Buddy Jewell, "This Ain't Mexico"

Buddy Jewell's message to Mexicans: We like your drinks. We like your food.  We just don't like you.  Charming.

Tell me again how this guy bea

t out Miranda Lambert?

Written by Buddy Jewell & Allen Sostrin

Grade: D

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  1. Buddy, you’re a closed-minded, old-fashioned flag-waving redneck gringo.

    Hey, you wanted me to say it.

    I can’t believe this song is actually being released. When the 9513 reviewed it in February, I listened to it on his MySpace and couldn’t believe it. And now it’s official? What the hell record label is he on now?

    We need to finish building the wall to keep stupidity out of country music.

  2. Yeah, this song is horrible. As I’ve said before, Buddy’s voice even sounds shot, like he’s been drinking too many of those marguritas….not to mention the outrageous level of ignorance of the song.

    I read on Country California that he has an equally ignorant song on the same album:

    “I’ll defend your right to set fire to the flag I love
    If you’ll wrap yourself up in it before you fire it up”

    Ah, the days of “Sweet Southern Comfort” are long gone.

  3. I heard the song tonight, and frankly, you are being way to generous with your grade (It should have gotten an F) Kevin. As much as I too think the immigration problem is serious, this song is ignorant, angry, and just mean spirited. I used to like this guy (His first two singles were good) but wow it seems like something bad happened to him and he’s taking it out on the world. I’m shocked this song would even be released.

  4. Thanks for that explanation, Kevin. Before reading the comments I was about to say simply: “A ‘D’ is being charitable.”

  5. B. Jonathan, the mariachi horns ARE patronizing. People like Buddy (who’s so NOT my buddy) are why the “Ugly American” stereotype still exists. And Stephen, let’s get started on that wall around country music ASAP!

  6. would there have been a way of dealing with this controversial topic in an intelligent musical way? i think so.

    was buddy jewell the right guy to give it a try? not exactly.

    was the flushing down of a career ever accompanied by a nicer mexican melody? not really.

    buddy, pull up your pants you’re looking bloody exposed.

  7. I’ll have to say that Buddy is making Toby almost look elequent at this point.

    I don’t think a banjo, my favorite instrument, could save this song for me. I realize this is a controversial topic with no clear answer, but Buddy presents it in the most ignorant way possible for me. I agree that he’s being patronizing with the horns and by listing all of the things he’ll take from the Mexican culture, just not the Mexicans. I’m surprised Lou Dobbs doesn’t get a co-write on this one.

  8. I would call him a closed-minded, old-fashioned flag-waving redneck gringo–but calling him a racist is shorter.

  9. I haven’t heard the song (yeah, imagine that!) but I take it from y’all’s notes that it’s one of those “you’re not helping” songs?

    Buddy…. Buddy… Buddy….
    Nothing better to write about? Really?

  10. It’s not a great song, to be sure.

    This guy beat out Miranda Lambert because “Lacey’s Song” was a better song than anything Miranda was singing at the time. Actually, it’s probably a better song that anything she’s recorded up to this point but … one song does not make a career



  12. Yes, just like people who thought that “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” was overblown and jingoistic support the terrorists.

  13. As a big Buddy Jewell fan I’m really disappointed with this song. It’s one thing to express your opinion on the issue of ILLEGAL immigration, but it’s totally un-necessary doing it in such a mocking and hateful way. Sure in areas such as the “Redneck Riviera” this song will be well received, but I’d be shocked if mainstream country radio gives this any airtime whatsoever. I realize Buddy’s career has seen better days, but attempting to revitalize it by taking the low-road is a huge mistake. America is despised enough around the world, spawned by comments such as “axis of evil” & “wanted dead or alive”. I consider myself a patriotic American, I’m totally against illegal immigration and feel it should be stopped, but hatful lyrics such as these just flat out turn me off. Shame on you Buddy.

  14. It is interesting to me that some many of you had a negative reaction to this song. In order to have reached such conclusions, you must not have listened to the words. Buddy is only commenting on “ILLEGAL” aliens! The scathing criticisms I have heard here do not jive with the overwhelming support and standing ovations I have heard when this song is played live in concert. Could it be your political agenda and PC attitude is blinding you to the fact that the majority of people hold the same opinion as Buddy. Buddy has always exercised his right to speak his mind and I am personally glad he has spoken for the majority of American citizens who feel exactly as he does. You have a right ot your opinion, but sadly you are in the minority on this issue and I feel badly for you all ,because you don’t even realize it!


  15. Holerin Ben over at the9513 really puts my opinion of this song into concise words. So, it probably makes sense for me to defer to him on this one:

    “I think we can all agree that immigration is a difficult issue and that there are valid concerns on both sides.
    That being said, discussion of this song really, truly, should not boil down to where you stand on the issue of immigration.

    Let’s run down why this song is disgraceful.

    1.The threatening tone of the lyrics. For example,THE PARTY’S OVER, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?. The tone is condescending and bullying. This sort of tone is
    completely inappropriate and has no place in an examination or debate on immigration. And the fact that Buddy lists himself as a Christian artist on his
    myspace makes the bullying tone of the song all the more disgusting. I’m pretty sure that Jesus was all about bullying and mocking the impoverished, right?

    2. The use of mexican style music to mock immigrants. This was really bad. I challenge anyone to explain what purpose this serves other than to mock.

    3. The complete disregard for any human rights issues involved in the debate. The stance that the song takes is essentially the following “This is our country
    son, no we don’t speak your crazy spanish, in America we speak American. Stop abusing my freedom by demanding to be fed. Please be a polite and starve
    on your side of the border…or else.” Once again, Buddy is overflowing with the Holy Spirit. Of course, even if he wasn’t playing a Christian on myspace,
    the dehumanization of immigrants would be offensive and inexcusable.

