Josh Turner, "Another Try"

Written by Jeremy Spillman & Chris Stapleton

One of the most endearing elements of Josh Turner’s style is that he takes it slow. “Another Try” has a wonderful lyric, and Turner savors it, stretching out his trademark low notes, but also going high effectively in the chorus. As is always the case with Trisha Yearwood, her mere presence on the track elevates it. She complements him but never overshadows him, which is as much a testament to his strength as a singer as it is to her ability to turn in a good harmony track.

Grade: A-




  1. As I have said many times I look at Josh as my favorite male country singer today. I’ve followed him snese Long Black Train and I’m thrilled to see him doing so well in such a complicated, modern day genre of music. While I love the new sounds of many artists, the older sounds of Waylon and Cash are also very enjoyable to me and to here the two sounds mix so flawlessly in Josh’s music is great.

    Also its cool to hear Josh’s emotional and slow side for a change. Almost all of his releases have been fast or mid tempo songs.

    Also for the record this was my personal #2 for best album of 2007, beaten out only by Jason Michael Carroll’s debut album who i think will alos make a great new male artist given the oppertunity.

  2. this is one of my favorite songs on this cd (I actually like his other “duet” almost as much). Thanks for a great review.

    after the review on 9513, I had to go back and listen to it again to make sure I wasn’t “off”…thanks for backing up my thoughts on the song :)

  3. I don’t know why Josh doesn’t release a couple more slow songs. His voice really can wrap around them. I’m still a little sad that they didn’t release “Angels Fall Sometimes” from his previous CD. I think that would have shot to the top.

  4. Despite my full fandom of Josh i catually found No Rush to be his worst song ever…not that there is much compatition in that area for him. It just seemed really dull and dreary. But yea, he should release more slow songs.

  5. I just thought that his voice sounded basically the best it’s ever sounded for him ini that song … it was basically all low and was able to show off that part of his voice really well.

  6. Josh Turner proves that he can release an upbeat song like Firecracker and then turn around and release a slow, love ballad. The strings as well as Trisha’s powerful voice give the song a flawless sound. This is my favorite song off of Josh Turner’s Everything Is Fine album. This song is amazing!

    Grade: A+

  7. When this song came up on my playlist today, I was struck by how it made me feel. The last time I heard it on the xmradio station that I listen to, I recall feeling the same way. Sad. I don’t know what it is about it, but it just made me feel sad…and it’s not a song that I can necessarily personally relate to. So, to me, this is a testament of a good song–when it can make someone feel an emotion just by its delivery. When I first heard the song, it didn’t necessarily catch my attention, though I bought Josh’s CD on release day. As I listen to the song further, however, I love it more and more. Strange that I would enjoy a song that literally makes me feel sad.:) I guess that it not only sounds good, I respect it.

  8. Josh is one of my most favorite country singers in the world when i heard the “long black train”. I said thats my kind of man to leason to and for one thing he is so
    good looking.
    peace out

  9. I’m not a huge Josh fan, but this song and “Would You Go With Me” are songs I never get tired of. When he gets it right, he gets it right. Trisha is just the icing on this song that was already gorgeous. You can just close your eyes on this song and fall into the singing.

  10. I Love This Song!!! When i first heard it i was like I have to get this album. It has so much meaning and depth to it, and with Trisha, she makes it sound gorgeous. They sound great together!

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