Retro Single Review: Shania Twain, “Love Gets Me Every Time”

1997 | Peak: #1

The top-selling country album of all time, Come On Over, scaled those heights due to unprecedented crossover into the worldwide pop market.

Funny that it launched with an undeniably country lead single, one that couldn’t even be effectively remixed like the rest of the album.

Using the southern phrase, “Gol’ darn gone and done it”, Twain laments that she couldn’t live the single life she’d planned because love always finds her.  It’s kind of a hillbilly “Just My Luck.”

It’s dippy, but it works.  Dippy Twain songs usually do, because she’s infectious and sincere.

Written by Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Shania Twain

Grade: B+

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  1. I would probably give it this same grade. Not one of my all-time Shania favorites, but I do enjoy it, and it really does feel like country music. The instrumental hook is just great!

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