Single Review: Blaine Larsen, “Chillin'”

What to make of a single that does Kenny Chesney better than Kenny Chesney does these days?  Sure, it’s derivative and completely unnecessary, but I’d rather hear this than “Ain’t Back Yet.”

I like a lot of the lines, too, particularly the imagery of “got my thinkin’ cap hangin’ on a scarecrow.” But hearing the song as a whole makes me wish I was listening to “Beer in Mexico” instead.

Actually, that’s a lie. Hearing this sent me in a completely different musical direction, one that goes a little something like this:

Ok then, chillin’, chillin’, mindin’ my business
Yo, Salt, I looked around, and I couldn’t believe this
I swear, I stared, my niece my witness
The brother had it goin’ on with somethin’ kinda…uh
Wicked, wicked – had to kick it
I’m not shy so I asked for the digits

Oh, Salt n Pepa. You really knew how to make a summertime anthem.

Grade: B-

Listen: Chillin’


  1. I find alot of Blaine’s material very enjoyable but radio ignored some excellent songs. So now, maybe he feels release crap, and you’ll get played.

  2. I agree with Cory, I’ve loved most of the stuff Blaine has released and it sucks that radio ignored it. However, he sounds way out of his element on this song. I think his voice is more traditional sounding and doesn’t fit the more mainstream, island-ish production that the song contains. It’s obvious he fell into the trap that if you want to get played on radio, you need to fit the mold that is mainstream country radio.

  3. …tylenol or advil – chesney or larsen. if you’re the kind of person who wants more of the same – look no further and do a little chillin’.

    what do you actually take, if you feel like throwing up both ways?

  4. This song is okay – won’t cause me to change stations if it comes on the air, won’t induce me to purchase it

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