2008 ACM Nominations

Apparently, Entertainer of the Year will be fan-voted.  Seriously.

Analysis to come, but let me briefly say “Woo-hoo! Miranda Lambert!”

Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Rascal Flatts
George Strait
Keith Urban

Rodney Atkins
Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Keith Urban

Miranda Lambert
Martina McBride
LeAnn Rimes
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood

Diamond Rio
Emerson Drive
Little Big Town
Rascal Flatts

Big & Rich
Brooks & Dunn
Halfway To Hazard
Montgomery Gentry

Luke Bryan
Jack Ingram
Jake Owen

Sarah Buxton
Kellie Pickler
Taylor Swift

Carolina Rain
Lady Antebellum
The Wreckers

ALBUM OF THE YEAR [Award to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company]
5th Gear – Brad Paisley (Arista Nashville)
Produced by Frank Rogers
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Miranda Lambert (Columbia)
Produced by Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke
Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates – Kenny Chesney (BNA)
Produced by Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney
If You’re Going Through Hell – Rodney Atkins (Curb)
Produced by Rodney Atkins, Ted Hewitt
Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift (Big Machine)
Produced by Scott Borchetta, Nathan Chapman
# 6 Produced by Robert Ellis Orrall

SINGLE RECORD OF THE YEAR [Award to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company]
Don’t Blink
Kenny Chesney, Produced by Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney, BNA
Famous In A Small Town
Miranda Lambert, Produced by Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke , Columbia
Lost In This Moment
Big & Rich, Produced by Big Kenny, John Rich, Warner Bros/WRN
Sugarland, Produced by Kristian Bush, Byron Gallimore, Jennifer Nettles, Mercury
Watching Airplanes
Gary Allan, Produced by Gary Allan , Mark Wright , MCA Nashville

SONG OF THE YEAR [Award to Composer(s)/Publisher(s)/Artist(s)]
Don’t Blink
Kenny Chesney; Writers: Casey Beathard, Chris Wallin
Publishers: Lavender Zoo Music (BMI), Mama’s Dream Music (ASCAP), Sony/ATV Acuff Rose (BMI), WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Lost In This Moment
Big & Rich; Writers: Keith Anderson, Rodney Clawson, John Rich
Publishers: EMI April Music, Inc. (ASCAP), Romeo Cowboy Music (ASCAP), WB Music Corp. (ASCAP), Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), Writer’s Extreme Music (BMI)
Emerson Drive; Writers: Dave Berg, Annie Tate, Sam Tate
Publishers: Gravitron (SESAC), WB Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Watching You
Rodney Atkins; Writers: Rodney Atkins, Steve Dean, Brian White
Publishers: Bethar Music (BMI), Mike Curb Music (BMI), Multisongs (SESAC), Songs From The White House (SESAC)
Sugarland; Writer: Jennifer Nettles
Publishers: Jennifer Nettles Publishing (ASCAP)

VIDEO OF THE YEAR [Award to Producer(s)/Director(s)/Artist(s)]
Don’t Blink – Kenny Chesney
Producer: Tacklebox Films; Director: Shaun Silva
Lost In This Moment – Big & Rich
Producer: Big Kenny, Steve Lamar, Marc Oswald; Director: Robert Deaton and George Flanigen
Online – Brad Paisley
Producer: Frames Per Second; Director: Jason Alexander
Stay – Sugarland
Producer: Kristian Bush, Byron Gallimore, Jennifer Nettles; Director: Shaun Silva
Watching You – Rodney Atkins
Producer: Broken Poet Production; Director: Eric Welch

VOCAL EVENT OF THE YEAR [Award to Artist(s)/Producer(s)/Record Company]
Because Of You – Reba McEntire Duet With Kelly Clarkson
Produced by Tony Brown, Reba McEntire, MCA Nashville
Find Out Who Your Friends Are – Tracy Lawrence With Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney
Produced by Julian King, Tracy Lawrence, Rocky Comfort/CO5
Shiftwork – Kenny Chesney Duet With George Strait
Produced by Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney, BNA
Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore – Bon Jovi Featuring LeAnn Rimes
Produced by Dann Huff, Mecury
What You Give Away –Vince Gill With Sheryl Crow
Produced by Vince Gill, John Hobbs, Justin Niebank, MCA Nashville


