Country Universe Turns Eight: Dan's Perspective

Like Jonathan, I first discovered Country Universe via random Google search. It was during my first semester at Belmont University in Nashville, and Carrie Underwood had just released Carnival Ride.

I was scouring the web for critical reviews of the album, and when I happened upon Kevin’s unusually smart one, I was immediately filled with admiration – as well as bitter, bitter envy. Who was this random dude who thought he could write so incisively about my genre? Someone who needed to be taken down a peg, that was who!

So I decided I’d show him and left a blustering comment defending “The More Boys I Meet” (that is, “the more boys I meet,–” wince, “–the more

I love my dog“), complete with an pretentious mini-thesis on the psychological value of novelty songs and how “The More Boys I Meet” was totally like Roger Miller – an artist from whom I knew, oh, maybe three songs at the time.

It’s funny, and strange, and ever so humbling to think how much has changed in five years. I’m seven months graduated from college now. I know, like, at least four Roger Miller songs. I get to work and interact with a warm, hilarious, inspiring community of country music fans who like to think and be thought at. And Kevin Coyne, random dude, has become a personal mentor and one of my all-around favorite people.

I don’t know. I’ve felt a little weird writing this piece, mostly because I don’t write nearly as much other stuff for Country Universe as I’d like to anymore, so I don’t know what my authority necessarily counts for. I just know it’s been a joy to talk about music with you guys on here…and I just hope my internet comments have, you know, declined in obnoxiousness.

Finally, three all-time favorites, two quite recent:

Retro Single Review: Alan Jackson, “Gone Country”

Single Review: Chris Young, “Neon”

Favorite Albums: Christmas

Country Universe Turns Eight:





  1. A Central part to my enjoyment of this site, It wouldn’t be the same without you, you’ve always brought a sense of humor to the proceedings and for that I’ve got to give you a big thank you. :3

  2. I’m pretty sure Dan’s quite aware of what I think of him by now. Our blogging relationship started back in 2008 when he had his personal blog, which was both hilarious and intelligent. When Kevin and I were thinking of people to ask to join the CU staff back then, we wanted to ask Dan, but didn’t think that he would want to because he was so dedicated to his own blog. Luckily, we were wrong and he let us snatch him up before anyone else had time to get the good idea to ask him. Score for us!

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