great voice. That’s not an entainer of the year, at least not to me.

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