  1. It’s nice to see Rodney Atkins up for a few awards. And I’m glad to see “Stay” up for so many things. The last three nominees for Song of the Year are very deserving. But one thing I have to say: It is a crime that “Shiftwork” has been nominated for Vocal Event. If it wins, it will be like he just got away with murder. I hope Kenny fails to win Entertainer of the Year this time around, but at least I’m getting used to him winning that one.

  2. Any one think it’s interesting that Kenny is nominated in every catagory he is elegible for? Another suprise is Halfway to Hazard being nominated in the vocal duo catagory. I’m a big fan of their’s and I think they are vastly underrated and underplayed on country radio. I think Kenny is a lock for another Entertainer of the Year trophy, which he deserves. The man puts on one hell of a show. The second best country show I have ever seen, behind only Garth, which is saying something.

  3. I just hope Keith Urban walks away with EOTY!! He so deserves this honor! I really worry about this fan voting thing! I don’t completely trust it!

  4. Mike have you ever seen Keith Urban perform in concert?? Kenny may be king of the radio, but I truly believe Keith out performs Kenny Chesney on stage!

  5. i agree with keith urban for entertainer. the fan voted thing doesn’t sound too good. it might make the worst case scenario, rascal flats winning, happen. its great to see rodney atkins on the list, he is one of my favorites, but i think josh turner is a bit more worthy for male vocalist, although i’m still happy to see rodney atkins nominated. as much as i love taylor swift, it is ridiculous that she would be nominated for female vocalist. the new male vocalist catergory and the new group/duo category are rather weak, although i guess there weren’t all that many good options. it’s nice but also suprising to see sarah buxton nominated. the album of the year category is good, although i would have taken kenny chesney out and put dierks bentley in. the only song in the vocal event category that i feel is really strong is what you give away.

  6. Margie, I have never been a big Keith Urban fan. Why is everyone always so down on Kenny? He puts out some amazing songs (The Good Stuff, Who You’d Be Today) and even his lesser songs are still fun to listen to.

  7. Just my opinions from reading the list this morning

    Who in the heck did Tim McGraw piss off? That was a huge shock that “If Your Reading This” didn’t get anything, esp. since he sang the song on the ACM’s last year. I knew there was still some bad feelings with Faith but I guess it has rubbed off on Tim. Just wonder if this is a sign to come and if he might have some trouble with country radio in the future.

    I was thinking that there might be a cleaning out of the Top Female list. I think radio and the head honchos have decided that listeners only care about the younger artists right now. Martina should count her lucky stars that she even got in. I think it will be a lot harder for older artists to get in this category for awhile.

    Really glad for Rodney, I mean this is a comeback story if there ever was one. To go from a top 5 single, to then chopping wood for Alan Jackson to earn extra money to then go to 4 #1 singles is a huge deal. He seems like a nice guy & I’m happy for him

    Not so sure about this “fan voting” for EOTY. I think they should have just created a new category where fans choose the nominees and do the voting. This whole thing will just come down to who has the bigger fan base that will vote a hundred times a day.

    Really happy for Miranda-she deserves this.

    Sorry to see the Eric Church didn’t get a New Male nomination or even best video for “Lighting”

  8. I completely agree about Eric Church. His debut album was one of my favorites and still gets plenty of plays on my ipod. It’s too bad he didn’t at least get a New Male Vocalist nomination, especially in such a weak year.

  9. I think the nominations are very strange this year. Some of them really don’t make sense to me. I am, however, excited to see that Miranda is getting some recognition. The ACMs seem to like her a little bit.

