Retro Single Review: Dolly Parton, “Washday Blues”

1972 | Peak: #20

This is just plum terrible.

Loretta Lynn might’ve been able to make something useful out of it, a dime store take-off of “One’s On the Way” or something.

But there’s nothing domesticated about Dolly Parton.  Amazing how she’s much more believable as a lady of ill repute or a runaway teen than she is as a housewife.

It just doesn’t fit.

Written by Porter Wagoner

Grade: D

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  1. Political correctness run amok, eh Kevin ?

    This was never meant to be believable – it was a fine spoof of the sort of domestic tranquility often portrayed on television in those days

    A solid B

  2. I’m with Paul. The song clearly wassn’t meant to be taken seriously. While I wouldn’t rate it among Dolly’s very best work, I certainly wouldn’t call it terrible.

  3. As a huge Dolly fan I have to agree with this review. This is simply not Dolly at her best regardless of weather it is meant to be serious or not. Poor performance by Dolly standards and not a well written tune by Porte either.

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