Retro Single Review: Shania Twain, “Any Man of Mine”

1995 | Peak:  #1

By now, “Any Man of Mine” has become such a familiar Shania classic that it’s easy to take for granted what a bold artistic move it was at the time.

Though feminist viewpoints previously had surfaced in country music at times through the likes of Loretta Lynn and Kitty Wells, they were the exception rather than the rule in 1995.  In the early to mid-nineties, it was more common for female artists like Reba to be topping the charts with sad songs that often cast the woman as the victim.

Then here comes Shania with a rousing, fiddle-burning, boot-stomper in which she firmly proclaims that a man should strive to be worthy of his woman’s affections, and that a woman accepts nothing less.  Her point was delivered through clever, witty lyrics that ranged from “Any man of mine’ll say ‘It fits just right’ when last year’s dress is just a little too tight” to “When I’m cookin’ dinner and I burn it black, he better say ‘Mmm, I like it like that.'”

Releasing a song like “Any Man of Mine” had to take some guts.  Shania had already seen her first album flop, and had just previously scored her first significant hit with “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under.”  One could easily understand if she wanted to keep up her newfound momentum, and groom her relationship with country radio by releasing some safe, middle-of-the-road bit of nineties schmaltz.

But she didn’t.  She stayed true to herself, and made a genuine artistic statement of her own.  And what do you know?  It worked!  With “Any Man of Mine,” Shania kicked, turned, and stomp-stomped all the way to the top of the charts, with “Any Man of Mine” becoming her first U.S. number-one hit.  Since then, the tune has deservedly gone on to become one of Shania’s most enduring, best-loved hits.

It’s just so unmistakably Shania.  No wonder this song is so fondly remembered by her fans.

Written by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Shania Twain

Grade:  A

Listen:  Any Man of Mine


  1. It’s a toss-up for me whether this or “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” is her best single. I love how the lyrics are totally goofy, but you can tell the underlying sentiment isn’t – a good instance of using humor to slyly change minds. And the production is brilliant – a perfect fusion of disparate styles.

  2. I totally agree, Dan. I love “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” also, but “Any Man of Mine” has a bit of an edge for me, probably because of the production (I love fiddles).

  3. I’m indifferent between those two songs because I love them both, but I say “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” because I like that video better. :)

  4. I remember when this came out, I was young, and all us kids would go crazy when it came on the radio. We absolutely loved it! But too, I remember there being some people really upset, saying that Shania was rock, not country. I heartily disagree, but her next album, “Up!” was released in two artistic styles, a country CD and a more popped up CD. I liked both. Shania is still probably my favorite singer of all country preformers.

  5. I never liked that this song aped the beat from “We Will Rock You” for it’s verses or the fact that the background vocalist leading into the final chorus was someone who either sounded like- or was made to sound like- a Dwight Yoakam clone.

  6. Shania has so many signature songs.
    She has so many great classics likes IN POP AND COUNTRY. I love both amom and miflaw. But I also love her classic ballads known worldwide like Your STill the one and from this moment on and so many others.
    She does not have just one achieving moment. She has many.many classic songs popular worldwide. And while one may be more popular in one country, another may be more popular in Japan or the U.k.

  7. I LOVE this song. I remember seeing the video for the first time and being amazed at it. I think the humour in it is clever but the sentiment rings true. I love the fiddles and Shania’s vocals. This is still one of my favourites to this day from one of my favourite album’s.

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