Heidi Newfield, “Johnny And June”

Heidi Newfield, the former lead singer of Trick Pony, tries her hand at a solo career with a song that drops the names of one of country music’s most beloved couples, Johnny and June Cash. When we hear a song that dares to use the names of revered artists, especially when used as the song title, we expect a satisfying pay off.

With “Johnny And June”, Newfield delivers on the name dropping standard. The song is sung from the point of view of wanting a “love like Johnny and June.” It utilizes fun wordplay on their songs and stories about their lives that we either know or assume to be true. We aren’t forced to dig for the Johnny and June connections; they’re right there for us to enjoy.

The production is nothing special and the la la las are annoying, but it seems that Newfield is well on the way to finding her own voice apart from Trick Pony here.

Grade: B+

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  1. I heard the song a few weeks back at a local radio station when Heidi was in town doing a radio interview. It is amazing! I’ve been a fan of hers for over 7 years now and I think she sounds as amazing as ever! Can’t wait to hear the rest of her songs!

  2. I listened to it just now and I like it!! Her voice sounds really good!! Get her some great songs and Wow! I just never much liked her in Trick Pony, but I think she will do good solo! I bet she would be a great performer too!

  3. Not many people would have expected her to come out with a ballad- With such a powerful voice she sure nailed this song. The lyrics aren’t much but she does an incredible job! She should have a great reception for her first single-

  4. Heidi’s solo work is off-the-hook! This song is awesome – her voice, the lyrics, the production is a “10” Can’t wait to hear the rest of her new album.

  5. The song is wonderful my boyfriend and i love johnny cash and June Carter and we both love the song and to dance together and hope that we have a love like them

  6. I heard this song today on the radio and didn’t know who did it. So I did a search and found out it was Heidi!!! I am so excited, and I love the song. She sounds as great as always!!

  7. I can’t believe the so-so comment – the song is absolutely AWESOME! Not often I hear a song I want to hear over and over!!!!!! Way to go Heidi!! Can’t wait to hear more!!!

  8. This song is great. I have every cd that Johnny and June made. I would love to know where I could find yours. Can’t wait to hear more of your great stuff!

  9. This is gonna be fun. I know that the debate is about to get fired up, and that’s not really a bad thing. But this song is. Any longtime reader of CU knows that I had many issues with Jason Aldean’s “Johnny Cash” and I just couldn’t find anthing nice to say about Taylor Swift’s “Tim McGraw”. I hate name droppers. And they have no business being used to launch a career. Sure, Aldean was well launched when he dropped “JC”, and the primary issue with it was the fact that the song had absoutly nothing to do with Johnny. Taylor Swift actually did TM, a song that really had nothing to do with McGraw, to launch herself to stardom. Newfield is a mix of both. The song is unquestionable about Johnny and June, and it’s cute. But it’s an album cut at best. After marginal success with Trick Pony, she wants to go solo. Fine. She has a great set of pipes. But, for the love of God, stop riding the coat-tails of the neuvo Cash fans, and make a name for yourself on your terms. Were it Reba or someone of her stature that had put this one on record, I’d have let it slide. It would have been acceptable as a tribute and would have been fun. But, as your first single, you’re just not worthy to talk about Johnny and June. And as an aside, if you want a nice Cash cut, got buy George Strait’s new album, and try on “House of Cash” for size.

  10. I have to agree with what Mike just said. It’s just a name-dropper and is not even high quality enough to be worthy of single status. However, people are requesting it like crazy. It’s one of the most requested songs each day on the radio station I listen to and I just can’t understand why. I can tolerate the song, but that’s about it.

  11. Mike & Matt. F: Like with Sugarland’s new song I’m just enjoying this one for what it is. Also She’s been around in some form for a few years now, so while it’s her first solo single, I think she’s established enough to be singing about Johnny and June. On all three Trick Pony albums they had gust appearances by different legends. George Jones on theri third, Willie Nelson on their second, and Johnny even appeared on their first album; along with Waylon Jennings.

  12. I looked up the song on the internet today because I thought I recognized the singer from Trick Pony and I wanted to see if I was right. It’s nice to hear her on the radio again. She has a unique voice and it suits the song.

    The reason I’m writing a comment, however, is to address the poor grammar in the review. “Here” refers to location; “hear” refers to listening. Also, Johnny and June were a couple, not couples. If you had written “one of country music’s most beloved couples,” the plural form would be appropriate. I’m sorry to be negative, but surely if you’re posting reviews for the public to read, you can do better than that. Thanks.