    4. The use of the Alamo as a sort of rallying point against Mexicans specifically, not the broader issue of illegal immigration from many countries. The
    Alamo really has nothing to do with immigration and it’s inclusion says nothing more than “oh yeah, and we have a bone to pick with you Mexicans anyway!”.
    Using an event that stirs pride and unity amongst Texans as a rallying cry against an “invasion” of Mexicans, and in doing so, treats Mexican immigrants
    as the manifestation of an historical enemy, is dangerous and hateful.

    So regardless of whether you take a hard line stance against illegal immigration, dehumanizing immigrants, mocking immigrants, and encouraging violence
    or aggressive behavior against immigrants by classifying them as a new invasion by a historical enemy is wrong and has no place in the public debate.”

    Because this song has been unofficially around for awhile, I’m pretty tired of arguing about it at this point. I’m just glad that it wasn’t done by a popular country music artist, because I think it gives validation to the stereotype of closed mindedness that we’re already charged with all too often. And I don’t like us to be thought of in that way, because I know country music can and does offer so much more than what this song suggests.

  16. In response to “Confused”.

    When I first heard “This Ain’t Mexico” believe me, I tried very hard to like this song. Just didn’t happen. It just has such a “look down your nose” condescending tone towards Mexico embedded in it. As for the hateful and mocking lyrics, what does the battle cry “Remember the Alamo” have to do with illegal immigration? Nothing. Just fodder for hate. The mocking use of the Mexican horns….. not needed. To call Mexicans illegally crossing the border into the United States an “invasion” ……sounds a little strong to me. Hitler invaded Poland; this is a border enforcement problem, not an invasion. Buddy Jewell has numerous well-written songs tucked under his belt, but this sure isn’t one of them. As I stated in my initial post, illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be addressed…NOW. Write your congressman, write your senator let them know how you feel. Publicly mocking another country through song is not my idea of addressing this sensitive issue.

  17. In response to Russ from Boston.

    With Buddy being a friend of yours it is noble of you to defend both Buddy and the song. However your friendship with Buddy creates a biased slant towards both the man and the song and your comments really can’t be taken objectively. I do have to ask if another artist had written/recorded this song would you still feel the same way and have come here defending that artist and the song, or is it only because it is Buddy? I have listened to the words of the song, several times in fact, as I have purchased his new cd. I realize the underlying premise of the song is “illegal immigration” (specifically targeting illegal Mexicans, as he mentions no other ethnic group) and that Mexicans shouldn’t enter the U.S illegally, but should enter the country by using the proper legal process to do so. I do not support illegal immigration by anyone, not just Mexicans and feel all those wanting to live here should do it legally. Like Buddy I don’t agree with illegal immigration but I don’t need Buddy speaking on my behalf through song, on this very serious and controversial issue. Yes, Buddy can exercise his right to speak his mind on this issue and so can I and others exercise our right to speak our minds over this issue and his song. I attended a concert and will concede that he received good applause for the song but it was far short of being overwhelming support and there was no standing ovation.

    From the comments that I have read most have not said they supported illegal immigration but are against it. The criticism and negativism Buddy is receiving is over the lyrical structure of the song, not the actual issue of illegal immigration. This is an unintelligent, poorly written song, and not well thought out. What do “sizzlin fajitas” have to do with illegal Mexicans crossing the border? Fajitas didn’t originate in Mexico but in Texas. If this had been a well-written, intelligent, social commentary song addressing illegal immigration there might not have been such negativity towards it. Buddy to his credit is a talented song writer having many well-written songs, unfortunately this isn’t one of them. When writing this song, I hope that he also wrote to his congressmen and senators at both the state and federal levels voicing his opinion on illegal immigration.

  18. I simply couldn’t believe it when I heard the lyrics. Buddy and others can have their opinions, but to really think that this song is going to sell is just bizarre. It is a song of hate, regardless of what negative side effects come from illegal immigration there has to be a better way of voicing one’s opinion.

    And for the record, there is no way that “Lacey’s Song” is better than “Dry Town”, “Gunpowder and Lead” and “Famous In A Small Town” alone.

  19. While I’m not one to support immigrants illegally crossing the Mexican border, or them not immersing themselves in the English language when they attain citizenship, records like this one give America and its people a black eye.

    And I wonder if Buddy ever read a history book. Because if anyone remembers their history, a large chunk of the southwestern United States was once a part of Mexico before the U.S. won it in the 1850s. It seems to me he has totally forgotten the culture that has always been there and always will be there, regardless of whether the people who cross that border are doing so legally or otherwise.

    He has a right to voice his opinions in song, however wrong or simplistic they might be in comparison with the truth. But they ARE simplistic and they ARE wrong. And if this is his idea of American patriotism, then all he’s proving is the old addage that it’s the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  20. At what point does it become an invasion? I don’t hear hate at all. The fact is there’s 12 MILLION illegal immigrants in the US…much larger numbers than the Hitler example. At what point do we say “sorry…we can’t support you and our own families too?” Yes part of the southwest was once Mexico – but it isn’t *now*. I’ve heard the race card played often – but was not aware lawbreakers were a race. I guess that’s a big lesson from the song – in the minds of many when you break the law you change races. Many Americans, working and trying to provide for themselves, don’t have the benefits given to illegal immigrants. Why do we reward ILLEGAL activities? I suppose those who are in favor of it can afford to feed, house, clothe, educate etc.
    And on the Christian point…Jesus was not just a means to give handouts. A hand up is different than a handout…and when so many want a handout where’s the overflowing jars to donate to them? I certainly can’t afford to do it. Coming here to make a better life, working hard, providing for themselves – am all for it and will help as I can. But abusing the system – no I don’t think so. And with an increasing number coming here illegally to do further illegal acts, up to killing and raping children and stealing from US citizens. What do you think would happen to go into another country – say Pakistan – and do that? I’d lay odds you never see the US again.
    But then I’ve never seen last call at the bar as a hate message either :-D

  21. ” And with an increasing number coming here illegally to do further illegal
    acts, up to killing and raping children and stealing from US citizens.”

