Jack Ingram, “Maybe She’ll Get Lonely”

What can I say? Everything about this single is adequate. The song is good enough, the production gets the job done and it’s sung with some energy and conviction. It just doesn’t add up to much more than a competent, professional record. There’s no real spark, like his previous single “Measure of a Man” had. In the end, this is just radio filler.

Written by John Kennedy, Jamie Paulin & Jeremy Stover
Grade: B-


  1. I agree completely. Almost flawless, but it just seems like a filler. Nothing really attractive or different about this one that makes it stand out.

  2. I cannot stand to watch Jack Ingram sing. The expressions on his face and what he does with his mouth….especially on the song he did with Miranda Lambert. Also, I can’t help but get the impression he’s trying to be another Keith Urban. Just not crazy about his voice.

  3. Actually Margie I never saw him as a possible Keith urban wanna be until I read your comment. I think your right. Maybe its not intetional but even his hair kinda looks like keith’s style. Personally I never really saw anything unique about Jack to begin with. I’ve purely enjoyed his songs, not his voice or style. This song included. it just doesn’t seem as an artist or personality that Jack brings much of anything new to the table.

  4. You said it Cowboy! This day and time, you have to be something different or a real stand out, or be on a reality show to get noticed! Sometimes it’s kinda sad to see some artist that are really talented and their songs go nowhere on the charts and then here comes the “artist of the month or week” with a so-so song and they shoot straight to the top!! Don’t mean to single out Carrie and I think she’s gorgeous and has some talent, but her last three songs to me all sound alike! Like you said, nothing new to the table, but people love her!

  5. Ah…I love this song haha. I’ve actually listened to it about 120 times on my iTunes (it’s currently #1 on my most played list). I can see how it may possibly be overlooked and sound average to some, but I think it’s my personal connection to it that got to me the most. But besides for that, I think it’s really catchy with great music and vocals.

    I thought it was kinda cool how it could be the other story from the man’s perspective in Lee Ann Womack’s “A Little Past Little Rock”. Two great songs by two Texan artists.

    Anyway, here’s my old review from June 2007 of the song, way before it was a single, if anybody’s interested lol:

  6. This song is GREAT! I bought Jack’s album when it came out back in April and thought this would be a perfect single from day one. Its a really hard-driving catchy tune and Jack sings it with great passion. I hope it continues to climb the charts and become another hit for him.

    As for him being like Keith Urban, I think you are far off. Aside from their similar hairstyles and guitar-playing, their voices and songs sound nothing alike whatsoever. This is coming from a fan of both of them.

  7. Tony, I never compared his vocals to keith. I’m a fan of Keith’s too and he kicks Jack’s but both instrumentally and Voclally truth be told. What i meant was theire really isn’t anything unique about Jack. I love his songs, again including this one, but as far as everything else it just seems its nothing I havn’t heard or seen before. His vocals aren’t even that strong, good for his style, but easily overshadowed by many other talents with better ranges these days.

  8. I agree that Jack’s vocals aren’t anything special; I think it’s the charisma that his voice exudes that catches people. I would compare his voice to John mellancamp.

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