  13. OMG
    GIVE IT A REST. It is a great song and i heard it a few times before i even knew who sang it. I was beginning to think it was Carlene Carter who has some new material coming out that i haven’t heard. This may be Heidi’s first solo effort but she is by far not new to the industry and deserves more respect than Mike gives her. To each his own though. I say “good for her return”…. some thing memorable.

  14. I have only heard this song once and was instantly taken with it. It speaks to what we all want in life. Simply put, the song is easy to listen to, it’s wonderful and the wordplay is excellent! :)

  15. I think that heidi stunk because at the begging of the song she sounded like a cat was clenching on her butt and I bet if Johnny and June were alive wright now they would say Someone kill me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Quit trying to look like the Women from Sex and the city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Heidi Is a big Fake When she talks she sounds like shes trying to sound like Dolly Parton So Heidi either get off the stage or get everybody a Big bucket of Tamatoes to throw at you you Big Phony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I really don’t listen to country radio much these day so I hadn’t heard Newfield’s solo work, but I got stuck with listening to radio on a long car trip recently when my CD player went out so I heard this song four times en route from Orlando to Atlanta and then I saw Ms Newfield on Opry live today.

    The song is okay but hearing it on the radio and seeing the Opry performance confirmed what I already suspect : Heidi Newfield is a VERY mediocre singer whose voice fit well within the context of what Trick Pony was doing, but isn’t good enough to lead to a significant career as a solo artist. This reminds me of when Paulette Carlson left Highway 101, only Carlson was a far better singer that Newfield. Carlson met with minimal success and I expect that fate to befall Newfield as well.

  18. I like her voice on this record. However, I caught her on the televised portion of the Opry last night too. I’ll have to agree, Paul, that I was not impressed with how she sounded there. It sounded like she started too low or something. At any rate, it wasn’t a very good performance.

  19. Pretty good song but I’m totally turned off by using the names of Johnny and June. I too was rolling my eyes at “Johnny Cash”. It’s as if it’s admitting it won’t get attention without such a title.
    Just saying….

  20. I think the song is wonderful. I saw a vid on the “Making” of the video and she said she had an opportunity to get to know Johnny and June personally so she wrote the song after what she knew of their personal life and what we all saw and knew of them. Let’s face it…June was an amazing woman, I don’t know if I would be able to put up with some of the stuff she put up with. One the other hand, they did have a special love.
    Btw…most of the time, the “actors” or artist in the videos don’t have much say over what they wear, it’s called hair and make-up. They may be “rich and famous” but they still have people to answer to.

  21. Math Teacher,

    I just read through the comments and realized that I somehow missed yours until now. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes. I’m properly embarrassed and don’t really know why I made those errors. I certainly do know better.

  22. Awesome job Heidi,

    Great song! It makes no difference who you’re singing about, you did a great job and you deserve to keep moving up the ladder. Love your voice and the style you put forth in this single.
    The best to you in the future!

  23. Bryan,

    Thanks for commenting, but we aren’t affiliated with Heidi Newfield in anyway. If you want a chance of getting a hold of her, I would check out her myspace page or artist homepage.

  24. I find it very interesting to read some of these so called reviews from some people who haven’t a clue about country music and a great vocal. I also find it very interesting how those of you who wish to trash Miss Newfield are very one sided toward established artist’s, or should I call them your favorites. I think your negative comments reflect uneducated options, nothing more. Heidi Newfield may have been the lead singer of Trick Pony, but you still have to come out and sell your as a solo artist, in a since start all over. Sure some of the core fans of Trick Pony with support her, but the Country Music Audience as a hole will decide if she succeeds. I don’t know if she will or not but I’m sure not going to trash her for the content of Johnny and June, or her vocal talent. My “option” is Miss Newfield has one of the most recognized voices in the industry, I love the smokiness of her voice, and so far from what I’m hearing radio is diggin’ it too. The Record industry is a tough business, and I say “keep you head up Heidi, and stay true to your roots girl”. Oh one more thing, I’ve been in the business for almost 30 years now and I’m not even qualified to “review” anyone. At least not to trash someone’s career, the audience will do that for them, and in 10 to 15 years if their still around and you’re wondering why, maybe it you that’s in the minority.

  25. Dale,

    Since this was a pretty positive review, I’m not sure to whom your comment is directed. Those who said things that you seem to be taking issue with were merely giving their opinion, not actually reviewing the song.

    But since you brought it up… I might as well take the opportunity to comment that the “charm” of this song has not stuck with me at all.

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