Single Review: Brett Young, “Not Yet”

“Not Yet”

Brett Young

Written by Kelly Archer, Justin Ebach, and Brett Young

We’ve reached the point where this particular brand of watered down country sounds incredibly dated, like a bad relationship that’s gone on for way too long.

“Not Yet” sounds like Great Value Rascal Flatts, a knockoff version of a name brand product that wasn’t that good in the first place.

Young’s vocal is whiny and irritating, and apparently beyond the capabilities of whatever pitch correction software that’s being used.

The lyric is melded together like the used remnants of a half dozen bars of dollar store soap.

It’s just flat out terrible, with the only redeeming quality being the newfound appreciation for silence brought upon by it finally ending.

Grade: F



  1. Not good – an F+ or D-

    I do like the phrase you coined: “melded together like the used remnants of a half dozen bars of dollar store soap”

    I’ll have to remember that 1

  2. Yeah I always see all this praise for Brett Young’s voice and while I do think he can sing, his voice has always sounded off for me.

  3. Agreed on how bad the vocal sounds on this record. While he’s miscategorized in the country genre instead of Adult Top 40, his vocal is usually much more distinctive than most of the slop on pop country radio. He sounds like a completely different artist here.

    Since he’s now in the one-radio-single-per-year camp with how long “Catch” and “Lady” took to climb the charts, I’d assume this one is a make-or-break song for him, other than he still somehow has six straight #1s. I expect this one to top the charts for one week in April 2022, then fall to the recurrent chart the very next week.

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