Single Review: Kellie Pickler, “Makin’ Me Fall in Love Again”

Kellie Pickler has quietly become one of the most played female artists on country radio, the unthinking man’s alternative to fellow top twenty regular Miranda Lambert.  She’s done it largely with fluff, but there’s no real shame in that. Sylvia made a whole career out of it an won a Female Vocalist trophy along the way.  Granted, it was from the ACM, but a mantle decoration is a mantle decoration.

So the question is, how good is this fluff? As the man who trashed both “Red High Heels” and “Best Days of Your Life” but eventually added them on to my favorites playlist, I say with caution that it’s mediocre. I can’t see this one growing one me. Just not enough of a hook. It’s like they got the color and the texture right but forgot to put the sugar in the cotton candy.

This is the fourth single off an album that has extended her career beyond what seemed possible when lead single (and quite excellent) “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” stopped at #21.  So even if radio passes, she’ll probably be back with something sticky and sweet by before state fair season comes to an end.

Written by Karyn Rochelle, James T. Slater, and Shane Stevens

Grade: C

Listen: Makin’ Me Fall in Love Again


  1. As I’ve said elsewhere, I hold out hope for her based on some Opry performances of classic songs, but none of her actual recorded music appeals to me at all.

  2. She loves Dolly, and that is good enough for me! I get a kick out of some of the country stars that, when asked about their influences, name a laundry-list of singers with zero roots in anything close to what could be classified as country music.
    Glad you mentioned Sylvia, Kevin… I loved her back in the 80’s…I was just a kid and would play “Nobody” over and over again..

  3. I never listen to a Kellie Pickler song and cringe over lyrics or vocals. And “Red High Heels” was really good – was it someone on CountryUniverse who compared it to a Pam Tillis song? I haven’t heard this song yet. But like her other music, I’m sure it’s not bad either – maybe not great but not bad.

  4. For me the major problem with this song, and the majority of Pickler’s output for that matter, is it’s lyrics. Like I said in my upcoming review for the song, some of them manage to test my gag reflex. I do think I would have liked this song better though if it had a nice sugar hook in the chorus. As for Tara’s comment about Pickler’s voice sounding different, I do agree, but her voice is actually my favorite part of this song.

  5. Love Pickler, her last two songs were very good, however not impressed with “DYKYB” and this one. I love her CD and all the songs are wonderful…however there are just so many better single choices.

    Would have MUCH rather seen “Rocks Instead of Rice” or “One Last Time” released here. Both of them were co-writes Kellie did, and they were very original (despite the post on here blaming Kellie for stealing the idea of “Rocks”) and showcased her as a whole package much more.

  6. This is the best song I have heard in a long time, if she doesn’t get a #1 and some awards for this song then there is seriously something wrong with the music business. Kellie has always been a personal favorite of mine. Go Kellie!! -Web Guide

  7. I think this is a great song =) This could be the single that goes all the way to the top, and I really hope it does so she has a good footing for her third record, which is will be more country-leaning than her previous record

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