Discussion: Country on the Council

Recently, President George W. Bush appointed Lee Greenwood to serve on the National Council on the Arts. This will be a six year term for Greenwood. He will serve alongside thirteen other private citizens and six ex-officio Members of Congress.

According to the National Endowments for the Arts website, “Members are chosen for their widely recognized knowledge of the arts, their expertise or profound interest in the arts, and their established record of distinguished service or achievement in the arts.”

While Greenwood is no doubt qualified and I am happy to see country music represented on this Council, I will admit that there are other artists that would have been preferable choices to Greenwood for me.  Taking the above criteria into consideration, I not surprisingly, submit the name of Vince Gill as my alternative choice.  He more than meets the required credentials, I’d say.

Who would your choice be?


  1. To me the obvious name would be Marty Stuart. I would also consider Ricky Skaggs and Emmylou Harris to be qualified

  2. I would second Emmylou if we’re talking about musicians. If we expand it to other arts, like, say, the cinema, how about Steven Spielberg?

  3. Emmylou Harris–for personal talent (singing and songwriting), fearlessness as an artist, experience and activism, as well as personal history (her father fought in Korea), she has virtually no peers.

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