  10. I like the philosophy behind the fan-voting thing for EOTY and it’ll probably turn out fine; I could sort of see any one of them winning it anyway for differing reasons.

    Hooray for nominating Rodney Atkins in Male Vocalist despite his being fairly new to the “upper ranks”; he really deserves the nod.

    The Female Vocalist category is a good snapshot of mainstream country’s girls right now: in one corner, the commercial big-shots (Carrie and Taylor); in the other, the lower-selling “artistic” favorites (Miranda and LeeAnn); and finally Martina McBride drifting around aimlessly in the background. I like that comprehensiveness. I would love to see Miranda score an upset here, but I’ll keep dreaming.

    Top Vocal Group is fairly predictable. Doesn’t look like the time is ripe for any of these acts to upset Rascal Flatts…the Eagles are probably too “crossover” for their massive sales to score them any country points, and LBT’s new album hasn’t really taken off. Oh well.

    I’m surprised to see Jake Owen beat out Jason Michael Carroll and Bucky Covington for Top New Male slots, and even more confused to see Jack Ingram there after all this time. But I think that veteran status gives him a good chance of taking it, and that’ll be nice to see.

    If Taylor Swift acts surprised or cries or something when she wins Top New Female, I will gag.

    Miranda’s album and single for the win, and bravo to ACM for those nods.

    I’m really happy to see “Moments” score some song love. Definitely my choice.

    I really hope this is the last time I ever have to see the Kelly/Reba version of “Because of You” nominated for something. Oh wait…the CMTs. Darn.

  11. I’m just wondering what Diamond Rio did to get a nomination other than existing? Is there really no other country bands who did anything this year?

    I’m wondering the same thing about Tim McGraw, I’m not a huge fan of his but I would have thought that he’d be up for something.

    I’m glad Miranda got the nominations but she won’t win for Female Vocalist (I wish she would but…)She has a good shot at the rest though.

    In the new Artist Categories I’m shocked not to see Jason Michael Carroll up there, and I’m even more shocked to see Sarah Buxton up there. Wouldn’t it be cool if Sarah won it over Taylor. Then maybe Lyric Street would put her album out.

    My predictions: (Who should win)
    Entertainer: Brad Paisley (Brad Paisley)
    Male Vocalist: Keith Urban (Keith Urban)
    Female Vocalist: Carrie Underwood (LeAnn Rimes)
    Group: Rascal Flatts (Emerson Drive)
    Duo: Sugarland (Sugarland)
    New M: Jack Ingram (Jack Ingram)
    New F: Taylor Swift (Sarah Buxton)
    New G: Lady Antebellum (Lady Antebellum)
    Album: 5th Gear (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)
    Single: Don’t Blink (Stay)
    Song: Stay (Stay)
    Video: Online (Online)
    Vocal Event: Because Of You (Find Out Who Your Friends Are / What You Give Away)

  12. I’m also happy for Miranda. I love “Famous in a Small Town” (although the best song on Crazy Ex-G is “Guilty in Here.”) I wonder what the voting is based on? Hopefully the voters reward song interpretation more than having a big voice. To me, that is what country music is about. At least they seem to love her at the ACMs.

    What is the applicable time period for nominations? Was Carrie’s new album ineligible? I don’t think it should have been nominated, I was just curious if any of her songs/albums were eligible.

    I also noticed Diamond Rio. They put out a Christmas album at the end of 2007, but other than that?!?

    I wonder if the Eagles could win this award. I was under the impression that RF wasn’t popular in the industry, and they are not any less crossover these days than the Eagles. The Eagles have also sold more albums and brought new listeners to country radio…

    I predict Keith Urban will win EOTY. Heck, if I can vote multiple times I will do everything in my power to prevent RF from winning!

  13. Little disappointed that Dierks didn’t get any nominations. Long Trip Alone, the song, was definitely underrated. I also agree with the Eric Church sentiments. I’m hoping Brad Paisley gets the nod at EOTY.

