iPod Check: Back to the Nineties

To continue Country Universe’s celebration of the nineties, I’m throwing in a nineties edition of iPod Check. The rules are simple: put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs to pop up that were released in the nineties. They don’t have to be singles, and they don’t have to be country.

I’ve listed my ten songs below. Share yours in the comments, and check your shame at the door! (I’ve got 1994’s “Hakuna Matata” on my iPod, but sadly, it did not come up in shuffle.)

1. Sara Evans, “There’s Only One”

2. Michael Jackson, “Remember the Time”

3. Shania Twain, “You Win My Love”

4. Martina McBride, “O Come All Ye Faithful”

5. Dixie Chicks, “Am I The Only One (Who’s Ever Felt This Way?)”

6. Original Broadway Cast of Rent,  “Seasons of Love”

7. Clay Walker, “Live, Laugh, Love”

8. Tracy Chapman, “Give Me One Reason”

9. Alan Jackson, “If I Had You”

10. Blues Traveler, “Run-Around”


  1. I love any excuse to play with my iPod, so here goes:

    1) “Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven” by Bryan Adams (1991)
    2) “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Mark Chesnutt (1999)
    3) “Here’s to the Losers” by James Darren (1999)
    4) “A Chance” by Kenny Chesney (1997)
    5) “Life #9” by Martina McBride (1994)
    6) “Nowhere Road” by Steve Earle (1998)
    7) “Addams Groove” by MC Hammer (1991)
    8) “Comin’ Home” by The Rembrandts (1995)
    9) “The Trouble with Angels” by Brooks & Dunn (1999)
    10) “Blame It on My Youth” by Brad Medlauh (1999)

  2. 1. “Put Some Drive In Your Country” – Travis Tritt
    2. “Every Morning” – Sugar Ray
    3. “December” – Collective Soul
    4. “Sixteen” – No Doubt
    5. “You Ain’t Much Fun” – Toby Keith
    6. “Alibis” – Tracy Lawerence
    7. “That Ain’t No Way To Go” – Brooks & Dunn
    8. “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” – George Strait
    9. “Vision Of Love” – Mariah Carey
    10. “It’s Not Right, But It’s Ok” – Whitney Houston

  3. 1.”What Do you Say”–Reba
    2.”Cheap Seats” Alabama
    3.”Norma Jean Riley” Diamon Rio
    4.”Home” Joe Diffie
    5.”Gotta Get good at Givin Again” Chely Wright
    6.”Sold” John Michael Montgomery
    7.”26 Cents” the Wilkinsons
    8. “what a Woman Knows” Kris Tyler
    9.”On The Side of Angels” LeAnn Rimes
    10″Never Again, Again” Lee Ann Womack

  4. Lots of skipping required! Apparently my collection isn’t as heavy on the ’90s as I would have guessed.

    1. Brooks & Dunn, “Cheating on the Blues”
    2. Brooks & Dunn, “Lost and Found”
    3. Kenny Chesney, “Between Midnight and Daylight”
    4. Alabama, “Sing Me Back Home”
    5. Tracy Byrd, “That’s the Thing About a Memory”
    6. Garth Brooks, “Rodeo”
    7. Lonestar, “You Walked In”
    8. Daryle Singletary, “I Let Her Lie”
    9. Travis Tritt, “Nothing Short of Dying”
    10. Tracy Byrd, “Honky Tonk Dancing Machine”

  5. -Reba McEntire’s “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” (For My Broken Heart)

    -Terri Clark’s “Emotional Girl” (Just The Same)

    -Shania Twain’s “You Win My Love” (The Woman In Me)

    -Shania Twain’s “Honey I’m Home” (Come On Over)

    -LeAnn Rimes’ “On The Side Of Angels” (You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs)

    -Reba McEntire’s “Bobby” (For My Broken Heart)

    -Reba McEntire’s “You Keep Me Hanging On” (Starting Over) [I still think this is better than “Turn On The Radio”…. and I’m not ashamed that I have this on my iPod ;)]

    -Wynonna Judd’s “Troubled Heart And A Troubled Mind” (The Other Side)

    -Days Of Our Lives Theme (wasn’t technically new to the 90s but it was used in the 90s!… I’m a big Soap theme person (the only ones I watch are ATWT, Y&R, and once in a while OLTL or GH)

