Single Review: Eric Church, “Heart On Fire”

“Heart On Fire”

Eric Church

Written by Eric Church

Exhibit A on how a creative production and fiery performance can elevate a conventional song into greatness.

Leaning all the way in on his Springsteen influence, “Heart On Fire” feels like a lost track from Born in the U.S.A. filtered through the lens of the American South.   Church sings the hell out of this song, fully embodying the spirit of his long enough youth, when he used to “drive it like he stole it fast.”

The thumping percussion and Church’s growling vocal keep one upping each other as the song progresses, giving “Heart On Fire” the energy of a third encore live performance.   His willingness to turn backing vocalist Joanna Cotten loose adds another dimension to the nostalgic track, with her enthusiastic seconding of his precious memories suggesting that he’s looking back together with the young girl he tore down those country roads with all those years ago.

Roll down the windows and crank it up to eleven.   This one’s a winner.

Grade: A

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