    What a gross over generalization!

    It’s arguments like this that prove that Jewel’s song is only harmful and not helpful to the situation.

  22. If we don’t think this is an “invasion” why are we asked to press a button for Spanish? Why not add other languages???

    I have no problems with people immigrating, what I have a problem with is doing it illegally. We have American people who can’t get benefits whereas people who aren’t American’s can. Show me how this is right? You have American children who go to bed every night who are hungry, who don’t have a warm bed to sleep in. How is this right to take this away from them? How many industries are being busted for illegals working for them, that is taking away from our own Americans getting those jobs. How is this right?

  23. Appears the Buddy Jewell fans message board members have made there way here. Which accounts for the comments all of a sudden defending both Buddy and the song.

  24. I’m not defending Buddy or this song, I could care less about either one. I’m defending my right as a citizen of the United States and every other American who has been denied benefits that are rightfully theirs, not someone who crosses the border illegally.

  25. Confused, you’re not the only person that I’ve heard complain about pressing a button for Spanish. I just don’t understand what the big deal about pressing one quick button for a language is though. I guess it really just doesn’t bother me to do it. I think we get more Spanish speaking people here because of the geographics of our borders, not because we’re being invaded.

    As far as illegal immigrants making out better than Americans, I guess that’s something I know nothing about. As far as I know, they don’t receive benefits and they have the jobs that most of us would never do anyway.

    This, again, is not to say that I don’t believe that people shouldn’t immigrate here legally. I just don’t think that Buddy Jewel has contributed to the conversation in a thoughtful way. Instead, he was degrading and mocking, which really never accomplishes anything positive, as is evidenced by this thread. There have been several comments here that note that they are absolutely opposed to illegal immagration, but do not appreciate the way in which Buddy Jewel has presented the situation. Furthermore, the people who commented in defense of the sentiments of the song have been throwing some generalizations and exaggerations out to support his argument, much like his argument itself. So, it stands to reason that this song will receive some harsh criticism for pandering to the lowest common denominator by being extreme in its rhetoric just to receive some attention. So, I guess he’s getting his wish, because he’s certainly gotten a lot of attention.

    Moreover, I can’t stress the other tasteless parts of the song enough. Not only are the lyrics bad, the melody, production and Buddy’s vocals aren’t exactly good either. Although the lyrics overshadow the other components of the song, I doubt very much that I’d like this song even if the lyrics were innocuous.

  26. It’s not about just pressing a “button”. It doesn’t matter what I say or what you say, we are all still footing the bill as taxpayers. If that is ok then ok, but I have taken action by writing to my congressman/senator. This is unacceptable. Do you allow someone to come into your home and take your food, use your facilities, etc.? No you don’t. It would be breaking and entering and that is against the law, same as illegal immigration. I’m done here.

    Oh and by the way, Buddy was just a co-writer on this song. The other writer was the one who approached him about the song. And his mother was a LEGAL immigrant!

  27. Response to America and Confused

    Apparently neither one of you have read nor understand my original posts. You both are attacking ANYONE who in anyway has a difference of opinion with Buddy Jewell.

    Let me repeat my position; I AGREE COMPLETELY WITH BUDDY JEWELL, ILLEGAL IMMEGRATION SHOULD BE STOPPED….ASAP. I DON’T LIKE FOOTIN THE BILL FOR ILLEGALS EITHER. All of your follow-up posts infer that I’m all for this type of entry into our country and I’m OK with them abusing our “systems”. Your both dead wrong!

    What I’m disagreeing with is Buddy’s style of delivery of his opinion about illegal immigration. Jmac said it best in his post, “The criticism and negativism Buddy is receiving is over the lyrical structure of the song, not the actual issue of illegal immigration.”

    As an artist I like Buddy Jewell. I don’t like “This ain’t Mexico”. I like Garth Brooks as an artist. I don’t like his Chris Gains disaster. See my point? Nobody’s perfect. I feel Buddy Jewell made a huge blunder here. If he was still under the SONY label I seriously doubt this song would have seen the light of day.

    This song has only been out a short while. Only time will tell if this was a good career move for him. If it fly’s up the country charts it could be his golden goose. (Good for him!) If not, maybe mainstream America is saying “enough of the hateful, mocking messages we are sending out to other countries”. We shall see.

    When Buddy put pen to paper on this song he knew full well that liberal America (those who feel illegal immigration is OK) would put him directly in their crosshairs. Not sure if he realized conservatives (those against illegal immigration) like myself would be offended at the nasty, mocking tone of his message.

  28. First of all, Mike, it is not only incorrect but quite despicable to lump liberals as saying illegal immigration is OK, and that they “hate America”, which is a tactic that conservatives like yourself seem to use when they’ve run out of any realistic ideas on how to solve this nation’s problems. I am a liberal and a progressive thinker, and I myself oppose illegal immigration. But they’re not going to stop coming unless and until workable solutions to gradually assimilate them into our country are found; and as far as I’m concerned, the anti-Hispanic bias of Buddy Jewell and the angry rantings to build a 2000 mile-long wall along the border are not only unrealistic, they are part of the very problem.

  29. I, too, am a pretty progressive thinker, but realize that illegal immigration is a problem. I don’t have the answer to the complex problem, but I know what I think aren’t the answers. This situation is too complicated to just come up with an extreme one size fits all solution.

