Retro Single Review: Shania Twain, “What Made You Say That”

1993 | Peak: #55

The video got the attention of Mutt Lange and Sean Penn, but Shania Twain’s first single made little impression beyond that at radio and retail.

It’s not a novelty song, but it might as well be, given the dated-on-arrival arrangement and mostly silly premise.  What saves it from being a complete dud?  Twain’s playful vocal and a fairly catchy hook.

Written by Tony Haselden and Stan Munsey, Jr.

Grade: C

Listen: What Made You Say That




  1. Actually, I like this song and while most (but not all) of what followed was better still – this was worth a B or B-

  2. I’ve always enjoyed this song. It does have a nice hook, and I’ve always liked the arrangement, not that I’m always one to recognize when something is dated.

  3. I actually really like this song. Heard it on a Pay-For-Play requestathon on the country station I listen to a couple years ago. Have loved it ever since. It is one of my favorite Shania songs, along with “Forever & For Always” and “No One Needs To Know.”

  4. I’m a Shania fan, but I’ve actually never heard this one before. Interesting! It’s an okay song, nothing earth-shatteringly great, but good nonetheless.

  5. It definitely pales in comparison to her later singles but her personality is already front and center, though still not completely unleashed given that it’s not her own composition. Both cheesy and catchy as hell in my opinion.

  6. I love this song. It’s catchy, fun and doesn’t take itself too serious. The video really caught my eye when it was released. I was captivated by Shania when I was about 5 and my love for her hasn’t wavered since.

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