Daily Top Five: Emmylou Harris

"All For The Hall" Benefit / 2010Tomorrow, Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell release their second collaborative album, The Travelin’ Kind.   They waited almost four decades to finally do their first album together, 2013’s Grammy-winning Old Yellow Moon.   Kinda cool that we’re getting another album already.

Today, we’re picking our Top Five Albums and Singles of Emmylou Harris.  Check back tomorrow for the Rodney Crowell edition!

Here are my top fives:


  1. Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
  2. Roses in the Snow
  3. Cowgirl’s Prayer
  4. Wrecking Ball
  5. Stumble Into Grace


  1. Beneath Still Waters
  2. Easy From Now On
  3. To Daddy
  4. The Boxer
  5. I Don’t Have to Crawl


  1. I have to be honest. I never got why the critics loved her so much. That being said, I do want to give her another chance, so I am going to listen to all the songs everyone lists on here and give her another shot. I have been wrong before and hopefully I will hear something I have missed in all the other years before.

  2. Tom,
    I once felt the ame way about Emmylou, but I gave her another chance after reading Kevin’s Favorite Songs by Favorite Artists feature on her and I’m now a huge fan. I hope the same will happen for you. I’ll be back with my list soon.

  3. Quite excited to hear The Travelin’ Kind; she and Crowell sound terrific together.

    1. Roses in the Snow.
    2. Elite Hotel.
    3. Wrecking Ball.
    4. All I Intended to Be.
    5. Luxury Liner.

    1. “Thanks to You.” By a pretty huge margin.
    2. “Together Again.”
    3. “Easy From Now On.” I’m sure it’s blasphemy in some circles, but I prefer Carlene Carter’s version of this, though Emmylou’s is great, too.
    4. “Two More Bottles of Wine.”
    5. “A Deeper Well.”

  4. Not an easy thing to tamp this down to five albums and five singles in a career that started well before practically everybody hot on country radio today was even born (and really, you can’t), but I’ll try.

    1. Pieces Of The Sky
    2. Elite Hotel
    3. Quarter Moon In A Ten-Cent Town
    4. Trio I (with Dolly & Linda)
    5. Western Wall (with Linda)

    2. BORN TO RUN

  5. Albums
    1. Luxury Liner
    2. Pieces In The Sky
    3. Roses In The Snow
    4. Elite Hotel
    5. Blue Kentucky Rose

    1. One of These Days
    2. Born To Run
    3. If I Could Only Win Your Love
    4. C’est La Vie
    5. To Daddy

  6. Albums:
    1. At the Ryman
    2. Roses in the Snow
    3. Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
    4. Stumble into Grace
    5. All I Intended to Be


    1. Leaving Louisianna in the Broad Daylight
    2. Bluebird Wine
    3. Guess Things Happen that Way
    4. Gulf Coast Highway (with Willie Nelson)
    5. Wayfaring Stranger

  7. Albums :
    1. Roses In the Snow
    2. Cimmaron
    3. Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
    4. Pieces of the Sky
    5. Trio I with Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt

    1. Spanish is a Loving Tongue
    2. Ballad of a Runaway Horse
    3. Cup of Kindness
    4. Sweet Old World
    5. One Paper Kid with Willie Nelson

  8. First let me say I love Emmy so much and have all her albums. I discovered her in 1999 when I was 14 and bought the Trio 2 album because I had a freebie from my BMG music club and liked Dolly. It’s was love from the first note I heard her sing! I’m my opinion she has never put out a bad record!

    1. Bluebird
    2. Red Dirt Girl
    3. Cimarron
    4. Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
    5. Cowgirls Prayer

    1. Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town
    2. Lonely Street
    3. Red Dirt Girl
    4. Another Lonesome Morning
    5. (Lost His Love)On Our Last Date

  9. I just realized I put Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town as a song, I meant Easy From Now On! I must be getting old!

  10. I love, love Emmylou. Somehow, I still haven’t heard a lot of her albums yet (especially her more recent ones), but of the ones I have heard, my ranking would look something like this:

    1. Pieces of the Sky
    2. Wrecking Ball
    3. Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
    4. Elite Hotel
    5. Luxury Liner

  11. Songs
    C’ est La Vie
    I’m Movin’ On
    If I Could Only Win Your Love
    Beneath Still Waters
    That Loving You Feeling Again / with Roy Orbison

    Last Date
    Live At The Ryman
    Roses In The Snow
    Elite Hotel
    Trio 1

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