  30. I, however, am a hateful communist who is working to unleash the mexican hordes upon you all to please my Russian-Cuban overlords.

    down with Buddy Jewel! Viva multi-lingual automated telephone systems (or as we call it, the linchpin of our master plan)!

  31. In response to Confused.

    I know that the co-writer, Al Sostrin, approached Buddy with the idea for the song and that Al Sostrin’s mother was originally from Argentina, immigrating legally, then later becoming a U.S. citizen.

    Al Sostrin’s Latin American heritage has nothing to do with poor songwriting. With the two of them putting their collective heads together to write about illegal immigration, surely they could have crafted an intelligent composition instead of these inane lyrics.

  32. Unfortunately, the arguments I’ve heard here don’t really address the fact that Fans from all walks of life spontaneously stand and give Buddy a standing ovation after he performs this song. My friendship with Buddy has nothing to do with this honest reaction to the song. I frankly don’t give a hoot if someone thinks the lyrics are poorly constructed. In my humble opinion, a successful song evokes emotion in the listener! It is undeniable that “This Ain’t Mexico” does this in the same way as a sad song makes us cry and a comedic song brings a smile to our face. I know this is a controversial subject, but those objecting to it should consider the positive reaction before they go judging it from a songwriting point of view. Some of country music’s most enduring songs have not been particularly well written, but sustain their popularity due to their listener appeal. The political subject matter of this song has certainly spawned some useful dialogue on this issue. I think that Buddy’s song may do more to help this country formulate a solution to this complex problem by shining the bright light of publicity on this subject. Hmmm… “The answer my friend is blowing in the Wind”
    By the way, I also like Toby Keith’s song and Alan Jackson’s “Where Were you?”
    Sometimes a song needs to chronicle what is happening in this country for people to wake up and seriously address issues that need to be confronted.

  33. Russ,

    It’s funny that you use a well crafted Bob Dylan song to help support your argument about the merits of this song.

  34. You continue to take “Pot Shots” at the song and ignore the fact that people are relating to it.
    That is the essence of a song…”How people relate to it!” Come on let’s not quibble about whether Bob Dylan is better writer than Willie Nelson or Toby Keith or Alan Jackson or Buddy Jewell! It is a FACT that people relate to this song! It does what a song is supposed to do…convey emotion to the listener!
    If you don’t like Buddy or his writing style and/or you don’t appreciate the politics of the song, for goodness sake be gracious enough to admit that , despite what you perceive as shortcomings with this song, it does positivevely connect with the audience when they hear him perform it live in concert!
    I know I will never be able to convince some of you, but some of the condemnation presented here has not been warranted and should not go unchallenged. You have a right to your opinion and so do I!!!

  35. Russ,

    I thought your Bob Dylan reference was ironic because, for one, Dylan wouldn’t support this song in a million years. Secondly, Dylan’s song is thoughtful and reflective while this song is simply bombastic.

    I have never denied that people will connect with this song, despite my personal lack of connection to it. I don’t even have a problem with someone writing a song on this subject; I just don’t think Buddy made good on the opportunity. The fact that someone relates to a song does not make the song good. I could write a song about any of number of things that people could relate to, but it wouldn’t make the song good. Saying that we should all just acknowledge that people can relate to this song is rather tunnel vision of you.

    I actually don’t think Buddy is a bad songwriter, but I think this is an example of bad songwriting. Even the best songwriters are capable of missing the mark sometimes.

    There would be absolutely no point in discussing this song if we just stopped at the fact that it’s a crowd pleaser. “Achy Breaky Heart” is a crowd pleaser (or at least it used to be), but I don’t think even Billy Ray would pretend that it is actually a good song.

  36. Leeann,

    I lived through that era when Dylan wrote that song and I can tell you it was as controversial then as “This Ain’t Mexico”is now! It dared ask everyone to look at why this country was involved in the Viet Nam War. It was not well received. Not until afterwards when everone had a chance to look seriuously into what our country was doing. In some ways it helped get people to examine what was really happening in this country at the time. This, in essence, is what ,I think, Buddy was is tryintg to do with this song!
    Instead of sitting back and letting lame politicians in Washington dictate what America stands for, Buddy stands up and gives his opinion in a way that stimulates dialogue on this subject. I wish that more artists would take a risk and state their opinion on important issues too. I hope this song is able to move this country towards an equitable and fair solution to the “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” Problem! It will NOT get solved if we all sit back and let someone else do it. To convict this song as bombastic is, in and of itself ,ironic. I don’t think you get it! The song was written that way on purpose! Don’t you see the irony? It is using Hyperbole to make a point!

  37. “To convict this song as bombastic is, in and of itself ,ironic. I don’t think you get it! The song was written that way on purpose! Don’t you see the irony? It is using Hyperbole to make a point!”

    Sorry, not buying it. I think you’re straining to read this song in a way that makes it more interesting but has little to do with what the song itself is actually saying. I don’t see anything in it to merit the sort of interpretive gymnastics you’re attempting.

  38. I’m having a hard time, Russ, believing that this song is quite that brilliant. I wish I could see it your way, I’d rather be wrong about someone than be ticked off. If this song is as respected as “Blowin In the Wind” in forty years, then I’ll be happy to at least concede the point that it’s having an amazing effect on people. Until then, I’ll continue to believe that he’s trying to capitalize on a controversial subject. At least Toby Keith’s song was catchy and with other lyrics I would have definitely liked the song.

  39. Russ,

    You did not answer my question if another artist had written/recorded this song would you still react the same way. The only emotion this song evokes with me is laughter, at the lyrics and this song isn’t supposed to be comedic. You are disillusioned if you believe “Buddy’s song may do more to help this country formulate a solution to this complex problem by shining the bright light of publicity on this subject.” These lyrics will do nothing to stimulate dialogue on illegal immigration, nor help in any way to formulate any kind of solutions.