    -Alison Krauss’ “Baby Mine” (The Best Of Country Sing The Best Of Disney…. but I found it on her Hundred Miles Or More Collection, which is easier to find than the former)

    …. I only wish that more obscure tracks I had popped up! (I was glad to see “Bobby” by Reba, I LOVE that song)

  6. 1. Alan Jackson, “Love’s Got A Hold On You”
    2. Mark Chesnutt, “I Just Wanted You To Know”
    3. Ricky Van Shelton, “I’ve Cried My Last Tear For You”
    4. Mark Wills, “Places I’ve Never Been”
    5. Tim McGraw, “Can’t Be Really Gone”
    6. David Lee Murphy, “Just Once”
    7. Joe Diffie, “Is It Cold In Here”
    8. Trisha Yearwood, “Everybody Knows”
    9. Clay Walker, “Where Do I Fit In The Picture”
    10. Ty Herndon, “Living in a Moment”

  7. 1. Down at the Twist and Shout, Mary Chapin Carpenter (1990)
    2. To Zion, Lauryn Hill (1998)
    3. Three Hits, Indigo Girls (1992)
    4. The Hard Way, Mary Chapin Carpenter (1992)
    5. I Lost It, Lucinda Williams (1998)
    6. You Get What You Give, New Radicals (1998)
    7. Salve Regina, from the Sister Act Soundtrack (1992)
    8. I Let Her Lie, Daryle Singletary (1995)
    9. Born Again in Dixieland, Jason McCoy (1997)
    10. Tender When I Want to Be, Mary Chapin Carpenter (1994)

    My sister played #1 for a foreign exchange student friend from China. She didn’t speak great English but she *loved* that song. Proves that great music is universal!

  8. I had to skip ALOT. I have a 16gb Zune so even though I have a huge collection of 90s country most of it lives on my computer. The results would have been very different if I had been shuffling within the Zune software.
    My Zune seems to really like Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers”…

    1. “Chatahoochee” Alan Jackson
    2. “House in the Woods” Tom Petty
    3. “Little Miss Honky Tonk” Brooks and Dunn
    4. “When You Say Nothing at All” Alison Krauss
    5. “Desperado” Clint Black
    6. “The Cabin Down Below” Tom Petty
    7. “XXX’s and OOO’s” Trisha Yearwood
    8. “A little past Little Rock” Lee Ann Womack
    9. “No time to Kill” Clint Black
    10. “A Higher Place” Tom Petty

  9. 1. Clutch “The Soapmakers”
    2. Foo Fighters “Hey, Johnny Park!”
    3. Kelly Willis “Up All Night”
    4. Silverchair “Black Tangled Heart”
    5. Fu Manchu “Asphalt Rising”
    6. Soul Asylum “Promises Broken”
    7. Red House Painters “Shadows”
    8. Nine Inch Nails “Last”
    9. 2Pac “California Love”
    10. Tesla “What You Give”

  10. Love these things! Here’s the first ten nineties tracks, on pure shuffle:

    1. Rosanne Cash, The Truth About You
    2. Pam Tillis, ‘Til All the Lonely’s Gone
    3. Gary Allan, Forever and a Day
    4. Vince Gill, Nothing Like a Woman
    5. Emmylou Harris, Prayer in Open D
    6. Alison Krauss & Union Station, There is a Reason
    7. Kathy Mattea, Whole Lotta Holes
    8. Alan Jackson, There’s a New Kid in Town
    9. Annie Lennox, A Whiter Shade of Pale
    10. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Breaking the Girl

  11. I love to see what everyone has on their ipods!!! Here is my list
    1.Patty Loveless-God Will
    2.Trisha Yearwood- Believe Me Baby (I Lied)
    3.Trisha Yearwood- The Song Remembers When
    4.Lorrie Morgan- Half Enough
    5.Lari White- That’s How You Know(When You’re In Love)
    6.Kentucky Headhunters- Dumas Walker
    7.Deana Carter- We Danced Anyway
    8.George Jones- I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair
    9.Carlene Carter- Every Little Thing
    10.Reba McEntire- For Herself

  12. Hey Kevin! I love “Prayer In The Open D”!!!!!!!! The first time I herd it I felt like Emmy had written it just for me! So haunting and simple, if only more music was like that today!

