Single Review: Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan, “I Know What You Did Last Night”

I Know What You Did Last NightGreat singers. Great title. Great song.

Would you expect anything less from a collaboration between Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan, especially one that has them officially being billed as Grits & Glamour?

Much like both ladies were known for doing in their chart-topping days, “I Know What You Did Last Night” weds traditional country structures with the contemporary female experience.  It’s one of those classic conversational duets, with both singers alternating lines and talking as much as singing at certain points.  They don’t quite break the fourth wall, but they push up against it, much like Loretta & Conway and Porter & Dolly would do on their album cuts.

But the girls night out spirit is completely modern, without even a hint of apology for their rowdiness.   If anything, it’s a friendly competition for who did the most partying down, with the details grounded enough in reality that it never becomes a caricature.

Pam and Lorrie toured together for a bit in the nineties, but they’ve been pairing up regularly for a couple of years now, and that helps the collaboration feel natural, not forced.  Grits & Glamour, the tour moniker, has taken on a sound that has elements of both artists but is uniquely its own.   They have more than a few classic recordings between them, with Tillis being especially strong as an albums artist, but I don’t remember either of them having so much pure fun on a studio recording.

In a year that has seen some incredible collaborations already, it looks like Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan are still quite capable of hanging in the big leagues.   I cannot wait to hear the rest of their album.

Written by Al Anderson and Karyn Rochelle

Grade: A

Listen:  I Know What You Did Last Night


  1. Great review, Kevin. I agree on every point. I’m a huge fan of both Tillis and Morgan, so I cannot wait to hear the whole album. The first single more than delivers.

  2. Watch this..amazing! They also were lauded as the best singing of the National Anthem of the nights of CMA Nightly concerts at LP Stadium. I wish their tour was coming closer or had more dates. I do cannot wait for their album.

  3. I am a fan of both of these ladies, and enjoyed them through out most of the 90s. Pam shines a bit brighter than Lorrie here, in my opinion. I almost didn’t even recognize Lorrie’s voice. Still refreshing to hear new material from these women, even if the song isn’t of much interest to me.

  4. Lorrie’s not quite the torch singer she once was, but her phrasing is immediately identifiable to my ears.

    Pam always had more range in her voice, so I think she’s been able to adjust easier with time. They’re both singing in lower registers than they used to, but Lorrie’s started out lower so it stands out more.

  5. Nice to hear this collaboration between two fine singers from the 1990s. The song itself is rather dumb, but they both deliver spirited performances which sell the song. I look forward to a full album of music from them

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