Single Review: Jana Kramer, “I Hope it Rains”

Jana Kramer I Hope it RainsThe coolest thing “I Hope it Rains” has going for it is a piano melody that is mildly reminiscent of Bonnie Tyler’s cover of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain.”

As for the rest of it, Jana Kramer’s newest effort is mediocre and suffers from being not quite enough of everything it’s trying to be.  It’s twangy, but not twangy enough to suggest an authentic country pedigree.   It’s adolescent, but not adolescent enough to rank among even the lesser Taylor Swift “I’m done with you now wait until the next song about the next guy I’m done with” kiss-off numbers.  It’s a vindictive fantasy, but nothing nearly as vindictive as what Jaron and the Long Road to Love would pray for.

All in all, Kramer would’ve been better off just covering Dolly Parton’s “I Don’t Want to Throw Rice.”  She would’ve accomplished all three tasks in one fell swoop.

Written by Jerry Flowers, Kelley Lovelace, and Rachel Proctor

Grade: C





  1. I generally like Jana Kramer, but this just does a whole lot of nothing for me. Like you touched on in the review, it just feels like a forced attempt to do what far too many songs have done better. And it has no hook.

  2. I actually really like this song, though I totally appreciate the criticism. I just find it has a cool, fun, strong hook, and she has a lot of attitude.

  3. …one indication that a song might not be that substantial is when the video-clip is a totally detached visual experience from what the lyrics say. and of course, when the chick in it wears flip-flops instead of heels and a bikini.

    i can hardly wait for jana kramer’s next somewhere-by-the-water-in-lush-green-surroundings-clip with a decent fishin’ song to it.

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