Wednesday Open Thread: Worst Country Videos

This was suggested in the comments yesterday by Charlie, and seconded by Philly Jeff. I was going to wait a few days before revisiting music videos, then I remembered this

Kenny Rogers clip and I couldn't resist:

There's mine. What do you think is the worst country music video ever?



  1. “The Heart Won’t Lie” – Worst moment in the worst video: Vince playing drill sergeant to Reba in fatigues during some war game exercise. Enough said. It’s so bad, the song suffers by association.

  2. Any “stand there and sing” video, especially when the song offered so many more ideas. “Where’ve you Been” comes immediately to mind.

  3. For Schmaltz Factor- Garth Brooks, “We Shall be Free”

    For Laughable: Billy Gillman, “Hey Little Suzie”

    For Laughing Along with us: Pam Tillis “Cleopatra”

    Thompson Brothers Band “Back on the Farm”

  4. Reba’s courtroom drama.

    -Anything- by Alan Jackson.

    Any “concert” based video.

    Faith Hill – This Kiss. – I know, I know.. many people love it… but it’s just so awful, in so many ways.
    Faith Hill – Breathe – No… I don’t hate Faith.. but could she look more anorexic? Blech

  5. Videos that include dialogue!!
    Yes, I’m looking at you Reba and Garth.

    Videos that think they are little mini movies and end up tripping all over themselves, ie. that goofy Kenny Chesney one where he’s supposed to be some cop or something in Mexico. Just. not. believable.

    Totally have to agree with “The Heart Won’t Lie” …. sorry but that doesn’t even begin to be believable. BWAH!!

  6. To Marc:

    Anything by Alan Jackson? I’d except “Drive” and “I’ll Go On Loving You” from the worst, at least. Those are great videos. “Small Town Southern Man” is nice too.

    Lonestar’s “Mr. Mom” cartoony video was cute the first time, but the awfulness of the song and some of the gross-out stuff in the video wore thin on the second viewing.

  7. LJ…..I was gonna say that KC one you mentioned too! It was ridiculous to me as well! There was one video that AJ did where a younger Keith Urban was playing guitar as a silhouette (sp?) in the background and it was so awful. Not Keith’s playing or AJs singing just the video was dumb.I heard Keith and Katie Cook on CMT discussing it and Keith and AJ both thought it was a dumb video! Mercury Blues was the song.

  8. Any video that’s just performance footage. Also Anything directed by Roman “I Don’t Know How To Edit Properly And I Love To Use Slo-Mo” White.

  9. Any Keith Urban video as well, except “Days Go By”, which had some cool backwards footage (the bridge). “You’re My Better Half”, besides being a lyrical rip-off of “That’s What It’s All About”, just had him performing in front of a video screen with flashy swirls. Also, “I Told You So” made no sense… somewhere near the end he threw an umbrella in slow motion, and the whole “performing outside” just didn’t work for that video I thought. Oh well, at least he wasn’t walking the streets like Cinderella…

  10. I’m gonna have to agree with whoever said “Hey Little Suzie” and whoever said Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” Eek.

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