2-in-1 Single Review: Alan Jackson and George Strait

“It’s Just That Way” (Alan Jackson)

Written by Vicky McGehee, Kylie Sackley, and Keith Stegall

“I Gotta Get to You” (George Strait)

Written by Blaine Larsen, Jim Lauderdale, and Jimmy Ritchey

Just because you can sing the phone book doesn’t mean you should.

Grade for Both:  C

Listen: It’s Just That Way ; I Gotta Get To You


  1. …i really enjoy hearing these two songs on the radio but i couldn’t agree more with your review. if my therapist reads this he’ll start building the new wing to his house first thing next week.

  2. Yeah…that about covers it.

    Although I do agree with a comment I read on one of the other country blogs about how the Jackson song has a Don Williams vibe to it. The problem is, the song just isn’t that interesting.

  3. The American Country Countdown for the weekend of 3/21-22 has the Strait song at #20 and AJ’s at #16. Looks like they’ll shortly be in the top ten. Ho-hum. I only listen to radio in the car and then it’s only if I forget to bring a cd.

  4. I’m excited about the upcoming Alan Jackson album, but I’m hoping it’s a lot more interesting than this first single. I’m not big on the Strait single, but it’s a little more catchy than the Jackson song.

  5. I can’t say that I disagree with the review. The best song on that Strait CD is the song Sherrie Austin, Steve Williams and Will Nance wrote, “Where Have I Been All My Life.”

  6. Blaine Larsen wrote that??? He has written better for sure.

    I am not a member of the George Strait bandwagon…….i fail to see what it is they see???

  7. “It’s Just That Way” is the kind of simple song that I’m used to hearing from Alan Jackson, but most of his songs are a bit more interesting. I like the catchy sound of “I Gotta Get to You,” but the lyrics sure are boring.

  8. I finally heard “Freight Train” in its entirety last weekend and was disappointed by the entire thing. Every song in the set just kind of meanders along with generic lyrics and a stock AJ sound.

    I remember back in 2006 when he released the gospel album and then followed that with “Like Red on a Rose.” It seemed like he was finally taking some artistic chances. Unfortunately, everything since then has been a return to his previous, paint-by-numbers approach.

    As for Strait, I liked the “Twang” album because several songs seemed rather bold coming from him. I’m terribly disappointed that so far they’ve all remained album cuts in favor of the forgettable “I Gotta Get to You” (catchy, but weak) and now “The Breath You Take” (which tries entirely too hard to be more poignant than it is). Come on, George; surprise everyone and release “Arkansas Dave” or “Easy as You Go.”

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