Single Review: Joe Nichols, “Home Run”

“Home Run” 

Joe Nichols

Written by Ross Copperman, Dallas Davidson and Ashley Gorley

I was so ready to love this record.

Joe Nichols has a great traditional voice.  He can really sing.   With the recent move back toward simpler arrangements, it’s a good time for a Joe Nichols comeback.

But this ain’t it.  The vocal is overly processed, but the song doesn’t have a melody for him to sing anyway.  The chorus has that annoying “God’s Country” type production, which confuses loudness for emphatic purpose.   And while I’ll never begrudge a back to basics sentiment, the baseball metaphor doesn’t work at all, a point conceded by how half-heartedly it’s embedded into the lyrics.

So, not a home run.  Better luck next time at bat.

Grade: C



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