  13. And here we go…
    1. Sara Evans, “Even Now”
    Another great track from Sara’s spectacular debut album.

    2. The Judds, “Born to Be Blue”
    I love me some Wynonna and Naomi! I really like how this song starts out slow, then kicks up a notch. Way fun!

    3. Dixie Chicks, “There’s Your Trouble”
    Oh, that fiddle! Oh, that steel guitar! Oh, those harmonies! The Dixie Chicks just might be my favorite country band ever.

    4. LeAnn Rimes, “Hurt Me”
    LeAnn deserves a fair share of credit for introducing me to country music with her wonderful album “Blue.”

    5. Shania Twain, “Come On Over”
    I love the Cajun-style accordions on this song! Shania was so awesome.

    6. Martina McBride, “Love’s the Only House”
    A classic Martina musical pep talk.

    7. Trace Adkins, “(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing”
    One of Trace’s finest moments.

    8. Pam Tillis, “One of Those Things”
    Pam Tillis sounds great no matter what she’s singing. This song is great no matter who’s singing it. The lyrics paint a picture of a strong woman who is determined to accept reality and to be strong in the face of heartbreak.

    9. Shania Twain, “Black Eyes, Blue Tears”
    Shania shows a deeper side with an empowerment anthem delivered with great conviction.

    10. Brooks & Dunn, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”
    No blurb necessary. Just get up and two-step with me!

    I’m surprised none of my Patty Loveless songs came up, but they have been getting a lot of play lately.

    I see a lot of good songs listed by others as well. Kevin, that’s one of my favorite Kathy Mattea songs – love the Celtic flair it has to it. Sara has some great Mary Chapin Carpenter songs listed. And who doesn’t love Trisha’s “XXXs and OOOs”?

    Thanks, that was fun!

  14. 1. Reba McEntire – This Picture
    2. Mary Chapin Carpenter – Rhythm Of The Blues
    3. Alison Krauss – Maybe
    4. Victoria Shaw – Cry Wolf (Love this track!)
    5. John Michael Montgomery – Life’s A Dance
    6. Girls Next Door – Few Good Men (Wonder if I’m the only one who remembers them)
    7. Martina McBride – Anything’s Better Than Feelin’ The Blues
    8. Mary Chapin Carpenter – Hero In Your Own Hometown
    9. Julie Reeves – Do You Think About Me
    10. Jewel – Fat Boy
    11. Trace Adkins – The Night He Can’t Remember
    12. Jason McCoy Dare You To Do That To Me
    13. Vince Gill – The Key To Life
    14. George Strait – Maria
    15. Brad Paisley – Who Needs Pictures
    16. Martina McBride – One Day You Will
    17. Collin Raye – I Can Still Feel You
    18. Patty Loveless You Don’t Even Know Who I Am
    19. Alan Jackson She’s Got rhythm
    20. Travis Tritt I Wish I Could Go Back Home

  15. Y’all know I love the nineties, but I’ve tried multiple times to get ten songs to pop up on shuffle and I haven’t been successful yet. I have over 7,000 songs and counting on my iPod at the moment, which might be some of my problem.

  16. John Michael Montgomery – How She Shines
    Brooks and Dunn – Hard Workin’ Man
    Clay Walker – You’re Beginning to Get to Me
    Brooks and Dunn – Mexican Minutes
    Alan Jackson – Someday
    Hank Williams III – Devil’s Daughter
    Tracy Byrd – Love, You Ain’t Seen the Last of Me
    Garth Brooks – The River (Live)
    Trisha Yearwood – Walkaway Joe
    Clint Black – A Change in the Air

    Not a bad selection overall, but there’s only two or three songs I would consider to be classics.

  17. WALK ON–Linda Ronstadt
    A RIVER FOR HIM–Linda Ronstadt
    HEARTBREAK KIND–Linda Ronstadt
    ONLY ONCE–Maria McKee
    SIN WAGON–The Dixie Chicks
    HE WAS MINE–Linda Ronstadt/Emmylou Harris

  18. 1. Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter
    2. Born To Be Blue – The Judds
    3. Somebody’s Callin’ – Kenny Chesney
    4. Loving Arms – Dixie Chicks
    5. Hello, I’m Gone – Trisha Yearwood
    6. These Arms Of Mine – LeAnn Rimes
    7. Five Hundred Miles Away From Home – Reba
    8. Where I Used To Have A Heart – Martina McBride
    9. Honey – Mariah Carey (I love Mariah, and I am not ashamed)
    10. Passionate Kisses – Mary Chapin Carpenter

    I love every selection here, which is rare!

