Discussion: From Country Song to Feature Film

Tonight, CMT is screening the movie Beer For My Horses, based on the Toby Keith and Willie Nelson smash a few years back.  Keith co-stars with my favorite blue collar comic, Rodney Carrington.  Nelson also makes an appearance in the flick.

There have been several other country songs turned into movies.  “Harper Valley P.T.A.”, “Is There Life Out There” and “The Gambler” are only a select few.   There are still tons of great story songs that could get the film treatment, though.    “Independence Day” could be a harrowing domestic abuse film, while “Chattahoochee” could capture the innocence and southern charm of being a teenager in Georgia a generation ago.

Which country songs do you think would make good films?


  1. Oooh this is an interesting topic. The first one that comes to mind is Dixie Chicks “Traveling Soldier”, it’s a strong enough story that it’ll be able to carry the movie. I’m sure there’s been movies with similar stories but this could still be adapted. And another even though it wasn’t a hit would be Anthony Smith’s “John J. Blanchard” I wouldn’t mind seeing that either.

  2. It really seems that the criteria for a song to be made into a movie is for the song to be a “story song”. I think The Thunder Rolls could be a movie.

  3. I’m liking this topic. I agree with Travelin Soldier and Independence Day. Speaking of the chicks so many of their songs could be used as movies. “Goodbye Earl” seems like it could either be a good dark comedy.

    Other ones coming randomly:
    Whiskey Lullaby – a alcoholic turn on Romeo and Juliet.
    The Dance – could make a great philosophic type movie.

    There are really too many to count for me, I think there are a ton of good(and not so good songs) that could be made into amazing movies.

  4. Well, according to Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately, “Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago” by Lee Ann Womack should be a book and a movie! I smell a chick flick/romance-comedy.

    I could honestly see “Gunpowder And Lead” being a movie, that’s how descriptive the song itself is.

    “Goodbye Earl” would also be entertaining!

    I also second “Travelin’ Soldier” and “Whiskey Lullaby”.

  5. Wow I’m not the only person who watches Chelsea Lately!! Love that show!! Haha

    But ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ would be a great one! Along with ‘Travelin Soldier’ and maybe even ‘Just A Dream’ by Carrie Underwood!

  6. Maybe “Don’t forget to Remember me” – Carrie Underwood. A coming-of-age film perhaps? Or “Backseat of the Greyhound Bus” By Sara Evans.

    I agree with “Goodbye Earl” and “Twenty year..” Both would make great films!

  7. for the fans of western movies: chesnutt’s: “bubba shot the jukebox”

    for 70′ style french movie junkies:
    lee ann womack’s: “i may hate myself in the morning”

    for horror movie lovers:
    shenandoah’s: “ghost in this house”

    for movie-crazy sad bastards:
    vince gill’s: “never knew lonely”

    for us, bloggers and my spacer’s:
    brad paisley’s: “online”

    for divorced cineasts:
    travis tritt’s: “here’s a quarter call someone, who cares”

    for the cynical american movie- watcher:
    josh turner’s: “everything’s fine”

  8. Haha, I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to this topic alot, I agree with Lee Ann’s “Twenty Years…” song.

    “I Hope You Dance” would be a great one about someone going through a tragedy and having to learn how to live again.

    I always thought “Fancy” by Reba would’ve been a nice movie in the vein of Pretty Woman.

    Heartbreak Town by the Chicks seems like a good one about teen angst or just a pathetic town ;)

    “Born In America” by Brooks & Dunn seems like it would make a good movie about different people’s lifestyles and experiences throughout the nation.

  9. Wow so many great things have already been posted. As for the “I hope you dance” idea, i have a slightly diffeent one for that movie…a teenage girl, a ballerina (Maybe get Dakota Fanning to play her) faces a life threatening illness. She recovers, but has to learn to live life to the fullest again.

    I’d also really enjoy seeing movie ideas for “Travelin Soldier” (and also Wide open Spaces” by the cChicks), “Dont forget to Remember me” and “whiskey Lullaby”

    And what about martina’s “Cheap Whiskey” or tanya Tucker’ “2 sparrows in a hurricane” or “Strong enough to bend”

    I could probably think of a lot more, so i bet i revisit this topic.

  10. And how about either a movie or miniseries based on Travis Tritt’s Annie and Mac videos. Ya, i know its not about the songs directly, but still I’d love to see it.

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