Every #1 Country Single of the Eighties: The Forester Sisters, “Just in Case”

“Just in Case”

The Forester Sisters

Written by Sonny LeMaire and J.P. Pennington


#1 (1 week)

February 1, 1986

The Forester Sisters earn their second No.1 hit with an Exile cover.

“Just in Case” first appeared on the Exile album Kentucky Hearts, but it wasn’t released as a single.  The Forester Sisters version is better, largely because of a more organic arrangement that has a light bluegrass flavor to it.

The sisters sing it pretty well, all things considered.  But they aren’t recorded very well, like the producer didn’t know how to properly stack their harmonies.  So even though the instrumentation is great, and the harmonies are solid, they don’t go together as well as they should.

Like the final Statler Brothers No. 1, this one sounds better in live performances from the era than it does on the record.

“Just in Case” gets a B.


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  1. The Forester Sisters continue to sound so very familiar and comfortable to my ears. The harmonies do seem to be somehow off come the chorus, but I still like how country the production is as a whole. It is jangly, loose, and light.

    Perfect for ’80s country radio.

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