    You would have to have attended every show, which I doubt, where Buddy has performed this song, to say fans give this song a standing ovation. He did not receive a standing ovation at the show I attended.

    Even Buddy has said this song is controversial and you will either like or dislike it. Not exactly a ringing endorsement the song will be successful for him. Reaction to this song has not been overwhelmingly positive, but quite divided.

    An example of a well-written social commentary song is “Man In Black” by Johnny Cash. It creates a reaction that makes you think about the downtrodden and oppressed.

    As I said before, Buddy is a talented songwriter, having many well-written songs, this not being one of them. I have no objection to Buddy or anyone writing a song on this issue, as long as it is well-written. As Leeann said, even the best songwriters miss the mark, which applies in this instance. If this had been better crafted we wouldn’t be here discussing it.

  40. Frankly, I find Russ’ point that Buddy’s fans “relate” to this song more than a little troubling. To me, this song does almost nothing to outline or support an actual political view (I could respect it if it did); instead, it belittles an entire race of people and implies that that race’s only valuable contribution to American society is its cuisine. And there are people who exonerate that attitude? Uh oh.

    Whether or not it was Jewell’s intention to write what is essentially a supremacist song is irrelevant; what he’s written must be judged on its own merits, and this song’s only real message isn’t remotely political; it’s just racist. So absurdly racist, it sounds like something you’d hear in an SNL sketch parodying racist hicks. It’s really that laughably bad.

  41. I don’t know what this guy was thinking but “This Ain’t Mexico” may have killed his career entirely. He may even have a hard time finding county fairs to perform at after this blunder. Bad move, Buddy Jewell. You should have thought twice on this one.

  42. Dan, you hit it right on the nail! It *does* sound like a parody that could be heard on an SNL skit…a skit parodying Lou Dobbs.:)

    JMac, ditto to “Man In Black”.

  43. It catchy, snappy, with a beat I can dance to. I give it a 6.5!

    If I was a bullfighter! :-o

    Uh, David Allen Coe anyone?

    Nothing new here. It’s just your generation and now we get to see how you deal with it! Hmmmmmm!

  44. OMG! Are you all stark raving mad or what??? THIS IS JUST A SONG PEOPLE! A very very well written song too – I might add. Have any of you ever had your words recorded? I doubt it. He not only is a very talented song-writer, musician, and singer – he is a man with a keen sense of humor, a generous heart, and an undeniable passion for those less fortunate than he. Those of you who have offered your opinions and harsh criticisms obviously don’t know the BUDDY JEWELL we know (his fans). HE is a Christian man and NOT playing a role as someone here had the audacity to suggest. That is laughable to all of us who love and support him. And believe it or not, we all have minds of our own and I (for one) am not going to sit idly by without putting my two cents in. The fact that we DO know him SHOULD count for something in this discussion. And the fact is…we KNOW without a doubt that he NEVER meant for this song to come across as many of you are taking it. Gosh, talk about sensationalism – this discussion is a testimony to making a mountain out of a molehill. Again, it’s just a song – meant to be light-hearted, fun, and yet still get a very important point across…if you ain’t here legally – go home! Period. We’re sick of it. Nuff said. So…HOORAY to BUDDY for having the courage to sing the truth as most law-abiding citizens of this country see it. And to further illustrate what “kind” of person Buddy Jewell is – I KNOW – as he has said and I quote…”I’ve prayed about it and have asked God to do whatever is gonna benefit His Kingdom the most. If this song is gonna further it, then let it rise…if it is gonna hinder it, then I hope it flops…. ” THAT, people – is the Buddy Jewell we know and love and will continue to support – hit – flop, deal or no deal! A famous journalist once told me “Opinions are like ———, everybody’s got one.” And I’ll just tell you like I told him, “Yeah – but some STINK worse than others!” Sho Nuff !

  45. You wouldn’t think it was “just a song,” Cindy Lu, if you were a woman of color. The song reeks of racism and that’s all there is to it. Jewell may be a good guy but he screwed up by recording this particular song. Your “go back to where you came from” attitude is disgusting and unless you are a Native American, your ancestors came from someplace else so maybe you had better keep your narrow-minded thoughts to yourself.

  46. It seems Buddy Jewell has finally done something intelligent in handling all the negative blowback from “This ain’t Mexico”. He’s either pulled out or canceled the HTTP tour stop Aug 16th in Chihuahua, Mexico at Parque “El Palomar”. It’s no longer listed on his website. So to everyone who thought the lyrical structure and tone of this song was “non-offensive and non-aggressive” you were greatly mistaken. Apparently even Buddy has enough sense not to venture “across that line”.

    Maybe a letter or two to your State Senator would have been a more productive way to voice your opinion on this matter.

  47. I am very concerned when someone posts here that disagrees with you and is labeled a racist and you call her names…Cindy Lu did not deserve your “not so witty” insults…Klan? Pedantic? Xenophobic?…Charming! This is a all too familiar tactic that some employ when they want to obfiscate the truth by accusations that have no foundation. Conclusion: You are not so much interested in making a valid point…rather your goal is to appear clever as you demean the honest feelings of others.

    I am not including everyone in this critcism, because there have been several here that have made intelligent points that represented their honest opinion without employing such nasty rhetoric.

    As for the concert in Mexico, you are are correct, Buddy is not going to perform, but your conclusions is incorrect.

    It may be a useless exercise to try and carry on an intelligent interchange of ideas here. I have tried to present some “Food for Thought “in my posts here to try to bring some balance to a skewed analysis of “This Ain’t Mexico”.
    Apparantly, this is not a forum where differing opinions are tolerated. To those here who have kept their opinons “On Topic” and free of vitriol, Thanks! To those who can’t resist insults and intimidation as their mode of debate, you have done a disservice to this forum.

