Single Review: Gloriana, “Trouble”

Gloriana Trouble


Written by Ross Copperman, Mike Gossin, Jon Nite, and Rachel Reinert

I’m starting to think there’s a group of guys in Nashville who have only two things going for them: the ability to sing “whoa-oh-whoa” and enough dirt on every record producer to blackmail them into singing on thirty records a year.

The male cheerleader section shows up about halfway through trouble, breaking the mood in a song that had done a decent job establishing tension, thanks to a sparser than usual production and a bluesy vocal from lead vocalist Rachel Reinert.   By that point, the song was trying just a little bit too hard to sound like the trouble they’re singing about was significantly troublesome anyway, so it kinda falls apart from that moment.

But hey, Travis Tritt set the danger bar so low for country music trouble when he put on that fringe red leather jacket with matching chaps  back in 1993, so I’ll give Gloriana credit for making it sound as credible as they do.  They’ve got a decent sound going as a trio, sort of like Lady Antebellum would sound if someone took away their ambien.   Put the harmonies front and center and avoid the production gimmicks of the day, and they can be contenders.

Grade: B-


  1. Aw well I give the song an A-. The harmonies work really well and the production I like keeps things simple and effective. It’s like a country rock vibe. Maybe I’m biased torwards Gloriana cause I like a lot of the songs they released. Hopefully this song does well it’s nearing the Top 30 but it needs a little more push. Overall I think Gloriana is one of the better spots right now for a rather bleak mainstream. Rachel Reinert in my opinion has one of the best voices in country

    A B- was a little lower than my expectations but still any lower I would’ve
    found questionable. Thanks for the review.

  2. I’ve tried, but I can’t get into this one at all. I appreciate the more organic moments in the arrangement, but by the middle of the song those are all but gone, along with the audible harmonies. And (as I think you touched on in the review), I just can’t believe that Gloriana is capable of any sort of “trouble”, and not even that unnecessary “pack up your s–t” in the last chorus does anything to convince me that this group is edgy or dangerous in any way.

  3. Am I the only one who has noticed that it’s becoming much more common to swear in country singles? This song and “Cop Car” both had the the word “s–t” (am I allowed to course on this site?) and I can’t remember the last time two singles from the same one-year-period used that word.

    There are also a ton of songs with the words “hell,” “damn” and “sexy” which aren’t exactly swear words but aren’t allowed in G rated movies.

    I just think it sounds lame for a country song to use a swear because you know they’ll sensor you on the radio. Nothing sounds stranger than hearing Keith Urban sing “Man ain’t this some shhhhh.”

    Now I’m not opposed to swearing, I swear quite a lot actually (I try to keep it clean on these blogs of course). But swearing on a format that has no room for swearing seems like a desperate cry for attention or authenticity.

  4. ^ “A desperate cry for attention or authenticity”

    In all the cases I can think of (“Cop Car”, “Little Red Wagon”, and this one), that seems about accurate.

  5. I remember two specific occasions when minor curse words had to be recorded with a replacement word back in the nineties. Alan Jackson’s “I’ll Try” had a line that said “I know damn well” and “damn” was recroded with “too” and there was another song of which I suddenly can’t remember the title or artist (I can hear the tune in my head) where the original version had the word “damn” and it was rerecorded with the word “real.” I’m sure this was done with other songs as well. So, I don’t know that cursing in country music is a new thing, but “sh**” may be newer /anew level.

  6. The acceleration of cursing has been matched (and in most cases) surpassed by the profligation of sex on the country music format. It is quite ridiculous and a symbol of our society.

  7. Eh I find the cussing thing ridiculous it does in my opinion give them a little bit more of an edge. To me the song doesn’t feel safe it feels rough they harmonize well. My problem is the lyrics feel a little bland. Why don’t you guys judge the song and not the cussing. There’s been plenty of cussing. To me it feels more realistic than anything it shows more attitude more than anything. Still this song works well for me cause they put Rachel Reinert on lead which they should do more often the productions solid. After thinking of it I’ll give this a B+. But I won’t go any lower.

  8. Unfortunately this song continues to struggle it’s great it’s gotten Top 30 and all but it needs to really pick up the steam as digital sales have been dismissal at best. Song after song keeps on passing it. But it’s holding in still regardless. I’m curious why does cussing make a song bad for me it shows the whole thing more realistically. Regardless Gloriana needs to do 2 things within the month either
    A) Release a Music Video or announce the album date that could get radio behind and the digital sales up.
    Or B) Get an add and just have radio straight up back it up. There’s only so much Emblem and Warner Bros can do.
    Regardless I love the sass and energy and Rachel kills it. Lyrics I wish were a little better. This song is probably the best case of sounding modern in country music without abandoning the country part otherwise known as Lady Antebellum and Little Big Town

  9. Re. cussing in country music: If I remember right, I think the phrase “son of a b****h” is bleeped out on Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue”, and that was in 1969.

  10. Sorry for commenting on this review a bunch but I just wanna know what other readers actually think of the song and not about the whole cussing this song still holds up for me as a great song. I really hope Gloriana will announce when their new album is soon this songs still not doing hot. Really Gloriana needs to put Rachel Reinert in the front if they do that they should not only impress critics but get them possibly more fans.

  11. I would like to know when the new Josh Turner album is supposed to be released. The rumor was March 31th, but that appears to be incorrect.

  12. CountryKnight I imagine when Lay Low gets further up the chart if Lay Low gets Top 20 then they might announce but right now Josh and his team need to wait for Lay Low to get further up the chart. Wait until Late April early May and I think they’ll announce when his new album is.
    Why’d you decide this thread to post on.

  13. All those false rumors about March 31th. Dang it.

    At the slow rate, “Lay Low” is moving, a Top 20 listing will be in early May.

    Because, this thread was active and sort of derailed. My apologizes, to all Gloriana fans.

  14. Oh no problem what do you think of Trouble and Lay Low btw. I don’t imagine a ton of Gloriana fans when this songs doing pretty crappy digitally, I wouldn’t worry about Lay Low it looks like Josh Turners label is in it for the long haul.

  15. I think “Lay Low” is one of the best songs on the charts.

    “Trouble” is a decent song. Other than “Wild at Heart” and “Wanna Take You Home”, I have never been a giant Gloriana fan. But I do prefer them over a lot of the mainstream.

    I suppose so, but I just wish he was more popular at the radio.

  16. Like I said I wouldn’t worry about it. The charts just clogged up thers not enough songs leaving for Josh to stay steady. Radio seems to be interested still in Josh but the chart just has way too much stuff in it for Josh to be moving. Like this week the only song on Billboard that could go recurrent would be Cole Swindell (hopefully) and….. well that’s about it between that and Little Big Town, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, and Eric Church songs being red-hot right now you might have to wait until late April for Josh Turner to even threaten the top 20. Better hope the label and radio stays behind him. Gloriana is a definite bright spot. Besides the Zac Brown Band and maybe The Band Perry Gloriana is my favorite group in country music cause they always stay true their country-pop and they do it well enough. That’s the difference Lady A is pure pop Gloriana at least keeps the country in their music. They don’t sellout they just stay true and for that I reward them for that effort.

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