Single Review: The Mavericks, "Born to Be Blue"

Oh HELL yeah.

Seemingly out of nowhere, everyone's favorite dark horses from the 90's return with their first radio single in eight years, somehow part of the all-powerful Big Machine label group. And they sound better than ever.

Well, ok – maybe not ever. But like The Mavericks' best cuts, “Born to Be Blue” could easily pass for a lost pop gem from the 50's or 60's. It's simple, it's poetic, it's not afraid to be a downer. It has a fluid, singable melody and a vocalist who can not only hit the notes, but make each one shimmer.

I first heard it the other day, when my local radio station did one of those “showdown of the new singles” things between it and the clunky new Blake Shelton. Quite frankly, the difference in quality wasn't just clear; it was embarrassing. And for as strong as “Born to Be Blue” is, it also feels a bit like a warm-up exercise, like perhaps The Mavericks have even more tricks up their sleeves. I suppose we'll see – but if Scott Borchetta can somehow get this played on the radio, you'll never hear me decry his throne on Music Row.

Grade: B+

Listen: Born to Be Blue



  1. Just heard this song on the radio and seriously thought it was a lost gem from one of their 90s albums. I was pleasantly surprised to know that this is actually a new song!! This has got to be one of this years highlight singles on radio.

  2. Okay, Dan, I have to ask: Who won the showdown – Blake or The Mavericks? – assuming you listened long enough to hear. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of “Over” getting more votes than this.

    Fantastic review, as always!

  3. Youvé done it again, a top hit for sure, crazy about The Mavericks…get goose bumps…memories of someone special..

  4. well just WOW cant wait for the Mavericks to come over to the UK 22nd January in one of our coldest Citys Glasgow and I sure know I will be warmed by the guys music ,. bring it on

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