George Strait, “I Saw God Today”

King George does it once again. He’s bound to have another hit song on his hands with “I Saw God Today”, which will be included on his upcoming CD set for an April release.

While the melody is somewhat lackluster, a problem that Strait encounters from time to time, the lyrics to this song are intriguing. At the beginning of the song, we learn that the singer is catching some much needed fresh air after spending 18 hours in the hospital by a loved one’s bedside for an unknown reason. During his time outside, he is struck by some common occurrences that make him realize that God’s “fingerprints are everywhere”—a flower growing in the sidewalk, a pregnant woman, a beautiful sunset. All of these things make him feel as though he has seen God.

Without giving away the “twist” of the song, the third verse finally reveals the singer’s reason for being at the hospital, which ultimately explains the cause of his cathartic experience.

Although this song runs the risk of crossing the line of heavy-handed sentimentalism, I suspect that it’s more likely to appeal to the hearts of many people, especially to those who can relate to the story it tells.

Written by Rodney Clawson, Monty Criswell and Wade Kirby

Grade: B

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  1. the thing about george straight, is that his songs are just simple stories. his songs take truths and present them in really cool ways. when i heard this song i wondered why it hadnt been sung years ago. there’s just a simple charm to all of george straits songs which is why he has hit after hit.

  2. Wow, this is a LOT more contemporary than what he usually releases. It sounds a lot more like something that Kenny Chesney or someone would record (which makes sense, as Rodney Clawson is a frequent collaborator with Big & Rich).

  3. I haven’t heard this song yet, but the name instantly grabs my attention and makes me want to hear, even though I’m not a particular fan of George Strait. Just goes to show the value of a good title.

  4. George definitely has another hit with this song. The lyrics are intriguing, leaving the listener pondering over the reason he’s at the hospital, until it’s finally revealed in the third verse. I think a lot of people can relate to this song and I think it’s one of George’s most beautiful songs recently released.

    Grade: A+

  5. Agree with the other comments that this song is pretty amazing, will be another huge hit for Strait.

    Knowing his personal story though gives this song a bit more of an emotional wallop then I was expecting.

  6. He has really out done himself again. From someone who has encountered a significant loss. In ’06 we burried our little baby girl Amry and George Straits song “You’ll be There” was the song we played at her funeral and now we are expecting another baby girl in June and with this song hitting the heart in the same way really is to awsome for words to describe.

  7. George has a way of capturing our hearts with what he sings about and of course by the quality of his voice. This song paints the picture of a loving, sensitive man, who is seeing the hand of God in the life around him, in personal experience that perhaps goes beyond his church and devotional life. Again, George goes below the surface and expresses the awe and wonder we all should feel in those situations. God Bless you Georgre and thanks again.

  8. Tammy,

    I’m sorry if you overlooked it, but we already included Rodney’s co-writers in the post. As far as I know, they’re spelled correctly.


  10. It might be a little premature, but I think George will have his 56th #1 single with this song, which I think would make him #1 in that category. George is just an amazing singer to be able to still be putting out amazing songs nearly 30 years after he started.

  11. He’s already #1 in that catagory Matt. He broke that record with I believe his 46th #1 which would put him well i the lead as far as #1 songs. If this reaches the Billboard’s #1 spot then he’ll definatly hold the record.

  12. I absolutely love George Strait!!!
    I cant believe it I just heard the song like 15 minutes ago && I still have it playing.I can’t wait until he puts it on his myspace!!!!I know,i’m only 18,so i’m still oung but i LOVE him!!!

  13. I knew this song would have a heavy impact on country music listeners, but I guess I didn’t realize just how much. Here’s a blurb from

    “…George set another new mark this week. His new single, “I Saw God Today,” debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard and Radio & Records country charts, representing
    the best first-week numbers of his entire career.

    “Wow,” George said. “Let me just say a huge thank you to country radio. I love you guys.”

    The song was released to country radio Feb. 4 and received instant acclaim. It’s the first single from George’s new album, Troubadour, set for release April
    1. The CD will include a duet with Patty Loveless.”

  14. LOVE the song! King George just keeps getting better. I recently attended my second GS concert and would go again in a heart beat. Maybe one day I’ll be fortunate and see him compete in “roping”. Thanks Mr. Strait for providing we country music fans with great songs and for remaing the humble man you are despite your success. Thanks again!!

  15. this is amazing, i just had a little girl in november and she means the world to me and my husband. it reminds me of how he acted when she was born. god bless you George strait.

  16. This song is awsome. I had a little girl three months ago. Sat beside my wife for twenty two & half hours. The song is very touching. I heard the tale end of the song and it made me cry. I came home that night and goggled to find it.

  17. This is exactly how my late husband felt about God and seeing Him everywhere. I lost him in a tragic accident almost five years ago. He would have loved this song. George can really crank out the good ones.

  18. I’ve just relived an experience that has happened to me countless times: I hear George Strait’s first single from an upcoming album on the radio, I drop what I’m doing and am in goose bumps the entire time, and then, as soon as the song ends, I want to hear it again and find out when the CD will be released. I have never heard a George Strait song I didn’t love. No exception here.

  19. My name is Chris and my wife gave birth to our beutiful baby girl on Feb. 12th. The 2 days later we were getting ready to take little Makenzie home for the first time and we gor a phone call. The call was from my sister in law saying she had just heard a song that we must hear. After a while i fired up the pc and came to the website with the song “I Saw God Today” and pressed play. After listening to the song we sat there and cried for quite a while and we said to each other it couldnt have come at a better time. It is an awsome song and it makes it even better that King George is the one singing!!

  20. This will soar to number one!!!! What a great song, with an even better message! My twin daughters will be graduating in May and this will definitely be one of the songs on the video we will be showing!! I will never tire of listening to this song. Hurry and release the CD!!

  21. For those who have criticized George’s latest song “I saw God today”, may not know or remember that George & Norma Strait lost their only baby girl, Jennifer, in a tragic car accident. For George to be brave enough to even sing about something so personal, just shows what a class act he is! My respect will always be with the Strait family.

  22. George’s last two singles made me cringe the first time I heard them, whereas this one didn’t, which is a good sign. The lyrics are very good, and I cannot deny that. But I can deny that this song is interesting. I think the reason that I have always disliked George Strait’s music is that his voice just doesn’t have an interesting range, and therefore most of his songs are boring to me. Perhaps he should take a cue from Josh Turner. Josh Turner has a low voice too, but at least he can make things interesting once in a while.

  23. i love george strait’s music this song says we don’t often look for god don’t often see his footsteps or read the book as a beliver of God this is such a great song we need to look for God in every thing we do and see..

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