Single Review: George Strait, “Here For a Good Time”

The title screams country party anthem. Thank heavens for Dale Evans, it isn’t one.

But it is a laid-back, pseudo-philosophical number that has Strait vowing to live for the moment, to enjoy some moonshine, and to not worry about the troubles that weigh other people down.

If Kenny Chesney ever trades in the islands for the honky-tonks, he’ll sound exactly like this.

Written by Dean Dillon, Bubba Strait and George Strait

Grade: B

Listen: Here For a Good Time


  1. Ha! Wow, love this. Who woulda thunk it… after all these years, turns out George ain’t half bad as a songwriter! Must be having a blast writing with his son and Dean Dillon, too.

    The most interesting part of this one to me is its melody. Wonder which part of the trio that comes from…

  2. first, congrats of the subtle early Chicks reference ;)

    second, George usually does better with singles than most other country artists now; i even kinda liked the cowgirls one. always love to see new music from him.

  3. I like this song and George Strait sounds even better in his later years than Kenny Chesney ever could…IMO! Can not stand Chesney at all.

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