Single Review: Billy Currington, “It Don’t Hurt Like it Used to”

“It Don’t Hurt Like it Used to”
Billy Currington

Written by Cary Barlowe, Shy Carter, and Billy Currington

It’s refreshing to hear a song about the long tail of a heartbreak, when the pain isn’t as fresh but it still surfaces from time to time.

Perhaps writers usually stay away from that because music often demands intensity of feeling, as if it’s not worth singing about unless it’s a palpably strong emotion.

Interestingly, it is Currington’s approach to the material that undermines the overall effectiveness of “It Don’t Hurt Like it Used to.” If ever there was a time for Currington’s nuance – truly, who does laid back better? – it was on this track.

But he goes full Springsteen instead, growling himself hoarse when the lyrics demand slow burn subtlety.  This could’ve been one of his best singles, but he got in the way of the song.

Grade: B-


  1. I’m not sure I’d like even a laid back take on this song. For me, his best effort is still “People Are Crazy” (Bobby Braddock & Troy Wayne Jones).

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