George Strait, “Living for The Night”

george_straitIt is already well documented that George Strait co-wrote “Living for the Night” with his son along with Dean Dillon, one of Strait’s most relied upon songwriters. With this knowledge, it is nearly impossible not to be curious as to how this song, one of Strait’s very few compositions, compares to the others in his strong singles catalog. Unfortunately, it is a cut below most of his biggest hits, but it’s not a complete throw away.

Strait sings “Every Day is a lifetime without you/Hard to get through/Since you’ve gone.” The days are a painful reminder of his loss. So, he drinks as he lives for the night because it’s the only way he knows how to escape the pain. In fact, he even creates his own night by drawing the curtains to keep the daylight out and waits for the night so that he can “venture out into those neon arms that hold {him} tight.”

Essentially, it’s another “getting over you isn’t easy” song that country music rightfully welcomes with open arms, but nothing that is especially memorable, either lyrically or sonically. As usual, his emotive vocal performance is heartfelt. However, the melody is not particularly engaging and the production is relatively generic.

Written by Dean Dillon, George Strait & George “Bubba” Strait Jr.

 Grade:  B –

Listen: “Living for the Night”


  1. I really like this song!! I usually don’t like a song all that much the very first time I hear it, but I instantly liked this song A LOT!! Much better than “River Of Love” and “Troubador” in my opinion…

  2. I liked this song a lot the first time I heard it too. And it’s funny you mention The Road Less Traveled, C.M. I think this song sounds like it would fit neatly on that album too, though I always liked that particular release a lot – even the non-singles like ‘Don’t Tell Me You’re Not In Love’ and the title track.

  3. While I do see why it isn’t anything really catchy or intersting, I prefer it to some of the other stuff on country radio right now. When I first heard it, the music production sounded really 90’s country, so it gives me a bit of a nostalgic feeling when listening to it.

  4. I own every single George Strait album! I even bought the soundtrack from “The Horse Whisperer” so I could have his version of “Red River Valley.” I enjoy this song (George’s vocals have only gotten better with age) and can’t wait for the new album, but I can’t help but question it being the first single release. I suppose it’s mostly for the hype that he co-wrote it with his son and Dean. Still, when was the last time anyone heard “Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa” (the first single from “Honkytonkville”) on the radio? I suppose time will tell…

  5. Put me in the “positive” camp for this song…I really, really like it, and think it’s his best single since “You’ll Be There.” Of course, I also liked “The Road Less Traveled,” and generally like Strait’s more “lush” material. That’s not to say I don’t like his more traditional stuff, either. I just think the song is of high quality, and that he does this type of material really well.

  6. This song is not only really good BUT just reminds me of why he is the KING of country music. His hits just keep coming and coming… KGS fan or not the numbers speak for themselves!

  7. I like this song. Of course, I love it when George isn’t afraid to go dark (as I think he can get too saccharine in the other direction). I also might have a soft spot for this song because I heard it on the radio one day right after Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” and just thought to myself “Thank goodness there is still country music for grownups!”

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