Say What? – Tammy Genovese, CMA Chief Operating Officer

On the scheduled performance of Rascal Flatts with Jamie Foxx next month at the CMA awards:

“This is destined to be the sort of one-of-a-kind performance the CMA Awards are known for,” said Tammy Genovese, CMA Chief Operating Officer. “When there is a meaningful and tangible connection between artists from seemingly diverse musical styles, bringing them together on the CMA Awards creates magical moments that resonate with our audience and expand awareness of the format.”

I can’t name one such magical moment in CMA history. Can you?


  1. That song is the most terrible thing I’ve heard this year. I was honestly confused when I heard it, I thought my headphones weren’t in the jack all the way or something.

  2. Yes – there were quite a few such moments in the past, particularly the early years but the one that stands out for me was the night that Tennessee Ernie Ford was announced as the newest inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame – at the time the inductees were not announced in advance. and the recipients were not aware of the impending honor

    The Oak Ridge Boys (a hot act at the time) were performing one of their hits and segued into “16 Tons” thereafter making the announcement of Ernie’s induction. The surprise and emotion in Ol’ Ern’s face were genuine and touching.

  3. Paul,

    That’s not an example of what Genovese is referring to. She mentions magical moments coming from artists of diverse styles collaborating on stage, like she’s expecting the Flatts/Foxx performance to be. I can name many times that artists from other genres performed with country artists on the CMA’s, but I wouldn’t call any of them magical.

  4. Jamie Foxx is an artist from another genre, primarily R&B/Hip-Hop. Genovese is trying to make the case that the CMA is known for such one-of-a-kind performances where artists from diverse musical styles make magical collaborations. There have been some cross-genre performances on the CMA’s in recent years. Dolly Parton/Elton John, Alabama/N Sync, Merle Haggard/Jewel. I just wouldn’t call any of them magical.

    Come to think of it, Dolly also performed with Norah Jones one year on “The Grass is Blue”, and that was pretty darn good. Still wouldn’t call it magical, but pretty good.

  5. I know it’s not a genre mixer, but the most magical moment in CMA history, for me, is a gesture that was not planned, endorsed, nor approved by the CMA’s. I already respected Alan Jackson, but when he preformed ‘Choices’, on the show that the CMA’s refused to allow George to play on, his status rose to astronomical status, in my book. Then to take his guitar and leave, it became on of the immortal moments in country music history.

  6. Do you see country artists being asked to sing on the Soul Train Awards or the Latin Grammys or any other awards show for other genres? NO. But the people who run country awards seem to think that a show full of country artists isn’t good enough so they invite people who have no business being there. But to be fair, most of the artists on the country charts aren’t for me so it couldn’t be any worse. Let Patty Loveless, Pam Tillis, George Jones and Loretta Lynn perform and I may give a care. No way I’m watching this garbage, especially with no Hall of Fame inductees.

  7. Well the last time I remember one of these “magical moments” happen was the Dolly & Elton John duet. I love Dolly but that was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Even she commented afterwards it just didn’t “shine” and was just not very good at all.

    What is surprising is that Dolly wasn’t allowed to perform with Brad Paisley that same night–Alison Krauss ended up doing the Dolly part on “Where I Get Where I’m Going” backstage

    They won’t let Dolly sing twice but its okay for R.F?? There’s something wrong here

  8. A magical moment for me was when Matraca Berg performed “Back When We Were Beautiful.” A country artist doing a country song. And yes, then there’s Alan doing “Choices”. There has been quite a few memorable CMA moments (less of late), but most of genre-mixers are moments I’d like to forget. Jewel is probably my top musical influence , but her duet with Haggard was unbearable, at best.

  9. The last time RFs performed with an artist of another genre, it was Kelly Clarkson and it was very far from magical. I had to mute the TV during the performance. Maybe they will do better this time!

  10. Jim,
    The ’97 CMA’s with Matraca Berg are among my favorite in the show’s history.

    In addition to the gorgeous Berg performance:

    * Trisha Yearwood scores two standing ovations – for singing “How Do I Live” and then winning Female Vocalist, where she said to her parents, “As proud as you are of me right now, I’m even prouder to be your daughter.”

    * A barefoot Deana Carter jumping on Ricky Skaggs when she won Single

    * Laryngitis-stricken Kathy Mattea whispering a shocked acceptance speech for Video

    * Patty Loveless & George Jones performing “You Don’t Seem to Miss Me”

    * And my favorite CMA moment of all time: Cindy Walker’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech – her poem for her late mother. (“Tonight, I’m wearing this dress!”)

  11. I thought the Rascal Flatts/Jamie Foxx song was horrible. Very sad that time could have been used to honor the Hall of Fame inductees but they were quickly mentioned and stood up from their seats for their honor. What a shame! Shame on you CMA for not honoring these guys.

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