Carter's Chord, "Young Love"

“Young Love”
Carter’s Chord
Songwriters: Scooter Carusoe, Hillary Lindsey & Aimee Mayo


Accurately titled.   This has been done a million times before, most effectively in recent years by Deana Carter (“Strawberry Wine”), Trisha Yearwood (“Georgia Rain”) and Toby Keith (“Burnin’ Moonlight.”)   What made those records so wonderful was the added element of perspective, having enough distance from the actual event to fully process it.
I feel about this song the same way I feel about Taylor Swift.    I think it’s music for teenagers.     Which is fine for those who find such experiences interesting, but I didn’t find it interesting when I was a teenager myself.   I’m certainly not interested now.    I look forward to hearing this band when they’re recording more adult-oriented material, as they have a pleasant sound with a lot of potential.    I just couldn’t find the subject matter more boring.

Grade: C


  1. I don’t really see this, or Taylor’s, music as specifically youth oriented. Both are mature as ever. I’m very impressed by this bands ability to harmonize so well. I understand the idea that this song may be remanicent to a very common persepctive and concept covered by several more experienced artists in the past, but to critisize it as for a more youthful audience to me very harsh and uncalled for.

  2. Kevin is right on taget with this review

    THis stuff is teeny-bopper music. more mature, perhaps, than Hannah Montana but less mature than Hanna-Barbera

    Ditto for Taylor Swift

  3. Is Showdog records just affraid of signing someone that will have the success of Toby Keith? I mean first it was Flynntrain and now Carter’s Chord… Sign somebody worth a damn if you want to try to compete with the other big labels Showdog cause your not going to make anything off these mediocre acts!

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