Bargain Hunter: Avetts, Adkins, Swift & More

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, distracted as we’ve been by decade-end madness, but now seems like an appropriate day to jump back in, with a diverse bevy of MP3 albums being offered at Amazon for 5 bucks or better. As always, click on the box to listen to clips or to reach the album’s download page.

First up is the Daily Deal, the Avett Brothers’ excellent 2007 set Emotionalism, going today for $1.99. This group kind of defies genre classification, but they have enough of an earthy quality to their music to make them appeal to all lovers of traditional music. They’re building quite a following, too.

Available for $4.99:

Trace AdkinsDangerous Man, featuring the well-liked “I Wanna Feel Something” and the divisive “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

Taylor Swift‘s self-titled debut, featuring “Our Song”, “Teardrops on My Guitar”, and all that. This version includes the tracks that were added for the “ultimate” or “platinum” edition or whatever, including the infectiously sweet-natured pop-rocker “I’m Only Me When I’m With You.”

Kris Kristofferson‘s latest, Closer to the Bone. A great, intimate album which has already landed on a few best-of-2009 lists, including that of site compadre C.M. Wilcox.

Sebastopol, the debut solo offering from Jay Farrar of Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt fame. Not gonna lie – I haven’t heard the album. But if it’s like Farrar’s work in those two groups, it’s gotta be pretty good alt-country.

Rosanne Cash‘s Rules of Travel, featuring one of our Top 20 singles of the decade, “September When It Comes.”

Deer Tick‘s Born on Flag Day. Another left-field entry I haven’t heard, but which has drawn some acclaim from the alt-country crowd, such as those who contributed to the inaugural Bird List.

Willie Nelson‘s 20th Century Masters Christmas Collection. Featuring his classic original “Pretty Paper,” plus his interpretations of Christmas standards.

Toby Keith’s American Ride, featuring that special title track and prettier current single “Cryin’ For Me (Wayman’s Song).”

And finally, A Christmas Together, by John Denver & The Muppets. You know you love it.


  1. Is the Taylor Swift one the censored or uncensored version? I would be interested in getting it but only if it’s from when she was allowed to say “damn” and “gay”.

  2. I can’t be sure without buying Amazon’s copies of the songs and listening myself, but I think the censored versions were only released to radio. These should be the originals.

  3. Pretty sure the copy of the Taylor Swift album that my sister owns is censored to avoid the word ‘gay’ on “Picture to Burn”, and its the one with the special bonus tracks

    I think to get the unsensored one, you’d have to get the original album, sans 2007 re-release bonus tracks

  4. Ah, I think Nicolas is right based on the Lala version of the same album. That’s dumb. Well, if anybody runs into that problem, shoot me an e-mail (dan [at]

  5. I recommend “Stay Beautiful” and “Mary’s Song” on the Swift album. I enjoy both, and the latter of the two screams country music. Along with the Swift “essentials”: Picture to Burn, Teardrops, Our Song, Should’ve Said No and DEFINITELY Tim McGraw.

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