Trent Willmon, "Cold Beer and a Fishin' Pole"

“Cold Beer and a Fishin' Pole” is a title that would make new Hall of Famer Tom T. Hall beam with pride.  He might be thrown off by the odd electronic effects throughout the record, and the general rock feel of the production, but the song at the root of it all is hard-core country.    Usually, songs like this are sung with an exaggerat

ed twang, but Willmon's delivery is without a hint of it, as if he knows that he doesn't have to pander because he's authentic already.

Written by Casey Beathard & Phil O'Donnell

Grade: B+

Listen: Cold Beer and a Fishin' Pole

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  1. singing this or throwing it over board? sounds like trent willmon made the wrong decision. then again, the fish might be grateful.

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