Single Review: Thomas Rhett, “Country Again”

“Country Again”

Thomas Rhett

Written by Zach Crowell, Ashley Gorley, and Thomas Rhett

This sounds like a Rhett Akins record, which isn’t great, but it’s better than a Thomas Rhett record, nine times out of ten.

It’s a hopeful sign for country music, really, if one of its biggest stars – and perhaps the one most untethered from its history – is singing about going back to basics and making his best effort to sound like an actual country singer.

“Country Again” does live up to at least the first half of its title.  It’s a pleasant enough song, and like many of his peers, Rhett sounds so much better vocally when he’s not trying to outsing a noisy production or trying to keep rhythm with a lazy drum track.

So yeah, it’s a pretty good Rhett Akins record.   Those with functioning memories of the mid-nineties know that means it’s better than most of Thomas Rhett’s output to date, but a middling effort overall.

Grade: B-


  1. I still hate the drum machine sound that all of his songs have, including this one. I feel like too many of the current songs still have that backbeat machine sound, which typically ruins even a good song for me.

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