Dolly Parton’s Video Diary on Michael Jackson

I certainly didn’t expect to create a third Country Universe post on Michael Jackson, but longtime readers know that this site would enter an extended period of mourning should anything ever happen to Dolly Parton.

She posted a video diary today about Jackson’s death. As usual, she radiates humanity and warmth. Those who are fortunate enough to have Parton as a character witness on judgment day should count their lucky stars!


H/T: Mandi Bierly @ PopWatch


  1. God I love Dolly! I can’t really think of anything else to say except that she is simply the best. So heartfelt and sincere. I don’t even want to think about the day that we lose her. I hope it’s a long way off.

  2. Michael you are right she is simply the best.And if she goes right now the world would come to an end.And remember jamaican people love her.Michael jackson gone too soon.dont you think the queen of country and the king of pop should do a duet back in the days.Yes or no.

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