Single Review: Chris Young, “I’m Comin’ Over”

Chris Young I'm Comin' Over

“I’m Comin’ Over”
Chris Young

Written by Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge, and Chris Young

He’s still got a great voice, and that’s still giving him the confidence to keep the production flourishes in check.

So “I’m Comin’ Over” is identifiably country and not unpleasant to listen to. That’s already enough to be in the upper tier of country radio singles in 2015.

That being said, it’s a tired theme that was already done masterfully with “I May Hate Myself in the Morning” and “Help Me Make it Through the Night”, and already got its millennial version in the form of “Need You Now.”

I can’t imagine anybody replacing one of the above with “I’m Comin’ Over”, unless they’re blissfully unaware of country music history or are just really, really into Chris Young.

Grade: B


  1. Can’t argue with your rating. This is the type of song that I wouldn’t mind having as one of the weaker tracks on a great album. I wouldn’t buy it for its own merits.

  2. I’m sorry I find this track to be weak Chris’s voice feels drowned out in the production the lyrics are tiring and the running every red lights line really gets on my nerve I mean what is Chris Young now inspired by Michael Rays atrocious Kiss You In The Morning. Also I find the production to be very sterile and well the verses are just so bland and uninteresting.

    Grade D+. Chris needs to stop selling himself short it’s ridiculous now.

  3. I agree with Raymond, the production is terrible and the lyrics are uninspiring.

    Chris Young used to be one of the rare mainstream Country artists who actually wasnt afraid to have his songs and production sound Country. Now he seems intent on chasing the latest trends, first the tinge of Bro-Country on his last album and now the same EDM/Pop crap that guys like Sam Hunt and Thomas Rhett have popularized.

    Honestly, I thought Country radio was bad when every male artist was doing Bro-Country, this current “metropolitan” movement is even worse. Yuck.

  4. I have a question who’s the next male artist to get caught in the pop EDM music in country music who is Sam Hunt gonna manipulate this time can’t stand the guy whatsoever.

  5. That growl at 2:17 was pretty awesome…

    Young may be selling himself short, but he can make this metropolitan sound work with his sincerity and vocal confidence. Plus, this song’s got a slow-burning melody that really works for me. I loved “Lonely Eyes” and I’m fairly certain I’ll enjoy hearing a lot of this one, too.

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