  48. I am pleased to see so many people post here who feel the same way I do about this terrible song. I am sorry that a good musician like Buddy Jewell would stoop so low.

  49. Mike: Interesting that you would bring up a point of having Native American ancestors, if you look into Buddy’s family tree you will find that he is of Native American decent. So maybe he DOES have every right to say what he wants since his ancestors are originally from this land.

  50. First off, Tom, my brain was never “off ” – duh.

    Thank you Russ – as always, you are indeed the A #1 gentleman in a class all your own! I’m so sorry that outrageous comments here caused you one moment of concern but I love you for defending my honor. You and I both know full well it’s ridiculous to try to “educate” the ignorant that refuse to have open minds and give good people the benefit of the doubt. And for all you ‘so-called former fans’ of Buddy – let me tell you one thing – he doesn’t need fair-weathered fans like ya’ll, so good riddance! If this song does nothing else, perhaps it can serve to help ‘weed-out’ the fans on the fence post.

    Now – Peter and Tahoerabbit…lol…ya’ll crack me up! YOU DON’T KNOW ME! If you only DID – lmao – for you to pontificate that I am a racist, xenophobic, narrow-minded (a big belly whopper laugh on that one!) or any of the other colorful words you chose to throw my direction – is ONE MORE example of you talking about something you CLEARLY know NOTHING about. Calling me those names is like calling the Pope a Baptist. Nothing could be further from the truth – YET AGAIN illustrating REAL IGNORANCE and TRUE INTOLERANCE. And I beg your pardon, oh but I AM A WOMAN OF COLOR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. In fact, open your mouth again and INSERT YOUR BIG FOOT BECAUSE IN ADDITION TO THAT FACT, I AM OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE! So, got anything else? And just to set the record straight….I can’t help laughing at the absurd notion that suggested Buddy might somehow ‘be afraid’ to go to Mexico. That’s a good one! Oh my, my – once again, YOU SURE DON’T KNOW HIM! (I’m sure getting my daily dose of humor today by coming here!) Thank you (sincerely) for that. As Russ said, your ‘conclusions’ are once again, incorrect and misguided – at best. And oh, Lord have mercy – believe me -letters HAVE been duly written and distributed to appropriate political parties on this subject. And well received I might add. So we (tried and true Jewell fans) are PROUD of the veracious meaning put forth in this song. And as to “Buddy Jewell stooping so low” – lol again – we sooo beg to differ once again. The fact of the matter is – he had the courage to take the high road and speak the truth as many Americans see it. And just to reiterate – cause some of you keep forgetting or are in denial – there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with LEGAL folks being here – we all welcome them with OPEN ARMS! The crux of the song is about those who make the CHOICE to be here ILLEGALLY – I SAID ILLEGALLY – that’s the problem that is being illuminated in this song, period.

  51. Response to Cindy Lu

    Your statement “And for all you ’so-called former fans’ of Buddy – let me tell you one thing – he doesn’t need fair-weathered fans like ya’ll, so good riddance! If this song does nothing else, perhaps it can serve to help ‘weed-out’ the fans on the fence post”

    I’m certain this is not how Buddy Jewell feels about his fanbase. It’s completely contrary to what Buddy has recently stated. As another poster has said who attended one of Buddy’s concerts where he sang This ain’t Mexico, Buddy stated to the crowd BEFORE he performed “This song is controversial and you will either like or dislike it”. Well, I disliked it! Does this make me a “fair weather fan”? Very bad assumption on your part. As I stated in an earlier post, I think Garth Brooks doing the Chris Gains thing was horrible. I still like Garth. There’s a whole lot of Buddy’s material I really like, but not this.

    You seem like a loyal fan and in your eyes Buddy Jewell walks on water. I’m a fan too, but I’m very disappointed at the negative tone and mockery he has targeted at not just illegal immegrents but towards all Mexicans in general. Songs such as this and absurd statements made by others such as “axis of evil” & “wanted dead or alive” have really hurt the credibility of the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    I actually agree with most of Buddy’s thoughts on illegal immigration. It needs to be stopped. But his means of expressing his opinion needs a little polish. Next time, instead of writing such an antaganistic song, call and voice your displeasure to your congressman.

    Buddy not going to Mexico, plain and simple……”Self Preservation”. Let’s not spin in any other way.

  52. I don’t think I said anything in my comment on this thread that personally attacked anyone here or Jewell himself, but just in case anyone misconstrued my meaning, I want to be clear in saying that I respect anyone’s right to interpret this song’s message differently than I do, and don’t presume to know whether or not a person is racist based on whether or not this song rubs them the right way. I personally think the song itself does more to attack Mexicans as a race than it does to address the issue of illegal immigration, so naturally it worries me to hear that others like it. But if there are (non-racist) people who can appreciate Buddy’s intended political sentiment here and find something redeeming about the lyrics, then fine. I don’t get how, personally, but it doesn’t bother me that we disagree on that. Just wanted to be clear: I don’t know anyone here in person, and I don’t mean to pass judgment on anyone or anything but the song and the attitude I personally believe it espouses.

  53. LMFAOCLYB!!! Thanks for that post. You showed your true colors and as for your “story” well…I’m not buying it but nice try. And now I bid a fond adios to Buddy Jewell. I’ve gotta go down to the used record store now and see if I can sell my Buddy Jewell albums. Maybe I can scrape up enough cash to buy myself a couple of tacos. LMFAOBTYSB!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Russ

    Could you enlighten us as to why Buddy is not performing with the HTTP next week in Mexico, as you know the reason? I was wondering why it was no longer on his tour schedule. That tour stop is still listed on the other performer’s web sites so I assume the show is still on but it is only Buddy not appearing there.

