Say What? – Kip Moore

From Kip Moore’s Facebook page:

i leave for NY in a few hours. i’ve always heard how fast pace everything and everyone is up there, so i’m thinking i’m gonna find the person that seems to be in the biggest hurry, step rt in front of them and start walking as slow as my country ass can and every time they try to go around me, i’ll step in front of them and act as if i’m sight seeing. wonder how quick i’ll get the “F” bomb dropped on me.

Listen, Kip. I love your single and everything, but if you get trampled today, I have no sympathy.  People who come to my city with pre-emptive rudeness on the fallacious assumption that New Yorkers are the rude ones get no love.

I slow my pace down when I’m down south.  Pick yours up when you get here.




  1. It’s amazing how much “civil xenophobia” we still have in this country. My sister said it well: New Yorkers get their bad rep from tourists who don’t realize that the actual inhabitants of the city need to get to work and home like anyone else. And anyway, it’s absurd to walk into one of the most crowded, productive places in the country and expect mass hospitality. That’s just not how productive crowds work.

  2. I have been to NYC twice and I think it is a great city and New Yorkers are great people. I grew up in southern Ohio in the country and I would gladly trade rural Ohio for NYC any day.

  3. you know kevin i must say your right. poor attempt at humor on my part. we met a local right away and were given a grand tour of the city. the people were warm and receptive to me and the guys. very diverse place and yet everyone seems to get along just fine. the rest of the world could learn from this city. and for the record, i kept the pace….look forward to coming back

  4. If he tried that kind of thing in L.A., he’d get the same kind of treatment too. I’d be willing to slow it down out in the country, and he ought to be able to do the same in a big city.

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