  19. 1. Down At The Twist And Shout – Mary Chapin Carpenter (1991)
    2. Walkin’ Away – Diamond Rio (1995)
    3. (This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing – Trace Adkins (1997)
    4. I’d Rather Ride Around With You – Reba (1998)
    5. Finish What We Started – Diamond Rio (1995)
    6. That Was A River – Collin Raye (1993)
    7. That Ol’ Wind – Garth Brooks (1996)
    8. Life Is Good – Kenny Chesney (1999)
    9. He Walked On Water – Randy Travis (1990)
    10. Some Girls Do – Sawyer Brown (1992)

    Oddly enough, 9 different years were represented among the 10 songs.

  20. 1-“Shut up and Kiss Me”-Mary Chapin Carpenter
    2-“This Kiss”-Faith Hill
    3-“A Thousand Times A Day”-Patty Loveless
    4-There Goes My Baby”-Trisha Yearwood
    5-“Baby Now That I Found You”-Alison Krauss
    6-“XXXs and OOOs”-Trisha Yearwood
    7-“I See You In A Different Light”-Doug Stone
    8-“You Say You Will”-Trisha Yearwood
    9-“Never Had It So Good”-Mary Chapin Carpenter
    10-“One More Last Chance”-Vince Gill

    Not a very manly playlist I might add……oh well, what are ya going to do. I already try to explain to people my favorite album is titled “Real Live Woman” that gets me weird enough looks!

  21. @ErikNorth – Seeing your list reminds me, I’ve got most of my soundtrack/score tracks set to skip while shuffling. If not for that, I’m sure my group would have looked much different!

  22. @Travis McClain:

    I must confess to having a “weakness” for movie music, especially when the composer happens to be John Williams. Those two tracks of his, which come from his scores to Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning masterpieces, are among the most profound and moving I’ve ever heard, movie music and otherwise.

  23. I wanna play too:

    1. Chris Knight- “Something Changed”

    2. Soul Asylum- “Runaway Train”

    3. Rob Zombie f/Howard Stern- “The Greatest American Nightmare”

    4. George Strait- “You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody”

    5. Barenaked Ladies- “If I Had A $1,000,000 ”

    6. The Black Crowes- “Go Faster”

    7. Mark Chesnutt- “It Sure Is Monday”

    8. Megadeth- “Crush ‘Em”

    9. Radney Foster- “My Whole Wide World”

    10. Kenny Loggins- “The Real Thing”

  24. It seemed like the 1980s wanted to be represented more than anything. So, this took quite a bit of shuffling, more than I expected. Here are the first 90s-released tracks I came up with:

    Doug Stone – ‘Warning Labels’
    Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines – ‘White Flag’
    Faith Hill – ‘Love Ain’t Like That’
    Mary Chapin Carpenter – ‘The Better To Dream Of You’
    Brooks & Dunn – ‘Hurt Train’
    Collin Raye – ‘That Was A River’
    Trisha Yearwood – ‘It’s Alright’ (from Everybody Knows – she has two songs with the same title)
    Billy Dean – ‘Somewhere In My Broken Heart’ (recently added, nice to see it on shuffle already)
    Lorrie Morgan – ‘The Hard Part Was Easy’

  25. @Erik North – Friends of mine and I were in Chicago back in 2000 and learned that on the last night we were there, John Williams was to conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. We went, and it was at this gorgeous park with an amphitheater; it was magical.

    The highlight was when Ossie Davis came out on stage and did a dramatic narration of William Faulkner’s original short story to accompany a suite from “The Reivers.” God, I wish someone had recorded that!

  26. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia-Reba
    Hero-Mariah Carey
    I Want You To Need Me-Celine Dion
    Happy Girl-Martina McBride
    All I Want For Christmas Is You-Mariah Carey
    That’s The Way It Is-Celine Dion
    Is There Life Out There-Reba
    Love Can Build A Bridge-The Judds
    Amazing Grace-Leann Rimes
    Honey-Mariah Carey

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