Retro Single Review: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, "Let's Make Love"

2000 | Peak: #6

An awkward attempt to recreate the magic of “It’s Your Love.”

Awkward in the sense that the melody doesn’t have quite the same pull, and in the sense that, well…it’s a song called Let’s Make Love,” performed in earnest by a real-life married couple. And as fantastic as Hill and McGraw sound together, it’s hard not to feel a little voyeuristic when they sigh, “I want to feel you in my soul!” It’s just hard.

Still, the record is not without its – ahem – adult-contemporary charms. Really, it’s worth it just for the weirdly engrossing “Look how hot we are!” music video. But it’s the kind of thing you probably wouldn’t want to listen to/watch with anyone else in the room. Unless maybe, I guess, if they were in the room with you because, like…y’know.

Written by Marv Green, Aimee Mayo, Chris Lindsey & Bill Luther

Grade: C+

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  1. My very favourite thing about this song is the fact that my mp3 of it (from Faith’s Breathe album) was tagged as ‘Let’s Make Love with Tim McGraw’.

    Um, no thanks!

  2. Good to know that my problem with this song isn’t that I’m just a prude.:) I definitely think “It’s Your Love” is the superior song.

    Hahaha, Sam.

  3. Ha. When I first heard this song, I was so young that I didn’t know what ‘making love’ meant. My parents didn’t really want me listening to it – wonder why? ;)

    Very entertaining review, Dan, and I do agree that the record does have its share of charms, which don’t necessarily offset the awkward factor.

    “It’s Your Love” > “Let’s Make Love”

  4. I really don’t see how this song is awkward. The phrase “make love” might sound a bit cheesy to some, not to me, and the song isn’t really explicit. I do understand that some parents might not want their kids hearing the song for fear that the kid might ask what does “make love” mean and the parent not wanting to tell the kid about sex. But compared to “Whistle” by Flo Rida (yes, I’ve been listening to my local pop station lately, because a lot of pop is better than country right now), which is pretty much a tutorial on how to peform acts of oral pleasure on a man, and “Slow Hand” by many including Conway Twitty, which is pretty much a tutorial teaching a man how to provide a woman with pleasure, I’d say “Lets Make Love” is downright PG-rated.

    And I do find it wierd that reviewer Miliken finds this song awkward when his review itself goes on to make boner jokes (e.g., “Its Just Hard!). Though I did like the joke.

  5. Yeah, sorry, this wasn’t really my clearest review. Think I’ve gotten a bit rusty.

    I don’t mind sexual suggestiveness in this song, or really in general. My issue with “Let’s Make Love” is that the combination of the subject matter and the two people singing it makes it feel…”intrusive” to me. Like musical PDA. In a way it wouldn’t if it were just McGraw singing it, or just Hill singing it. Like, Marvin Gaye singing “Let’s Get It On” by himself? Cool. If Marvin Gaye had done “Let’s Get It On” as a duet with Tammi Terrell? Potentially cool, potentially just awkward. Even more so if they had been married, as Hill and McGraw are. For me, it feels a bit like I’m listening to the soundtrack of their private sex life. Which I’m just not into. :p

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