  14. I’m not down on Kenny Chesney……I’ve just seen them both and Kenny does put out good songs, but when Keith performs his songs they take on a whole new vibe when he performs them live. He just has so much more charisma and he makes the biggest of arenas seem like a small setting. He makes his audience a part of the show. I leave his concerts wanting more! He truly is an outstanding entertainer! Mike, just give one of his concerts a try and I think you will not be disappointed!

  15. I for one am also happy to see Miranda finally getting some love over Carrie — I am surprised they did not find a way to give Carrie more nominations, only 1 I am so surprised — I for one would love to see a woman up for entertainer of the year, but that is country music, seems to be in love with men entertainers.

  16. In response about Diamond Rio’s nomination-Diamond Rio got nominated because they did release an album in the past year and they are active in recording. The album they released last year was a Christmas CD, but the critics loved it. They have a new album coming out this year. Diamond Rio is simply the greatest band in the history of country music.

  17. I want to clarify my praise for Diamond Rio and why I say they are the greatest country band. Country has had a lot of great bands, but Diamond Rio is the only band that does all of the music themselves. To me, that counts for something. What is the point in having a band that doesn’t play on its records?

  18. I think the fan-voted thing gives Rascal Flatts a chance to finally win an Entertainer award, something they’ve vocally coveted. Ironically, the method that will make them win (fan votes) will keep it from being the peer acknowledgment they’ve craved.

  19. Very disappointing too not see Sara Evans nominated for anything,
    The woman is phenomenal in concert, And she has one of the most
    consistent string of hits then a lot of female artists out their. Hats off
    too Miranda & LeAnn…Either one deserves it. Carrie Underwood &
    Taylor Swift, Are good to, But we need a change in Nashville. In my
    opinion, Martina has NO chance at this award, She should just be happy
    she received a nomination. I love Martina’s music, But I don’t see what
    she did too receive a nomination. Sara Evans released a Greatest Hits
    album which went to #3, And a top 10 single (As If) and she already has
    a brand new single in the top 40. Another thing, Sara released one of the
    greatest music video’s of the year, “As If” was cute, fun, and sexy.

    I’m starting to get worried that some of the old favorites are losing their

  20. Oh god, I will die if Rascal Flatts wins an award, And whats up
    with Kenny nominated in almost all the categories. Country
    music is so not country anymore. Why are the real country
    sounding artists not ever nominated!? Here’s a few I can
    think of –
    * Tim McGraw
    * Sara Evans
    * Dierks Bentley
    * Toby Keith
    What does these artists need to do to get nominated!?!?!?

  21. After Troubadou came out, there ain’t no one else but George who deserves the EOTY award. The man is awsome!!!!!!

  22. Definitely think it’s time for Little Big Town to snag the Top Vocal Group. They are terrific and Rascal Flatts has been rewarded a lot. Same with Sugarland with Top Duo although I think Jennifer should go solo.

    Top New Vocalist should go to Kellie Pickler, as Taylor hasn’t got gold vocal chords and she’s still young. Kellier emotes a great deal when she sings and has depth.

    Male Vocalist should go to George Strait, as Kenny, keith, Brad, etc. are not vocal giants. George is. Also George deserves the EOTY Throne. He just gets better as he ages!!!!!!

  23. Keith Urban deserves Entertainer. I have seen ALL of the nominees in that category (Yes, lucky me), and let me tell you, there is no better performer than Mr. Keith Urban. He is truly the best. I don’t know WHY Kenny keeps getting it….he’s half the entertainer that Keith is. THe only thing I;m worried about is fan voting: fan voting=Kenny or Rascal Flatts FOR SURE.

