Single Review: Tyler Farr, “A Guy Walks into a Bar”

Tyler Farr A Guy Walks into a Bar

A Guy Walks into a Bar”
Tyler Farr

Written by Melissa Peirce, Jonathan Singleton, and Brad Tursi

Tyler Farr previews his second studio album with “A Guy Walks into a Bar”, which uses the classic joke setup to instead tell the story of a failed love affair from start to finish.

The vocal and the instrumentation keep it just country enough to obscure that it’s still a mediocre rock song at its very foundation.    It’s pleasant enough radio filler, certainly better than the bulk of the party anthems out there.   But there’s little here for anyone still searching for substance and authenticity that runs deeper than a twanged-up  spin on Creed.

Grade: C


  1. This is excellent. Definitely a Grade A song for me, and is one of the single best songs at radio right now. Songwriting is excellent, and the production perfectly balances rock and country IMO.

  2. I’m with Markus on this one. Well-written song that stands out from everything else on the radio. I would have been ok with subtler production, but it’s not bad as it is. Great song, I give it an A-

  3. I have to agree with the other commenters. I actually enjoyed this song. Like Ignatius, I would have liked a little less rock and more country, but I thought the songwriting was pretty clever.

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