    Cindy Lu

    To say this is a lighthearted, fun song is ludicrous. There is nothing lighthearted about illegal immigration and it should not be treated as such, even in song. Buddy’s moral compass which you pointed out, has nothing to do with poor songwriting.


  56. Brenda

    Let me repeat this one more time.

    If you have read the posts you will see that most posts do agree with what Buddy is conveying in his song. That illegal immigration is wrong and those wanting to live here should do so by going through the legal process. Myself, like others here, are totally against illegal immigration. No one has said, that I can see, that they advocate supporting illegals through their tax dollars either. It’s the song composition, being badly written that is the cause of the criticism not the actual issue of immigration. I have no objection to Buddy writing a song on this issue. I just find the lyrics juvenile.

    I like Toby Keith and Alan Jackson. Do I like every song they write, no I don’t. Even they write or record clunkers at times. I think Toby’s “She’s a Hottie” is idiotic and he’s capable of better songwriting. Others feel this song is fantastic and well-written. Do you see the point I’m trying to make. That it’s simply the words not the song topic that is the issue.

  57. J MAC


  58. So many of you have called Buddy a racist… by definition you are wrong. Illegal immigration and being against does not make you a racist.

    Main Entry:
    rac·ism Listen to the pronunciation of racism
    \ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also -ˌshi-\

    a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

  59. LOL – I knew the “walking on water” comment would come up, what took so long? Thanks for your predictability. I didn’t say the subject matter was a joke by any means – far from it and as far as the lyrics being juvenile, (as you said) nice try. They are no more juvenile than the “Hottie” song you mentioned or “It’s 5:00 somewhere” or “Badonkadonk – a song about someone’s big ass” now there’s a real mature one!” I actually like that song’s beat though and love Trace Adkins, so to me – that song could just have one word and I’d still like it cause I like most everything ELSE he does. As Brenda, I, and everyone else here that “gets it” said ad nauseum….IT’S JUST A SONG for crying out loud. Believe me, I could go on and on and on and wear most of you out – but I honestly have much better things to do with my time and it looks as if some of you truly do find ‘bliss’ in ignorance.

    So, I now bid a fond adios to this place. And, Misters Peter and Rabbit….(ya’ll go together well I might add – like the dynamic duo) you would really do better putting your unwanted Buddy items on ebay – you might could afford some salsa, cheese dip and a couple of margaritas to go with your tasty macho tacos!

    It’s been real! ROTFLMBFAO!!!!!!!

  60. “LMFAOCLYB!!!”

    You know the end isn’t far off when our laughing-related acronyms become significantly longer than most of our actual words.

  61. In response to Brenda

    Well I feel the same courtesy should be given to folks like me who think the general makeup of this song is offensive and demeaning to the Mexican people and culture. Buddy loyalists paint us as welcoming these illegal’s with open-arms and open wallets ready to fund their every need. That’s completely false! Almost every poster who’s expressed any dislike with this song has been branded in one way or another “un-American”. It’s like “How dare you disagree or have a different point of view than our man….Buddy. Most posters who dislike this song have agreed with Buddy that there’s obviously a border enforcement problem and it needs to be addressed.

    In response to Cindy Lu

    You see if I wasn’t a fan of Buddy Jewell I wouldn’t be wasting my time here voicing my opinion. Bottom line is this; Buddy cut this song in hopes it would make him money. He took a chance and cut a very polarizing song. He sure as hell knows it by the intro he gives it before he performs it. Not sure if he realized some of his long time fans would be “turned off” by its negative tone. Since it’s been released I’ve not heard it played on country radio at all. Not once! That tells me it’s not being accepted by mainstream country music. As an independent Buddy can pick and chose the material he wishes to record. It appears this ain’t Mexico was a huge blunder in terms of unit sales and overall acceptance. Since apparently you are friends with Buddy please tell him to stick with the love and cheat’in songs, they more fit his personality. The “outlaw” theme…..it’s not him.

  62. Actually I have heard the song on the radio a few times, mostly on stations not owned by megaliths like CLEAR CHANNEL

  63. I think all of you left wing bleeding hearts should shut the hell up . Whatever happened to freedom of speech . Oh I forgot its ok to bash someone of the white race for speaking out for what they belive , but its ok to to talk about how all these poor illegal imigrants need help and they are just here to work .Well if they were just here to work why did a Illegal scum bag just get executed the other night in the greatest state in the union . Last I check General Sam Houston fought a battle at San Jacinto and won Texas Independance from Mexico .

  64. Dear Mike,

    just to let you know i am not a Buddy Jewel fan never heard of him before this song. i happened to like it and that is all.
    we are all entitled to our opinions.
    just because you or others find it offensive does not mean i or anyone else does. i would not begrudge any one their opinion.
    there are a lot of other offensive songs out there that put down OUR culture but that seems to be ok with some americans. its ashame that some people pick and choose what culture is ok to attack. i live in this great country and fear that because of all this politically correctness that our right as american citizens are slowly dwindling away. Pledge alligiance for one , prayer in school to offensive dont want to hurt little johnnys beliefs. these are things our country was founded on. All the basics are slowly being taken away because we do not want to offend someone elses culture. meanwhile ours is quickly disappearing.

  65. I was quite disappointed to hear that Buddy won’t be performing with the HTTP in Mexico. I would have loved to have had him sing “This Ain’t Mexico” there, I mean what better place. We never did hear did we, as to the reason he will not there.

    Anyway, after having two or three rounds of Jose Cuervo, or was that 10 rounds of Jose Cuervo, I now see this song in a different light. I think I’m actually getting what Russ, Cindy Lu and the others who like it, are saying about this song.

    I now say adios and I am going to quote one of Buddy’s songs, I’m going to “Mail Myself to Mexico.”