    Female Vocalist…..why in God’s name you would nominate Taylor Swift is beyond me: yeah she’s successful, but she couldn’t sing if her life depended on it. Miranda….not crazy about her, but she’s had a good year. LeAnn deserves the nod, but MARTINA? She has no chance. Actually, no offense, none of these 4 artists have a chance: Carrie Underwood’s got this one wrapped around her finger. And she DESERVES IT: 6 consecutive #1 singles and videos!, grammys, cmas, cmts, acms, BEING INDUCTED INTO THE GRAND OLE OPRY, and not to mention that VOICE…..girl’s on FIRE. Carrie will win hands down. I see NO competition whatsoever.

    Male Vocalist…..Keith baby. Keith Keith Keith Keith Keith. Or Brad is anything else. But Keith was ROBBED in 07, he deserves more this year. It’s nice to see Rodney in this, even though he ain’t gonna win.

    Top New Female…..Taylor will win. And she knows it. If she acts all surprised and crying and saying that this is “Senior Year Highlight Number 2” and acts all shocked, I will throw up. EVERY SINGLE AWARD SHE HAS ACCEPTED SHE HAS SAID “I CANT EVEN BELIEVE THIS”. FIND A NEW EFFING LINE. I WANT Kellie Pickler to win this, because I think her voice is stronger and more pure, but Taylor’s got this one for sure.

    Top New Male…..don’t care, honestly, it’s anyone’s game here.

    Album…..GO BRAD. 5TH GEAR BABY, BEST BRAD ALBUM BY FAR. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rodney or Kenny get this, though. But definitley NOT Taylor OR Miranda…..their albums aren’t that good, in my honest opinion.

    Single AND Song…….Stay by Sugarland, most definitley. Everyone has a soft spot for this song….personally I think it’s too whiny and desperate, but w/e. Jennifer N. will win in both categories, you mark my words.

    Group……Rascal Flatts, by miles.

    Duo: Sugarland. They’ve had a bigger year than B&D and have worked their bootys off. If B&D wins, it’ll only be because they’re an ACM favorite.

    Video: ONLINE! That is the funniest video! It should and will win, hands down!

  24. Who will win and who should win, my predictions:

    Entertainer: Keith Urban should win, but watch Kenny Chesney go for a fouth consecutive year.

    Male V: Keith Urban should win, and I really think he will win.

    Female V: Carrie Underwood is by far the most deserving, she WILL win.

    Top New Female V: Taylor will win, but Kellie’s the better singer.

    Top New Male: Jack Ingram, Jack Ingram.

    Duo: Sugarland should & will.

    Group: Rascal should & will.

    Single: Love to see Don’t Blink win, but Stay will.

    Song: Love to see Watching You, but Stay also will win.

    Album: Taylor Swift will win, but Brad TOTALLY deserves it.

  25. Do not mean to be repetitive about my adoration for King George, but if George Strait’s new CD “Troubadour” was nominated for Best Country Album, and his 56, #1 smash, “I Saw Gold Today” was nominated for Best song of the year, he’d win. I’m so looking forward to the CMA Awards later this year as I know George will reign King and deservedly so.

  26. i love martina mcbride i think she so deserve this nomination . she has an amazing voice have you hear her!!!! love it- hope she win . & brad paisley tooo.

  27. I honestly dont think Taylor will win “Album”. Why would they give the album of the year to an album whose songs can’t even be nominated for song/single of the year?

    I think its between Brad and Miranda. Both are deserving!!!

    If Taylor wins Female Vocalist, I will probably a) throw up everywhere and then b) clog my ears so I dont have to hear her fake surprise speech. Carrie technically has this in the bag and BY FAR deserves it as everyone else said, but it concerns me that they might consider the crappy pop remixes of Taylor as a sign of her “popularity”. (In other news, see how her country popularity has taken “Picture to Burn” all the way to…..#3……)

  28. I so hope Keith Urban wins both EOTY and Male Vocalist. He puts on the most awesome show. I have seen Kenny perform and while he is fun and loud he doesn’t really connect with the fans the way Keith does. I was a Kenny fan first but then I saw Keith’s show. Unbelievable. I would like to see Miranda win but don’t think she will. I don’t like the fan voting at all. Too much room for cheating on votes.

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