Meet Exciting Singles Now Courtesy of CU Favorite Paul Burch

Acclaimed Nashville artist Paul Burch, whose recent Still Your Man landed at #13 on our Best Country Albums of 2009 list, is taking an innovative approach to distributing new music this year. The Asides/Besides project he launched earlier this month will hook fans (or hip, curious newbies) up with twenty singles released steadily throughout the year, with varying affordable price packages to accommodate varying levels of Paul Burch appreciation.

The official lowdown:

On March 1st Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub began the streaming and sale of an A side/B side single every month throughout the rest of the year. For a one-time fee of only $5 fans can join the Paul Burch Record Club which allows them to subscribe to the entire year-long series. For $10, in addition to receiving all 20 tracks in mp3 form, Paul Burch Record Club members will receive, at the end of the year, a CD of the singles with custom artwork. An additional $15 level will get fans all the mp3s, a CD at the end of the year, and a personalized thank-you note from Paul!

To subscribe to Asides/Besides or sample some of Burch’s fine wares, visit


  1. This is a pretty cool idea. And Paul Burch’s music is pretty awesome. I love how independent artists can be more creative with how they get their music out to their fans. It’s actually creative rather than just trying to seem like they’re being creative (I’m looking at you Blake Shelton.).

  2. Don’t know much about the artist – will have to look into him – but I do think this is a really neat idea. Would love to see something like this catch on.

  3. I subscribed in March and just downloaded my October selection: ‘Straight Tears, No Chaser’ and ‘I Walk A Lonely Street’… Another homerun!
    The concept of ‘a single a month’ is great… and (with Paul Burch being the artist it is no surprise) there was not a single strike-out in any of the Asides/Besides…
    Ever since I discovered ‘Fool For Love’ in 2003 and became a fan I have been unable to figure out how PB is not one of most famous Americana/Alt-Country/Roots artists out there…

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