Miranda Lambert, “White Liar”

miranda whiteI think someone’s in a little songwriting funk. The #37-stalled “Dead Flowers” had intriguing lyrics but a generally bland sound; this one has the inverse problem. The melody and production are reminiscent of Little Big Town’s best rustic country-rock, and there’s a much more commanding hook here than “Dead Flowers” had, but the effort is compromised by throwaway lines like the chorus’ closing “And I don’t know why, white liar.” Don’t know why what, MirLam?

If her word sense is a little rusty, though, her storytelling bone is strong as ever. She keeps finding interesting new ways to frame her standby “vengeful woman” character, and here she imbues a rather ordinary song conceit (calling out a lyin’ man) with a good dose of dry attitude, plus a twist that invites a whole different layer of psychology to the party. The shortage of lyrical meat gives the song an “undeveloped storyboard” kind of feel, but the overall energy of the execution goes a long way toward making up for it.

Grade: B

Listen: White Liar


  1. I am so looking forward to hearing this song. I have been searching to find it somewhere.

    I really love “Dead Flowers,” though I know the comments on this site weren’t great. I can’t believe it stalled on the charts.

    Does anyone else feel that the promotion timeline with Miranda’s stuff is off? I mean, it seems to take forever for any song to climb the country charts these days (not just Miranda’s). Look how long it took “Gunpowder and Lead” to make it to the top ten. The video for “Dead Flowers” came out quite a while after the song was released, which came quite a while after the ACM performance. Maybe this is the usual practice, and I’m just not aware of it.

    Or does country radio just really not like to embrace her sound? No matter what you think of her music, it is so much more interesting than anything else on country radio.

  2. today is a happy day!! i love miranda lambert!!!

    first of all, i loved every aspect of dead flowers but to be honest i wasn’t that shocked that it didn’t do very well on the radio. still, i think it’s a good pick for a lead track because it showed her new side and it sure made many people (me included) curious about what else she has to offer, so it’s a good strategy to promote her album even if it’s not a radio hit.

    so it’s established that miranda is a ‘i-dont-take-any-shit’ woman. and she’s done amazing stuff around that personality but when it comes to “white liar”, I didn’t like it the first time i heard it.
    BUT when i heard it the second time and fully understood the story line…I LOVED IT!
    I also think it has smarter scenarios than the times before (although crazy ex-girlfriend’s scene was so vivid i could picture it like it was happening right there) and i her similes always work 100%!
    I believe this one should have a lot of radio success coz it has this “play me, again” effect although it’s not the best song by miranda lambert.

    now Dan, i need to agree and disagree on some of the points u made:
    1. I also was distracted by the “and i don’t know why white liar” line in the song. it kind of made no sense the first time i heard the song. the second time, i felt that it fits in perfectly with the last chorus, but not with the ones before. i don’t know if it’s supposed to be some kind of foreshadowing or just a filler in the first few choruses. anyways, i love miranda too much and i’m gonna make myself believe that it has a hidden meaning that i’m not aware of:P
    2. also, the first time i heard the song i felt the “undeveloped storyboard” feel. but then the second time it felt like if she were to add more details and make it more lyrically sophisticated it’d just take away from the attitude of the song. i don’t know i liked it just the way it is. and you’re right, the energy in the song makes up for it.

    all in all, it’s not my favorite miranda song and it’s clearly a crowd pleaser aimed for radio play but it’s the good kind of those.
    i really hope this one gets enough radio play to make it up for dead flowers!

  3. This song is good, but isn’t as stong of a single to anchor an album, as i would have hoped. ‘Dead Flowers’ is ‘Revolution’s’ ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ a single that is destined to flounder at radio, but rather intended to stirr up critical buzz for the record. ‘White Liar’ is more radio friendly, which should swoop into the top 20, just in time for the albums release.
    I trust the rest of the album will be great as nobody’s releasing the strongest song off an album as the first single(s) anymore, so we can expect better then DF, AND WL.

  4. EXCELLENT song from Miranda! It’s really too bad Dead Flowers slipped so soon. I can already tell by these two songs that Revolution will be an instant award-winning album!

  5. I don’t know if you guys have been to her concerts this summer, but theres three other songs that’ll be on the album you guys may like:
    1. Maintain The Pain (Awesome Classic Miranda, Top 10 Hit for sure)
    2. “Only Prettier” very good
    3. Time To Get A Gun
    All of these you can go check out on Youtube and “Time To Get A Gun” is on Ran’s Channel.

  6. I like this song well enough. It has an interesting melody and great hook. Quite a contrast between this song and “Dead Flowers,” and I much, much prefer this.

  7. Miranda lambert is going to be in Nashville at The Ryman for, “Revolution At the Ryman” for her new album. She is going to perform her new album in sequence 15 song Set!!! 15 new songs!!! “Revolution” is the album to take her to the top

  8. i love Miranda Lambert i always have she is amazing.. she reminds me of early Reba during her mercury days things just couldn’t grasp at the right time. but i have this feeling she isn’t going anywhere any time soon she is gonna be on the list of classic country female artists for decades to come. the song isn’t bad at all but doesn’t sound right for some reason

  9. White Liar will surely become Miranda Lambert’s first number one country single by the end of December. That’s my chart prediction. I’m rooting for you Miranda!!!

  10. What a beautifull song. During the years only a few songs have the hair in back of my neck stood up and White liar is one.

  11. does anyone think this song has a racial meaning? white liar? honkey liar? cause these lies miranda refers to are not small, or “white” in anyway. trailer park truth!

  12. hey u rock i love the song white liar its awesome i just got done listing to it wel talk to u later byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love u all! i wil give another comment later kkkkkk byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. I was wondering what she meant by a “white liar” so I did some research.According to audioenglish.net a white lie is an “uninportant lie”.So,Im guessing that my calling him a white LIAR she means an unimportant LIAR?As if he wasn’t important to her because he treated her without respect?

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