Daily Top Five: Reba McEntire

Reba McEntireFollowing up on yesterday’s post, Reba McEntire is the other legend that streeted a new album last week.  As good a time as any to ask: What are your five favorite Reba McEntire albums and tracks?

Here are my picks:


  1. For My Broken Heart
  2. Rumor Has it
  3. What if it’s You
  4. Whoever’s in New England
  5. My Kind of Country


  1. The Fear of Being Alone
  2. If I Had Only Known
  3. The Greatest Man I Never Knew
  4. Fallin’ Out of Love
  5. Consider Me Gone



  1. Yay! Reba is one of my favorites
    1. Fancy
    2. Somebody
    3. Is There Life Out There
    4. I Keep On Loving You
    5. Every Other Weekend

    Aren’t you guys covering the ACMs tonight with your predictions.

  2. Reba is hit or miss for me sometimes. When she’s off trying to be pop-rock diva Reba I don’t care for her as much. She’s got a voice built for country music and when she uses it, that Reba I like a lot more.

    Favorite Tracks . . .
    1. Is There Life Out There
    2. She Thinks His Name Was John
    3. Whoever’s In New England
    4. New Fool At An Old Game
    5. The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia

    Albums . . .
    1. For My Broken Heart
    2. Whoever’s In New England
    3. My Kind of Country
    4. What If It’s You
    5. Read My Mind

  3. 1. Rumor Has It
    2. For My Broken Heart
    3. The Last One to Know
    4. Read My Mind
    5. It’s Your Call

    1. Fancy
    2. The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
    3. I’m Gonna Take That Mountain
    4. What If It’s You
    5. All Dressed Up (With Nowhere to Go)

    and so many more! (You Remember Me, Now You Tell Me, Fallin’ Out of Love, Only in My Mind, One Promise Too Late, Walk On, Little Girl, New Fool at an Old Game, Till You Love Me…)

  4. I’m only going to do songs since I don’t own enough of her albums to justify an album list!

    Is There Life Out There
    I’ll Be
    Forever Love
    Keep On Loving You
    You’re Gonna Be

    and so many more. Her new album has a few keepers too!

  5. Albums – I can definitively come up with three:

    1. For My Broken Heart
    2. Read My Mind
    3. What If It’s You

    Songs – here are five, but I have many more:

    1. Only In My Mind
    2. What Am I Gonna Do About You
    3. The Last One To Know
    4. What If It’s You
    5. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
    1. Please Come To Boston
    2. On My Own (Duet with Linda Davis, Trisha Yearwood, and Martina McBride)

  6. My favorite singer of all time! It is very hard to choose just five but here are mine.
    Favorite Tracks
    1 Is There Life Out There
    2 Falling Out of Love and Lonely Alone
    3 And Still
    4 Fancy
    5 Until They Don’t Love You (new album Love Somebody) This song rocks!

    Favorite Albums
    1 If You See Him If You See Her
    2 Rumor Has It
    3 Keep On Loving You
    4 All The Women I Am
    5 Love Somebody
    There are many more, I love them all but these are the ones I chose. Reba is a wonderful singer and entertainer! She knows how to sing a song and rock the stage.

  7. 1. Whoever’s in New England
    2. If you see her
    3. She thinks his name was John
    4. Does he love you?
    5. The heart won’t lie

  8. Albums
    1) Read My Mind
    2) Foe My Broken Heart
    3) Runour Has It
    4) What If It’s You
    5) Sweet Sixteen

    1 She thinks his name was john
    2 fancy
    3 falling out of love
    4 you lie
    5 one promise to late

  9. Reba was actually one of the good performances at last night’s ACMs. Her voice is still as strong as ever.

    I don’t know her albums very well at all, but I like a good amount of her singles. My top five Reba singles are:

    1. I Can’t Even Get the Blues
    2. Little Rock
    3. Oklahoma Swing (with Vince Gill)
    4. For My Broken Heart
    5. Whoever’s in New England

  10. Not a big Reba fan, but she has definitely struck a chord with country listeners over the last four decades.

    I only have 3 songs that I can list. One was a very early hit of her career, but I remember liking it:
    1. You Lift Me Up To Heaven
    2. One Promise Too Late
    3. Whoever’s In New England

  11. It is kind of tough to limit Reba to a top 5 song list but here is mine:

    1. For My Broken Heart
    2. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
    3. Whoever’s in New England
    4. The Heart is A Lonely Hunter
    5. Is There Life Out There

    At any point this list could change but today, this is my top 5 Reba songs.

  12. Country music has, historically, been a singles-oriented genre, and I think that’s where Reba has really shined throughout her career. She isn’t an artist I think of when thinking about classic albums, though she does have a few excellent albums to her credit.

    My favorite Reba singles:
    1. “One Promise Too Late”
    2. “The Fear of Being Alone”
    3. “Is There Life Out There”
    4. “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”
    5. “Fancy”

  13. Albums:
    1. Rumor Has It
    2. What If It’s You
    3. Reba
    4. Keep On Loving You
    5. For My Broken Heart

    Tracks (changes with the day; gonna cheat a little lol):
    1. “Is There Life Out There”
    2. “Fallin’ Out Of Love”
    3. “The Day She Got Divorced”
    4. “He Gets That From Me”
    5. “The Fear Of Being Alone”
    6. “For My Broken Heart”
    7. “Whoever’s In New England”
    8. “Consider Me Gone”
    9. “On My Own” (ft. Linda Davis, Martina McBride, & Trisha Yearwood)
    10. “New Fool At An Old Game”

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