Single Review: Josh Turner, “Hometown Girl”

“Hometown Girl”
Josh Turner
Written by Marc Beeson and Daniel Tashian

In an alternate universe, Josh Turner should be square in the middle of a long string of neo-traditionalist hit songs and albums. His baritone was tailor-made for a country song, more so than just about any other male singer in recent memory. Unfortunately, Turner just wasn’t made for these times in country music, where his vocal skills and traditional leanings aren’t appreciated. He hasn’t released a new album or had a hit song since 2012, and when he does introduce a new single to radio, it’s a bland copy of the same “country girl” song that’s made the rounds all too often over the last three years.

As amazing as the “Hometown Girl” is supposed to be, we learn nothing about her through the course of the song. It’s established that she looks good and has nice hair. It’s clear that she’s from Downhomeville and prefers the country to the city. At some point in time, she went to high school. Annnnnd… that’s about it. Turner sings about “lookin’ all over the world for a pretty little homegrown, hometown girl.” If his requirements are only that she needs to be from the country and be pretty, he hasn’t been looking very hard.

Admittedly, this is a three-and-a-half minute song, so it’s not like the writers (Marc Beeson, Daniel Tashian) have time to come up with a full character sketch. Still, this mystery woman has no quirk, no flaw, no characteristic that makes her stand out in the slightest from the girl dancing on a tailgate in a Luke Bryan song or making love in a Jason Aldean song. With lyrics so generic, it’s up to Turner’s vocal performance to make “Hometown Girl” stand out. He sounds great, as he almost always does, even if the verses have the talk-sing rap cadence that is featured on so many singles.

Turner makes “Hometown Girl” better than it has any right to be, but he can only do so much to pull the song out of mediocrity. Josh Turner’s return to country radio would be a welcome development, but it would have been even better if he was given something worth singing.

Grade: C



  1. When I first heard this song, my first thought was it sounded like stuff from his Everything is Fine Album. I really liked that album, but I haven’t liked his recent stuff. This song is decent but he has awesome vocal pipes. I wish he would use them to more effect. Also, I wish he would do a duet like Another Try with Trisha Yearwood. That would be sweet.

  2. What have they done to you Josh Turner? I know this is record label fodder and not what Josh really wants to do. He has been quoted on numerous occasions that he idolizes George Jones, Randy Travis, John Anderson and Vern Godsin. If he were in complete control of his own career and music choices I am sure he would be releasing more single’s like “Your Man” and “Another Try” and songs like “Loretta Lynn’s Lincoln” among others.

    It is a shame to see his career stalled for so long, only to come out with another lackluster single that won’t preform well on the charts and probably stall his career even further. Thanks MCA Nashville.

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