Single Review: Cole Swindell, “Middle of a Memory”

“Middle of a Memory”
Cole Swindell

Written by Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, and Cole Swindell

Dudebro’s sense of entitlement leaves him confusing blatant rejection with a missed opportunity.

The girl’s friends sweep in to save her from dudebro, and he thinks he was just moments away from a love affair for the ages. She may have left you in the middle of a memory, buddy, but she just wanted to exile you to the dustbins of her forgotten memories as soon as possible.

Self-awareness. We need more of it in country music today.

Grade: D


  1. …don’t be too harsh on this one. sonically, it’s quite pleasant and conceptionally it ain’t bad either. for once, it’s the girl displaying a quite casual approach at the end of the night out – no big deal there, literally. cole swindell sounds as pathetic as the lyrics request, good job. this tune is at least a minor hit (b) in my ears.

    interstingly, this song and carrie underwood’s “dirty laundry” were written by almost the same songwriting team. clearly, times have changed quite a bit since “good hearted woman”.

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