The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 21

Today’s category is…

A Song You Used to Love But Now You Don’t.

Here are the staff picks:

Dan Milliken: “Homewrecker” – Gretchen Wilson

Here for the Party came out when I was fourteen and just getting really into country music, and it was so much fresher than most of the mainstream stuff at the time that it instantly became one of my favorite albums. “Homewrecker” wasn’t my favorite on the set (that was “Chariot,” which still sounds cool), but I did find it amazingly clever and funny in a way I couldn’t once I had gotten properly acquainted with Loretta Lynn.

Tara Seetharam: “Because You Loved Me” – Celine Dion

I thought this was the greatest song ever in elementary school, and I think I may have even concocted a dance to it with my childhood best friend. At that time, its vague, grandiose proclamations didn’t really phase me; now they leave me a little cold, though I suppose I’ll always enjoy it on some level.

Kevin Coyne: “Vibeology” – Paula Adbul

Whatever. It was 1991.

Leeann Ward: “Check Yes or No” – George Strait

In the last couple weeks, I’ve actually been weeding out songs from my iTunes, which has turned out to be over 10 gigs of music that I’ve decided I don’t feel I need to listen to anymore. It’s been surprising how many songs I’ve decided I’m totally over—whether it was due to over saturation (my fault since I don’t listen to radio) or change in taste over time. I used to absolutely adore “Check Yes or No”, but now it feels like a song that I’d obliterate if I was to review it. I remember thinking it was a cute story, but now I think it’s schmaltzy and predictable. My poor cynical heart.


  1. “Songs About Rain” by Gary Allan – I still love See If I Care as an album, and I don’t mind hearing this song in that context, but it was about the only Gary Allan song I heard on radio for about two years…which contributed greatly to my eventual abandonment of radio entirely. I lose my interest in this song about thirty seconds into it now and just want it to be over.

    @Dan – Holy damn, you’re young!

    @Leeann – I’ve pared down my iPod library to about 5300 songs, less than half of my overall iTunes library. I keep the songs handy in case my mood changes, but it’s nice to have such a streamlined on-the-go selection. It’s strange to me that I use much more of my space for video content than music; I all but swore I’d never watch TV shows or movies on a 2 1/2″ screen, but it turns out I was wrong.

    As for “Check Yes or No,” I’ve never cared for the verses, hated the video, but I dig the chorus. I’d give it three stars. It’s got a nice sound to it and it’s not a particularly lengthy investment to play it again.

  2. I tend to get tired of certain songs that get played over and over and over again on the radio for whatever reason. Such is the case with Rod Stewart and his hit “Maggie Mae”, which was #1 for the entire month of October 1971. I used to like it when it was played relatively sparingly on the radio. Unfortunately, it has lost its impact on me through extreme overplay on classic rock radio; and I turn the radio to another station when it comes on.

  3. I think mine would have to be “Let It Go” by Tim McGraw. Country radio in mid-2008 was still pretty bland and I thought it stood out compared to his other recent singles at that time. Now I barely listen to it.

  4. “Your Body is a Wonderland” – John Mayer

    John is my favorite current singer, I’ll openly admit that. I’m ‘supposed’ to like this song because it’s the one that everyone associates with him. However, due to overexposure and the fact that I’m just over it, this song is on my hit list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible, just played out. With songs like “Neon” and “83” on the album, why do we all remember this one?

  5. Can’t really think of any although my enthusiasm for some songs has declined – closest to fitting this category would likely be “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks and Dunn or “I Forgot More” by the Davis Sisters

  6. I think I was much less discerning before I discovered the country blogosphere, and began associating online with individuals who… to make a long story short… knew way more about country music than I did, and had way better taste. As a result, I found myself outgrowing certain songs that I previously enjoyed, but lost interest in when I analyzed them a little more closely.

    I used to like Taylor Swift’s “Should’ve Said No.” As a lyric, I still consider it a decent composition, but these days I just find the production too loud, and Taylor’s vocals grating on my ears. The song didn’t wear on me very well over time.

    Another is Brad Paisley’s “Then,” which I enjoyed because I liked the way it sounded, but these days I just find it to be an enormous basket of cliches.

  7. I still enjoy “Check Yes Or No” every now and then, but I can’t consider it one of the greatest things George Strait has ever done. I don’t even listen to it all that often these days, come to think of it. I guess I do tend to let him get away with schmaltz occasionally.

    I used to like “Homewrecker” too, but I guess it was largely for the novelty of hearing Gretchen say “I’m a gonna get to kickin’ your pretty little butt.” She definitely doesn’t compare well with Loretta; That’s for sure.

  8. As huge a Gary Allan fan as I am, it pains me to say “Watching Airplanes” is the one song of his I loved at first but don’t so much now. It is mostly my local radio station’s fault for grossly overplaying it (I know, how many radio stations can be accused of overplaying anything of his???). When I play the actual album version or hear it live, I still find the spark, but on radio it’s just ho-hum.

    There’s probably a ton of late 80s pop songs I liked as a teen I’d pass on now, but since I listen to country most of the time now, I’m not exposed to the music of my youth much. Probably a good thing too!

  9. The Thunder Rolls by Garth

    I guess the novelty of the crashing thunder wore off or it may have been how strange he looked in the video

  10. I used to enjoy Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”, but I never listen to it anymore. I guess it’s an indication of songs you play when they you think they’re relevant to you and then discard them when you think they’re not…not that much has changed :P

  11. and “Where’ve you Been” by Kathy Mattea. I used to think it was a real masterpiece. Now, I still like it, but nothing like before.

  12. “Need You Now”- Lady Antebellum.

    It was the only song I liked on the album & I thought it was a great pop masterpiece until it became the most overrated thing since Taylor Swift.

  13. During my phase of Green Day being my number one favorite artist, I LOVED every song they released, after a year or so “Wake Me Up When September Ends” was one of my least favorite songs. Though I’m still a Green Day fan, this song is my least favorite on the ‘American Idiot’ album.

  14. Faith Hill – “The Way You Love Me”

    When it first came out I really liked it for some reason. Now it just gets on my nerves…especially the odd sounding background singers (I still can’t make out what they are singing).

  15. I can remember blasting Wham’s ‘Wake Me Up’ when the kids were little as they loved to dance around to the song; now I wonder if I should apologize to them!

  16. I think “Check Yes or No” is a great example. I generally love just about everything he does, and that was one of my favorite songs of George’s.

    But these days, I am more likely than not to turn the channel if it comes on the radio. And I don’t keep it in my itunes anymore.

  17. I can think of two songs right off the bat, “Still” by Tim McGraw and “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi. I thought “Still” was something truly moving but know find it to be too melodramatic. And the less said about “Erase Me” the better…

  18. “Live Like You Were Dying.” It’s as simple as overplaying. I remember going on a trip and singing this song to myself and eveyone wanted to know what song it was. I find a way to not hear it every time it’s on now.

  19. I’ve lost interest in most of the really big pop ballads I used to love so much, especially 80s/early 90s fare like “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” by Whitney Houston, Whitesnake’s “Is This Love”, Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, and others. I hardly ever play my Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, or Matchbox 20 CDs anymore either.

  20. Water, by Brad Paisley. Ain’t it funny how radio can overplay a song so much that it successfully kills it? Yeah.

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