Jewel, “‘Til It Feels Like Cheating”

Cheating songs, once so commonplace on country radio, are now relegated to near-nostalgia.  When Sugarland introduced the airwaves to their award-winning ballad, “Stay,” the industry marveled at the success of a song predicated on such a tawdry topic.  On her new single, Jewel neatly hints at the passions related to cheating and all of its immediacy and emotion, but with no moral crimes committed.

The premise is simple: A married couple lights the lover’s flame as they steal away time from life’s endless pressures. She begs him to stir the fires until their tryst leaves them feel like two cheaters lost in temptation.  One of the most country-sounding songs on her album Perfectly Clear, it finds Jewel (with a sultry vocal performance) pleading to her man to move quickly and meet the moment of temptation.   An ode to an almost-dangerous desire, it’s an oddly sweet sentiment that drives with a clear passion.

Tales of infidelity are few and far between on the commercial scene, but much welcomed.  And although it’s not a cheating song, Jewel’s “‘Til It Feels Like Cheating” gives us a taste of the yearning associated with such an act. It’s a passionate performance and song that’s sorely needed in the genre.

Written by Lisa Carver and Liz Rose

Grade: B

Listen: ‘Til It Feels Like Cheating

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  1. I like the song. I don’t know if it’ll be successful, but we can just wait…

    I’m waiting for “Anyone But You” become a single!

  2. Yeah, I like it alright. Certainly a more creative theme than you usually get these days. For some reason the melody just leaves a little something to be desired; I bet it was written lyrics-first.

  3. Well, I’m the Anonymous up there… I’m sorry, my Firefox erased all my registers and didn’t put my name automatically, and I forgot to check…

    One more thing: I think it’s important to say that “Till It Feels Like Cheating” is the only song in “Perfectly Clear” that wasn’t wrote or co-wrote by Jewel. I don’t know why, but I wanted to mention it… hehe

  4. Very interesting that so few cheatin’ songs make the airwaves these days…wonder why that is? The rightward swing in the U.S.A. that began in the late 1970s-early ’80s? That’s just a guess. Or perhaps it was the work of Nashville producers who wanted country to appeal to “everyone” and thought cheatin’ lyrics might not be suitable if they want parents to play country radio in the car with the kids listening?

    Whatever the reason, it’s certainly given me food for thought. Some of country’s best-ever tunes are about adultery.

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