  66. “there are a lot of other offensive songs out there that put down OUR culture but that seems to be ok with some americans. its ashame that some people pick
    and choose what culture is ok to attack.”

    Brenda, you’re really generalizing here. Actually, your entire comment was full of gross generalizations. I will say, however, that I do not believe in picking and choosing what cultures to attack. I prefer not to attack any culture. I’m not sure what songs you’re pointing to when you say that some Americans are okay with other songs that put down cultures. We’re certainly not singling Buddy out here. I have not read one comment on this thread that even comes close to indicating that we’re okay with putting down any culture but the Mexican culture. The reason we’re discussing this song right now is because it was the song that was being reviewed, due to the fact that Buddy Jewel chose to release it as a single.

  67. To JMac

    I knew it, a Buddy Jewell fan from way back…. Damn shame he went down this path. In a way I can’t blame the guy for coming out with something so brash. After the way he’s been kicked around by Sony and the rest of “music row”…….Why not. Guess from here on out he’s gonna tell’em all how he really feels. They missed on a good one in Buddy!

    Adios JMac and if you’re out there Buddy: God Bless. I too will head south of the border for a little tequila and as Buddy once said “Follow the trail to Pancho Villas’s gold.”

  68. This song failed to chart and with good reason. Not only was it offensive, it was ridiculous and I would not be surprised if it destroyed Jewell’s hopes of becoming a major country music star. From the looks of his tour page on his website, it appears he can’t get beyond the county fair and small-time casino circuit. After this blunder, he may be lucky to get even those kind of gigs.



  71. CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY!! I heard your “THIS AIN’T MEXICO” song on the radio today, glad to see someone in the spotlight feels the same about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION as so many AMERICANS do. I plan on buying your cd with this song and encouraging all my friends to buy your cd.

  72. What’s the big deal??? It’s a cute, catchy song; I don’t get “racist” out of it at all. Lighten up… you’re all being too serious.

  73. I can’t believe that so many people are complaining about this song when my grandfather came here he done so legally and learned to speak English everybody here did not learn his language to speak to him and buddy welcomes all the are here legally just the ones that come here against our law and demand we adapt to them

  74. It is about damn time someone says it! good for you Buddy. People have you looked at why we can’t get a decent raise? Because why should companies give us a raise when the can hire an illegal to work for cheap every day of the week. Want to know why your insurance is so high? Ask the hospital how often they turn away illegal. ITS AGAINST THE LAW. The itialians, germans, or any other nationality doesnt get translaters for them. Funny the native americans were beat for not speaking the english or white mans language. And I have to have a translater to help someone or learn their language. Get over it people he is speaking the truth. I stand behind him. Oh and my americn Mexican brother-in-law will stand behind him also!!!

  75. Great Job Buddy ! Heard the song live last spring and couldn’t wait to buy the CD. At least some of my hard earned money is going to somebody with the balls to get the message out that breaking the law is no longer acceptable.

  76. Most of you are not listening to the words. This is “the perfect” song. It is an issue between “legals” and “illegals”. It is an issue between “mexicans” and “Hispanics”. Some of you are probably the “mexicans”.

  77. Dear sirs I love to hear the left snivel, whatever happened to americans that were proud of themselves and their country, and not these self loathing vermin that try to pass themselves off as so called intelligencia. Now with an economic slow down this problem will be greatly alleviated as it has been before. Like during the great depression. Did anybody ever ask us as americans do we want all these illegals in our midst? What about the rapists, drug dealers, gang members, and murderers that slip in with juan and juanita. After all they are simply seeking a better life, lets try this open borders crap on the red chinese or the russians and see how many floors we get to mop. Im sure if we are doing any janitorial work it will be in the lowest dungeons that they can come up with. This poor country in a mere 2 generations since the great society has now become a laughable and pale shadow of its former self. Thanks to the liberals which comrade lenin so apply named the useful idiots. Buddy you said it all so well and im sure in your heart of hearts you love this country more than any of these self hating naysayers ever could. God bless whats left of america

  78. gabe stevens,

    Your comment has been deleted, as it is in violation of the comment policy. While we encourage legitimate discussion, we encourage you to please refrain from using profanity on this site. Thank you.

  79. Buddy Jewel…. It’s sad what you’ve come to. To think that I supported you back in your Nashville Star days. Little did I know that underneath this “God Loving, Flag Waving, Family Man” image of yours, you’re really just another disgusting racist bigot of the type that gives the Southern US a bad name. Besides, have you ever checked your DNA white boy? You don’t look that white to me Injun. From the looks of your slanty eyes, I’ll bet anything you got some Indian blood and perhaps even some Mexican blood you don’t even know about. Look in the mirror and get your DNA tested half-breed and quit insulting your own people.

  80. AB,

    Using racial slurs to show your disappointment in this song is both counterintuitive and unacceptable on this site. Anymore comments like this will be deleted.

  81. Dear sirs, it is interesting to see a great country in its deathrows. We are unable anymore to define ourselves in any way shape or form. No religeon, no race, no language, no culture. All we are now is a soon to be seething mass of DNA bowing to our masters. I am sure our forefathers are retching in their graves when they see what there offspring have become; a bunch of whining, self loathing, near sissies. What about the men that stood shoulder to shoulder throughout our history? Now as we are about to drown in a ocean of nanny state debt. I wish that you so called progressives could somehow justify the expenditure of millions upon millions to those who arent even citizens. Its all funny though because soon you can practice your political correctness in the new labor camps. Comrade could I borrow your spoon so that I may eat my bowl of greul? May your chains rest lightly upon you! And may your masters be kind to you! Laugh if you will but remember you must. This great country you have tossed to the dung heap of history was once mankinds greatest hope.

  82. Not to be rude or anything but this country could use a little more mexico and a little less dixie. Sweetcheeks out.

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